Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Is This Cynic Smiling?

Today is an unusual day, because it was on Wednesday, October 15th, that Scene 8 of Galen "Lawndale Stalker" Hardesty's "Blood Oath of Patriots II: By Any Other Name" takes place. Really! Check it out.

In Holiday Island High news, today is both White Cane Safety Day and Global Handwashing Day. Celebrate these as you wish.

I have discovered several more Daria websites that were actually right in front of me the whole time. All are on, two of them communities (The Best of Daria Fan Fiction and Word and Image, for Daria/Jane slash) and two forums/message boards.
  • Daria and Trent: Supporters of the Daria and Trent relationship, this place is for you.
  • Sick Sad World: This forum is to talk about Daria, the fics, and the sick sad world they live in.
Get involved and enjoy.

1 comment:

Greybird said...

Daria: There's no sadder sight on this Earth than a football player trying to think.

Jane: Who said that?

Daria: I believe it was ... Jefferson.

Last lines of "The Big House"! One of my favorite "shots" of Daria. (I might have made that particular screen-cap, as well, for DFB One.)

Such a smile was rare enough to actually mean something. A thought apropos of, say, the presidential debates ...