Monday, October 13, 2008

Undone in October

Diane Long's classic tale "Undone" takes place in October about this time in the early to mid-2000s. Check it out. Angst sure didn't start with me.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada (thank you) and Columbus Day (observed) in the U.S., when we celebrate whatziname in that boat. Also, the Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered 235 years ago. I love that galaxy.

More after I return from work. Have a good one until then.


Anonymous said...

Hi TAG, Operculum here, just wondered if there was some way I could access Diane Long's earlier story Connect Four? Apparently Undone is set four year after that tale (whatever it is) concludes. Do I need to read the earlier work to understand Undone? Either way it looks like a good story and I'll enjoy reading it in a few hours.

E. A. Smith said...

The Whirlpool Galaxy does look very cool. I once interviewed for a position with the NASA agency that developed that famous picture of it (I didn't get the job, but it was just as well, as I'm happier with the position I have now).

The Angst Guy said...

Here is the link to Diane Long's stories on Outpost Daria: