Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forsooth & Five-sooth! Get Thee Hence & Get Thyself Published!

Time for some good news.

I've been corresponding with some of the webmasters/webmistresses of Daria sites that have gone dormant for a while, and some of them could be coming back. That being the case, there is ample opportunity to get your fanfiction and fan art out and about on the Internet. Redundant postings are best, as we have already discovered, so if one website goes down, your work is still immortalized for future generations of ner--um, fans.

Here is a rundown on which sites are now or will be accepting submissions, with links or information on their guidelines. I will avoid publishing e-mail addresses for anti-spam reasons, but you can find their e-mails on the relevant pages.

The Daria Shrine
Robin said she may be able to reopen the site after the end of the year. Get your stories in beforehand, if possible. Click on the "Fanfic & Fan Art" button in the frames version or go to this page (to the bottom) for details on sending stuff in.
Now accepting stories, art is possible. Format: HTM or HTML, so they are easy to upload. This means you can tinker with colors and stuff, which is fun. Address is at the website, front page. Because the DAYLIGHT page is hosted here, definitely consider sending all stories set in this shared universe!
Now accepting stories only. You need to have an account and log in. I believe this site still takes only text files, nothing fancy, no links or scripts allowed. I haven't posted there in a while, so someone else can correct me. Site is here.

Lawndale Sun-Herald
Eccles is considering reopening the site. If you have art or stories to send in, go to this page for information on how to do it.

Lawndale Online
Always open for self-submitted fanfiction and art. Read the submission guidelines, then go to the fanfiction submissions page or the fan art submissions page.

Outpost Daria
Open for fanfics and fan art. Read the fanfiction submissions rules and, if needed, the page about Converting MS Word Documents to Plain Text or HTML. Also read the artwork submissions rules.

Sick, Sad World

Wraith is also thinking about reopening this site for submissions. See the fanfiction submissions rules and/or the fan art submissions rules.

If you have your stories already posted in your own website, fixed up the way you like them, you can still send the links to your stories (each with a title and synopsis, please) to many of the above sites, which will happily link to them in order to save bandwidth. Plus, if you're like me and constantly re-edit and fiddle with your stories, you won't drive the webmasters insane. Also, if you can track the number of hits your stories get, you can see which ones are most popular, which websites garner the most attention for your work, etc. Big fun for your ego!

Let's get this mother off the ground! Go, go, GO!


Anonymous said... actually prefers that stories be submitted in an document file, but they also take MS Word, txt, and a few other formats.

Anonymous said...

BG here. Let me know when SSW opens up for business again. I'll have everything ready to send out.

the bug guy said...


That'll keep me out of trouble for a while.

The Angst Guy said...

Wraith could not give me an opening date for SSW. It was my thinking that it was better to send stuff in now, not knowing when things would get going.