Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Grief!

It's lame deejays,
Charlie Brown.

—Jane Lane, "Jake of Hearts"

Fifty-eight years ago, Peanuts first appeared in the newspapers. Interesting that the strip runs in the Lawndale Sun-Herald, too. (How would Jane know about it otherwise?)

Two good stories to read: Petrel's "New Kids in Town" and "New Kids in Town II: Battling Practice." You'll see why.

At Holiday Island High School, we take a look at the most beat-up teen of them all: International Day of Non-Violence. Now we know where everyone gets their stolen lunch money. I wouldn't like to be that kid.

Today is the 118th anniversary of the birth of Groucho Marx, who was a favorite of mine on TV in the late 1950s on You Bet Your Life. His quotes were snappier than Daria's.

Excellent eye candy fan art appearing on PPMB: S.C. is back with "Knights of Lawndale" and "Morgendorffer Residence" (three shots, plus a MOVIE!). To cap it off, legendeld offers a little teaser for one of his coming Halloween tales.

Latest page on DariaWiki: Madelyn Cooper. Who? Click and find out.

CONTEST! Can you draw a Daria character wearing Charlie Brown's shirt? If so, post it on PPMB's art section for everyone to see. Crossover art!

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