Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! Or, as some like to look at it, Happy Extorting Candy from the Neighbors Day! Whether you're dressing up in costume, handing out candy, or just hoping to ride out the holiday without getting a yard full of toilet paper, enjoy the day!

If you'd like, please share your favorite Halloween fanfics in the comments.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

"It's oxidizing."

Happy World Pasta Day! Jake is celebrating with a nice bowl of penne a la pesto, although there are more conventional ways of celebrating pasta. Eating it, for example.

If you don't care for penne a la pesto, you can choose any kind of pasta you like. Even frozen lasagna. If you absolutely feel you must.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Working on that Replacement

Psychologist and author Timothy Leary, known for his experiments with LSD, was born on this day in 1920. The Yeagers' dog Leary was named for him, although it's doubtful that Leary I, II, or III did any LSD experiments themselves. They probably stuck with marijuana.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Week's Sketchy Fanfiction Update

My apologies, real life issues prevented me from updating last weekend. Fortunately, two returning bloggers helped to keep things moving.

Though I'm feeling a little sketchy, you can still catch up on this last week's fanfiction updates.  I'm sure I've missed stuff, so just holler and I'll fix it.

First Day of Summer (Quinn's Day Part 3) by cfardell_Brenorenz29
Twenty minutes later, the four fractious friends left the Starbucks. “I don’t think you were holding up the line, Quinn,” Stacy said.

Losers No More (Pt 11: A Tale of Two Bees) by Shiva

Nurse Goodnsexy Encounters a Different Sort of Nurse! (Pt. 1) by Shiva
After another night of fun filled adventures, poor Nurse Goodnsexy found herself having to go back home to get some well-earned rest.

Mack the Esteemer (XIII: 10/14/12) by Shiva
“Wow!” Quinn exclaimed once Daria had finished speaking, “Where did they get the hutzpah to think they could get away with waltzing in as if everything was peachy?”

Adventures in the Nevernever [Daria/Dresden Files] Part III by LSauchelli
Amelia shrieked, almost as if she had seen Jason Vorghees himself. Daria turned to look at her, half-annoyed, half-worried for her. Amelia was screaming about how they were going to get eaten by some wolf or bear, or whatever other wild beast her mind could conjure.

TDJS Ch.3 Kung-fu party . Part 6 by ST91
A few minutes after leaving Jane’s home, the three teens arrived at the home of Brittany who welcomed Dario and Jane joyfully and Charles politely.

The Worst Thing in the World by Charles RB
Reality had shattered and things were growing. Obscenely pink things with frills.

Unexpected Hookup: Relative Madness (Pt 7) by Shiva
“I can’t believe you won again!” Ronnie pouted while kicking the legs of the table a bit childishly in an overtly dramatic way to get attention.

The Black Hole (Parts 1 & 2) by DeacBlue
"I've been raped."

EYiL: Ch 10 Casino de la Rust Bucket (Pt. 7) FIN by Shiva
“You what?!”

RA Halloween X-tra 2012: It's Just A Costume, Tom! by DIsaac
(Sandi and Tom are getting ready for a Halloween Party when Tom noticed The Costume on the bed)

Operation Glitterberries: Chapter 10.3 by BF110C4
For a moment Daria felt disoriented. Where was she?

Xerxes DeMartino (Pt 9) by Shiva

Masters Degrees From Outer Space! (Oct 19) by psychotol
“For real?” asked Jane.

Glasses and Lipstick(chapter 1, parts 1 & 2) by oni
It was an hour after the fashion club was dismissed from their latest meeting over spring colors, and Sandi Griffin decided to write some notes from ideas she saw in WAIF magazine. The meeting would have lasted longer if it wasn’t for younger brothers Chris and Sam acting up and causing Sandi to lose her temper.

Becoming Jane Lane, Again (QAQA) (2/2) (COMPLETE) by Lord Yellowtail
Dying turned out to be a lot stranger than Jane Lane imagined it would be.

Legion of Lawndale Heroes 'Mini' - 'Friendly Conversation' by Brother Grimace
"So, like, are your parents okay with you being in the Legion?"

Family New (Conclusion) by RLobinske
Mourners were slowly starting to depart with the end of the graveside ceremony.  Rita decided to take the opportunity to show her gratitude to her pastor and stepped over to him.

New school, New life, New friend by Elizabeth Bennett
Daria opened her eyes reluctantly and listened to the dreary patter of rain outside. She scanned her room with bleary eyes; she was still adjusting to her new bedroom.

Fate/Lawndale Codes by Silver
The window exploded. Jane's litany of cursing died in her throat, and she turned and ran. She found herself wondering why she'd bothered to stay after to help clean up after the huge mess in Ms. DeFoe's class. Why hadn't she just gone home.

Emory Barksdale (the first 3 stories, plus Emory's Summer) by Shiva
As the red corvette pulled up in front of Windsor Hill's, with the sounds of Classic Rock blaring at full volume, Quinn asked, "Who's that?"

Quinn's Code 07: The Grounded Geek (Part 1) by cfardell_Brenorenz29
It was late at night, Daria Morgendorffer was late. It was the latest she had been out, in Lawndale or in Highland. She silently urged the driver to go faster. Eventually she arrived home. “Thanks,” she said as she emerged from the car.

About A Girl (part of the A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall series) by LongSnakeMoan
It'd had been nine years since she'd last been to Lawndale and the place hadn't changed much since. Compared to the unceasing blur of noise and movement that made sure Baltimore was a different city with every passing morning, Lawndale seemed almost frozen in time, as if trapped in a photograph that would never move on, just fade as the years went by. 

Ethan Yeager in Lawndale: CH 11 Broken? (Pt. 1) by Shiva
The latest episode of Ratboy played on the Yeager’s television set, and while Ethan was looking at the screen, he wasn’t really seeing it.

Jake's Lot in Life by Smijey
Daria looked up at the sound of the knock on her door. "Enter of your own free will," she ominously verbalized.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

Hey, guys, I'm back!

(crickets chirp)

You know, uses the blog handle "The Kristen Bealer Guy"? Used to post a lot of stuff here? Made really lame jokes?

(even the crickets look confused)

Yeah, well, anyway. I'll be posting the fandom news here periodically while I get back into the swing of things with the blog, so let's get going with the latest update!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fanfix: Famous Quotes #1


First, my heartfelt thanks go out to RLobinske, who patiently guided me through the process of logging into this blog again. I had forgotten how to do it. My hat is off to you, sir.

Now, a brief but important note on quotes lifted from fanfiction. In the olden days (a few years ago, really), there was a running thing in PPMB about certain story quotes being so full of awesome and win that they deserved to be preserved forever on the walls of a great palace memorializing their brilliance. Here are some of my additions to the hallowed halls of that great edifice. See if you can guess which Daria stories they came from, or just be delighted in their perverse glory.

* * *

“Looks like Trent’s cheesing again.”

The Self-Esteem Class ended on that smelly note.

...very irate (and possibly rabid) hamsters...

Daria's smile in reply had more teeth in it than Brian had ever seen in a human grin, but oddly enough he found it... arousing.

"...Najeneun ttasaroun inganjeogin yeoja..."

“Hey, wanna go help me kill my parents so that we can collect the insurance?”

"You won't turn me into one of your calculators! One of your evil thinking machines! I'm not a robot! DEAR GOD, I'M NOT A ROBOT!!"

"Maybe they'd just beam Social Security into your head."


"What's Trent on this time, bath salts?"

"She's B to the Arch and on tha vic'tree march..."


...she watched the cow gallop away with her husband, Jake's hands still firmly fixed around the cow's throat.

"Don't play coy, Daria, I know damn well you don't have a nuclear weapon."

* * *

God bless us every one. (That's a TAG quote, not a story quote.) More soon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fanfix, maybe?

Thanks to the persistent urging of LadieTAG and a number of other Daria fans, a new semi-regular column will start here within the next week or so, once enough notes have been compiled to start it. One thing I have not done enough of in this fandom is talk about other people's fanfiction. "Fanfix" will attempt to rectify that error.

Each post will chat about three or more Daria stories with interesting mutual connections, like Daria from different alterate universes, or unusual views of favorite characters (Mack, Andrea, Mystic Spiral, & the rest), or particular genre stories like crossovers, horror, school stories, gender benders, fantasy, hard sf, and the lot. This is not meant to be a review column, though I am highly likely to pick favorites and distribute egoboo but maybe also some "eh, I dunno" if it strikes me. It won't get personal. I just want to talk about Daria fanfiction I've recently read for the first time ever, stories dating back to about 2010 or so from PPMB, Outpost Daria, and other places. The reading public is as always invited to write back and tell me to go suck it. This should engender many happy flame wars as per usual in our corner of the fandomverse.

This sound good? Hope this works for everyone. I really want to get back into this fandom, but writing my own stuff no longer feels like the right way to do it. So, time to experiment. More soon. Enjoy.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Octoberfest Fanfiction

Another week and more fanfiction.

Twin Tracks (chapter 3, part 1) by oni
Midnight came around and soon after the BFAC party started to wind down.  Daria parted ways with Jane around that time and started to head back to her own school’s dorm while Max had a hard time getting off the grass of the dormitory’s front yard; all his loose cigarettes sprawled on the ground around him and his flask a short distance away from the smokes.

You Know Why by Smijey
The coroner's report determined that Daria Morgendorffer had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound a little after three in the afternoon, just after she had come home from school that day.

Mack the Esteemer (XII: 10/07/12) by Shiva
As the Mackenzie's SUV pulled up in the church parking lot, Daria in her black and white dress commented, "There are a lot of people here."

 Xerxes DeMartino (Pt 8) by Shiva
"So how'd the meeting go?" Xerxes asked Andrea as he walked up to her in the hallway of the DeMartino home.

One (More) Little Thing - P17 by peetz5050
Helen was surprised that Tony and Claire dropped the whole subject of her behavior once she admitted she had a problem and they asked her about settling in to life in Lawndale. She found Claire in particular to be pleasant company though once she got used to Tony's weirdly bulging eye she saw through to the caring and thoughtful person he was underneath.

QC 06: The Lab Mouse, the Geek & the Convention (Concluded) by cfardell_Brenorenz29
When Quinn, Cindy and Kristen left the convention for the day, they found that Tatiana was still sitting outside. “Why are you still here?” Kristen asked.

Jake lead the family as they walked through the woods.
"Is this great, or what? For the next 72 hours, we're going to live off what nature send our way! See that stream? That's our drinking water! See those berries! That's our breakfast!"
"See that stick? If you start singing again, it's going up"
"Daria!" Helen interrupted, missing the small smile that Daria and Jake exchanged. "We are out here to relax! So shut up and start relaxing, dammit!"

Loners Covet Nothing by PrecambrianStudios
Daria nudged Jane and said, “And just when I thought this holiday couldn’t get any more idiotic.” They observed Kevin strutting down the hallway, bragging that he was dressed as a famous football player (whose name he never brought up) and Brittany walked beside him dressed in a traditional princess costume: a purple gown, expensive shoes, and a very pointy hat. Pretty much everybody in the hall was fawning over them, telling their two gods how cool they looked.

Runaway Daria: Fallout Lawndale Edition 10/7/2012 (Part 11) by Vukodlak
Amy was sleeping peacefully when she was jostled awake by a brotherhood Knight she recognized as David Sorenson. “Ms Barksdale… its time.” She flew out of the small bunk already prepared for the day. For obvious reasons she wouldn’t be able to do a live report but she’d have news from the ground. She hoped everything went smoothly Helen deserved to know Daria was alive.

Green Arrow Rises Issue 0: Care Flight (END) by Lord Yellowtail
Bubbles dropped from 6000 feet to ground-level in the space of a second, landing on the cliff with soundless footfalls that didn’t so much as disturb the dust under her boots. Her long, reinforced white cape whispered against her rubbery body armor as it settled across her shoulders.

EYiL: Ch 10 Casino de la Rust Bucket (Pt. 6) by Shiva
Andrew Landon, the middle-aged black conservative social-climbing inventor of the folding coffee cup was paralyzed with terror at the apparition that stood on his door step.

“Hey,” the figure spoke in a gruff voice, “I’m here to pick up Jodie.”

The Adventures of Nurse Goodnsexy (updated 10/05/12) by Shiva
"Hehehehehehehe, Hey Butthead, why are we in the hospital again?" Beavis asked from his half of the room in Cedars of Lawndale.

Nevermore part 8 - CONCLUSION. by ST91
Some people say that sometimes a moment can never end.

Ten Minutes by BrownEyedBagel
Daria grumbled a few choice swear words as well as invented a few new ones as the phone rang. Her eyes opened and the digital clock greeted her; four twenty two in the morning. Some more words unfit for the general audience came out as she reached for her cell phone. Not a lot of people had her number; odd were that this was going to be important. She answered it with what her brain figured was something akin to ‘Hello’; what came out was something a lot less clear and with two more syllables.

Ten Years Ago Today: "Daria" by Charles RB
Daria Morgendorffer may not like to talk about it, but she owes her existence to two sub-normal deviants hitting a frog.

Operation Glitterberries: Chapter 10.2 by BF110C4
“Have you ever seen Sick, Sad World?”

To Annoy a Mockingbird. Chapter 6.3 by BF110C4
As soon as school was over Sandi dragged the rest of the club’s members to the first empty classroom she could find. After ordering Stacy to write in big bold letters ‘Amazon Modeling Agency’ on the blackboard she started with her speech. “Now, in light of the recent developments regarding the modeling classes that are going to be held from this Saturday onwards, I believe that as the true representatives of all things fashion it’s our mission and duty to crush the opposition and earn those contracts for us to demonstrate what fashion is all about. The floor is open to strategies.”

Substitute Life by januense
The air was quite cold, flowing over Trent's face through a small opening in the car's side window. He was driving in an empty street, the houses of Lawndale flowing around him in an endless, boring stream.

Events - part 3 by januense
At the end of the morning lessons, Daria was less worried than before. Mr. O'Neill found her lost essay and returned it during his lesson. The poor man's apologies made her feel sorry for him again. The fact that her homework hadn't disappeared reassured her, since the whole thing was probably due only to O'Neill's clumsiness.
His sudden amnesia about her name was weird, but not really unexpected, knowing him.

Immortal Blood (Pt 14) by Shiva
Blood, everywhere there was blood, covering every square inch of his nude body, his pores soaking it in like manna from the heavens, with his eyes open or closed all he could see was pure red.

Curing Jealousy (Pt 13) by Shiva
A pizza dinner with, as Helen counted it seven other guys in the room, made for a messy rowdy affair, but it did have the benefit of drowning out the sounds of her cellphone (she’s lie about it to Eric later), letting her have a meal to herself uninterrupted.

For once.

That's all for now, folks.