Friday, May 30, 2014

Whatever You Do, Don't Wear Sandals Around Him

Andrea is looking very statuesque (ha, ha) because today is the anniversary of the day the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated in 1922. We could go ask Brittany about how Lincoln died, but I'd prefer to keep my sanity in one piece, thank you.

It was also on this day in 1911 that the first Indianapolis 500 was run. This is an important fact for Future Stacy who, according to the end credits of Is It College Yet?, will one day be a race car driver.

Fanfic Update!
  • Cassaoke (1,001 Deaths of Tom Sloane - Part III), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Tom parked his Jaguar on the kerb just outside his destination. He looked at the house and got out of the car, making his way to the front door. Almost as soon as he rang the doorbell, the door swung open and he saw the familiar red hair and glasses of Cassidy Hemming in front of him, an excited looking grin on her face."

  • Daria: College Pains Redux, by James the Lesser (parts 8 and 9): "On Saturday morning Daria wakes up. 'I'm on my floor, why?' Daria sits up and feels her head pounding. 'Damn, drinking, what the hell was I thinking?'" (Part 9)

  • The Fall Before The Pride (Ideas!), by Princess_Pasta (COMPLETE!): "'My dear Pope, you must be mistaken.' --- wiped his wire-rimmed glasses with a cleaning cloth while Tom Sloane reclined in a leather armchair. 'I'm serious, Pat, ---.' The name alone was enough to sour Tom's mood."

  • Jane's Body, by Princess-Pasta (COMPLETE!): "The road sign leading to the small, rural community was more of a running gag to Daria Morgendorffer than an invitation to the nonexistent tourists. It made the town sound evil and scary or at least like it had some interesting history...which it didn't."

  • Jane's Tangle, by Snow-Kitty (part 1): "Anthony DeMartino stared despondently into the glass of eight-year-old scotch sitting in front of him, his head slumped in misery as he contemplated the events of that day. It had been his third week as acting principal of Lawndale High School, and the public education system had already been made a mockery of at his fist board meeting for the term."

  • Line Up (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Leaving the house, Daria made her way to Casa Lane. She got to the front door and knocked, but got no answer. She could faintly hear music coming from inside the house, so decided to let herself in. Once inside, she could hear the music more clearly and was confused."

  • The Machine, by DIsaac and Excellent S (part 2): "Griffin: Before I begin, you may notice that Tiffany and Tori are not with me. Reason is because... what I'm about to say is very personal."

  • Oh, Danny Boy, by Indigo (part 3): "'Low self-esteem is a terrible thing to deal with so it is a good thing that I don't have it. What I do have is low esteem for any female that thinks that she can use me in her little schemes to get to my brother Danny. Oh and just to let you know ladies, he feels the same way about that'"

  • Star Trek: Daria - Resurrection, by echopapa (parts 6 and 7): "Captain Jean-Luc Picard was a slim man of medium height. He was balding, (very), with a thin fringe of white hair around the back of his head. He wore a red tunic with four pips on the collar. 'Allow me,' he said with a rich, cultured British accent, shaking Daria's hand, his eyes shining with friendliness. 'I am sorry that duty has kept me from making your acquaintance until now.'" (Part 7)

  • Unnamed story ([Iron Chef – Round Robin – Free For All] Time Loops), by Wraith (part 18): "Daria gestured. Against one wall was a monstrosity of pipes, pressure chambers, tubing, valves and nozzles. Jane blinked. 'I didn't know you were taking up modern art.'"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "AUSTIN - Backed by a costumed paramilitary armed with home-made weaponry, the gang leader Daria Morgendorffer has toppled police stations and government buildings across Highland County, Texas. The National Guard is mobilising to..."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Name is Daddy...Mack Daddy!

Mack's taking a little trip in honor of the late author Ian Fleming, who was born on this day in 1908. Fleming created the James Bond character and series, which undoubtedly influenced Daria's Melody Powers stories.

Today is also National Hamburger Day, so why not take the opportunity to down a few Cluster Burgers? If you don't care for the taste of greasy hamburgers, then you could always stick one in your boots and enjoy the squishy, squishy feeling around your toes.

Last but not least (depending on your opinion of the episode), today is the anniversary of the episode "Life in the Past Lane" in 2001. We met Nathan, who is one of the least popular characters on the show, but we also got to witness Stacy's moment of triumph over Sandi, who is so naive.

Fandom News!

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Maybe someone could turn down the sun?"

Daria is clearly enjoying this lovely Memorial Day, and I hope the rest of you in the U.S. are, too. Still, please also take some time to remember those who died serving in the military. And to those in fandom who are veterans: Thank you.

Fanfic Update!
  • Daria: College Pains Redux, by James the Lesser (parts 3 - 7): "Quinn, Tiffany, and Sandi are are the mall wondering where Stacy was. 'She said she would be here.' Sandi looks around annoyed." (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7)

  • Everyone They Ever Slept With (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by JoeMerl (COMPLETE!): "Jackie immediately spun around as her would-be paramour snatched back his hand. She only had time to say 'What the hell—' before the woman's fist collided with her face, and the next thing Jackie knew she had been pushed against the wall, the woman's arm pressed painfully against her neck."

  • Hemming's Way, by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "As she went to turn a corner, she stopped as she saw Tom and his best friend, Ashley Winters, stood by Tom's locker talking. She quickly ducked back around the corner to listen."

  • The Machine, by DIsaac and Excellent S (part 1): "But, in 2012... The game changed forever when Stacy Rowe, Dani Moreno, Danny Todds, Brittney Taylor, Evie Morgendorffer and Jodie Landon Created the greatest faction to ever hit the LFC, The Machine."

  • Possibilities, by Sureia (part 6): "'So Linda, what compelled you to fit me into your schedule?' Linda Griffin took a sip of water and glared at him, almost willing him to back down. Jake met her gaze calmly and levelly, waiting."

  • Renewment, by RLobinske (part 6): "'So many changes in our lives,' Helen said. 'Beginnings, endings, transitions, all joining together – it can almost make your head spin.' 'Mom, if you start singing The Circle of Life, I'll have to do something drastic,' Daria warned."

  • Unnamed story ([Iron Chef – Round Robin – Free For All] Time Loops), by Wraith (part 17): "Helen tried to derail his rant. 'Jake, were you listening? Daria said...' Although Helen's comment didn't do anything to stop the flow, what happened next did."

  • Without Warning, by Princess-Pasta (part 17): "The term 'Lazy Sunday' was an understatement at Casa Lane. Trent and Jace got as close to hibernating bears as humanly possible on Sundays."

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jake Is Not Amused

Jake is looking very regal as Queen Victoria, who was born on this day in 1819. Not only was she the longest-reigning British monarch in history, I'll bet she also never had to go camping without a tent, dammit!

Today is also National Escargot Day, so if you've been looking for an excuse to eat at Chez Pierre, then now's your chance. Although why anyone (aside from Quinn) would want to eat there, I don't know.

Fandom News!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Famous QB Detective

In one of the least appropriate alter egos ever, our favorite idiot is portraying the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was born on this day in 1859, would probably spin in his grave if he saw his most well-known character being portrayed by Kevin. On the other hand, I'm rather enjoying the visual of Kevin Holmes paired with his trusty sidekick Anthony DeWatson as they solve crimes together.

Fanfic Update!
  • Behind the Counter, by NightGoblyn (part 9): "'We're working on Christmas?' Daria asked, glaring at the schedule pinned up over the desk in the back."

  • Credence, by Astrocar82 (part 12): "Quinn's rush out of the house lead her away to nowhere. Her movement was almost automatic with her consciousness too consumed with her thoughts to give physical destination a second look. So into the night, to somewhere, she plunged."

  • Daria: College Pains Redux, by James the Lesser (part 2): "She walked out of her room with her sleep shirt on. 'Oh, that's Mark Twain right? Or Samuel Clemons, that was his real name. I think.?' Skaz was in the hallway. 'Eep!'"

  • Is This Adulthood?, by Princess_Pasta (parts 7 and 8): "Here as in class, at Bromwell, surrounded by people I couldn't stand. College was supposed to separate you from your high school classmates. Instead, I attended classes with half of Fielding. To make matters worse, it wasn't even the half I could tolerate." (Part 8)

  • Le Saints, by Kuriamo22 (part 1): "She was a few blocks away, and deep in thought when she heard some boisterous drunk sounding talking. She looked up to see three drunk frat boys walking toward her. 'Crap. intoxicated idiots at 12 o'clock.' she thought."

  • Not So Fast (1,001 Deaths of Tom Sloane - Part III), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Tom carefully opened the front door of Sloane Manor and peeked out. Convinced the coast was clear, he stepped out and decided to go for a walk."

  • Saint Daria, by Charles RB (parts 1 and 2): "'Now I know it's great leaving Highland at last, you girls are gonna love the new town-- well, maybe not you, Daria, right? Er. But Quinn! Yes, you'll love Lawndale! Hey, let's check the local radio stations, see if they have anything good--'" (Part 2)

  • Summer Wedding, by GingerLove (COMPLETE!): "PREACHER: Do you Daria, take Jesse to be your lawfully wedded husband? DARIA: I do. JESSE: Cool."

  • Unnamed story (IC: Worst Superhero/heroine Ever), by Astrocar82 (COMPLETE!): "'Look, in the sky, it's the Sexy Red!' cried a youth who was being held hostage at a bank."

  • Unnamed story ([Iron Chef – Round Robin – Free For All] Time Loops), by Princess_Pasta and NightGoblyn (parts 14 - 16): "Daria noticed the distinct difference in Jane's voice and she was about to turn around and deliver her line of conversation when something else went amiss." (Part 15 by NightGoblyn) (Part 16 by Wraith)

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Unexplainable Stock Photos), by macross (COMPLETE!): "Daria Morgendorffer trudged up the last flieght of stairs to her floor of the enormous condominium and let out a haggard breath. 'Damn broken elevators, and Tom for picking this complex, and Damn me wanting a unit on the freaking top floor.'"

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Unexplainable Stock Photos), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Daria was frantically looking around the kitchen of the Boston apartment she share with Jane, opening cupboards and moving things around in the fridge."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by Silver (COMPLETE!): "Daria, Jane and Andrea stared somewhat incredulously at the spectacle before them. It was the car Daria's parents had bought her, a well-battered 1960 DeSoto Adventurer. In honor of getting her license, naturally."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by ticknart (COMPLETE!): "The candles had set the mood and the flowers had been tossed in the trash, but flowers were never Daria's thing."

  • Unnamed story (Story challenge - someone catches lice), by NightGoblyn (COMPLETE!): "'As you can see,' Ms. Li said to the assembled members of the Board of Education, 'we have the problem well in hand.'"

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Greetings from the Land of the Muffys!

Tom wants to know if you'd like a large amount of cash, because today is Be a Millionaire Day! Except he's not really going to give the money to you, because rich kids don't stay rich by giving out free cash. Still, it was a nice thought while it lasted, wasn't it?

Fandom News!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Is that a...could that really be a...EWWW!"

Daria's planning another visit to the Museum of Medical Oddities in honor of International Museum Day. She just can't get enough of that salivary gland tumor. If you've got a favorite museum, go take a tour! And if there's a gift shop, would you pick me up a skull crusher? My last one broke and I'm looking for a new one.

Fanfic Update!
  • ASPS, by PrecambrianStudios (part 67): "(Dylan and Ethan are sitting together on a couch, watching TV) Ethan: I have a confession."

  • Cookies, by JoeMerl (COMPLETE!): "Helen readjusted her gas mask and glanced at her watch. Another two minutes and the cookies would be done."

  • Daria's pregnancy, by sparklingdaria (part 2): "Time is going fast Daria is now 5 months pregnant and today she's finding out the gender."

  • Is This Adulthood?, by Princess_Pasta (part 6): "Daria ambled along beside me, pushing an empty grocery cart through the parking lot. It was Monday morning and I wanted nothing more than to sleep until my only class at 2:00 PM. Unfortunately, there was this thing called 'grocery shopping' that I was obligated to participate in."

  • A New Beginning, by LadieTAG (part 10): "When the last bell rang, Quinn made her way to the team's practice field. She was a little surprised at the number of students who were there to watch. I guess there really isn't much to do here if this brings a crowd."

  • Possibilities, by Sureia (part 5): "Matt glanced at Daria, who shrugged innocently at him as Manson did a double take. He'd seen them whispering during the tour and of course it was the old battle again. He returned his attention to Manson as she tried to regain her composure."

  • Short Skirt, Long Jacket, by 1TakeJohnny (part 2): "Daria strode away from Poplar Hall as quickly as she could without breaking into a run. She could still hear the sounds of the hydraulic catapult on the lawn behind her, and the occasional gasp from the crowd that had begun to grow around the building."

  • Spirit Stick, by Brother Grimace (parts 8 and 9): "'Just after the Apollo 11 guys came back from the Moon, the government quarantined Houston – and two days later, the military threw up a full blockade to isolate Texas from the rest of the nation.'" (Part 9) (Part 10) (Part 11) (Part 12) (Part 13) (Part 14) (Part 15)

  • Stacy's First Modeling Gig (Iron Chef: Unexplainable Stock Photos), by DIsaac (COMPLETE!): "'Isn't it awesome!' Stacy said Quinn, usually someone that could find words to say even when they didn't need them, Couldn't say what she thought about the picture."

  • Tigresses of Lawndale, by taishigi (COMPLETE!): "Daria found herself waking up Sunday morning at around 7:00 with Helen seated next to her on the bed. 'Couldn't wait to start the debate?' Daria asked sleepily. 'Can it at least wait until I pee?'" (Part 20)

  • Unnamed story ([Iron Chef – Round Robin – Free For All] Time Loops), by NightGoblyn (part 13): "Daria opened her mouth to give her standard reply, already glancing around the car to see what, if anything, was different on this Loop."

  • Without Warning, by SentrytheDefiant (part 16): "They floundered to a halt in front of The Zon. Even though it was late, the line was still pretty impressive. They could pack in people at all hours, no matter what day."

  • Worst Superhero Ever II (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "'Quake in fear, citizens of Lawndale. I am Doctor Explosivo! And I have planted a bomb under Lawndale that will reduce the town to rubble unless my demands are met.'"

  • The Writer, the Girl With Red Lipstick, and the Musician, by lulamae-golightly (part 4): "Life in New York became routine, but a wonderful routine. Daria wrote more, and got very good reception."

Friday, May 16, 2014

He's LAUGHING All the Way to the BANK!

DeMartino's taking a break from trying to cram facts into Kevin's head to tickle the ivories as Liberace, the late entertainer who was born on this day in 1919. I can't tell if he's happier playing the piano than teaching, or if he's just completely lost his mind.

Hmm. Could be both, I suppose.

Fandom News!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

But How Does Trent Feel About Snakes?

Trent's cracking the whip as Indiana Jones because the character's creator George Lucas turns 70 today. Apparently when Trent referred to having his "eyes on the prize," he was referring to holy relics. Who knew?

Fanfic Update!
  • Alienation, by malakite (parts 14 and 15): "Home lacked any unpleasant surprises, which was itself slightly surprising." (Part 15)

  • ASPS, by PrecambrianStudios (part 66): "A towering girl with black hair reaching down to her shoulders, yellow eyes, pale skin, wearing a black business suit with a red tie and huge glasses walked into the Zon, trading glances with a few other boys who seemed both turned on and disturbed by her. She was used to it; her effeminate yet powerful presence was rather overwhelming, she'd been told."

  • Coffee Date, by lulamae-golightly (COMPLETE!): "Stacy Rowe brushed her curly hair from her face and walked into Cashman's in the mall. At twenty seven years old, she didn't shop there that much, but she had a day off and needed something to do."

  • Credence, by Astrocar82 (part 11): "'And you are a lovely one,' Romonica said to Daria as she approached her desk. 'Could you stand and walk back and forth for us?'"

  • Double the fun (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by Indigo (COMPLETE!): "Daria returned from a visit to the bathroom at the Zon, as she had half expected her friend Jane Lane was talking to the boy that she had noticed noticing her."

  • Hemming's Way, by ognawk (part 10): "As she was home alone, she quickly made her way downstairs to open the door and smiled at the boy stood waiting for her, dressed in a dark blue sweater and white pants, his brown hair moving in the slight evening breeze. 'Hello, Tom,' she said."

  • Lullabies, by GingerLove (COMPLETE!): "Daria rocked slowly in the chair her parents had given her, humming softly to the little bundle in her arms. She smiled softly as she looked down at him. Six months old, and a perfect copy of his father."

  • Mine, by Vukodlak (COMPLETE!): "The trio was on their way to New Town; Veronica was secured in the back headphones on and bobbing her head to the beat Alvin and the Chipmunk's music"

  • Oh, Danny Boy, by Indigo (part 2): "Jane got her first close up look at Danny and although it would be some time before she would admit it even to herself and would try to resist it she fell in love exactly the same way as Danny had for her."

  • Possibilities, by Sureia (part 4): "The brunette stepped forwards and Quinn bounced to a stop, letting her arms hang casually as she was inspected. She knew she didn't have to worry about a thing; she'd had too much practise to fail now, but still the butterflies danced in her stomach."

  • Renewment, by RLobinske (part 5): "'What are my girls planning? I know they're up to something.' Michael sat back and chuckled. 'I can tell where Daria gets it from, but then, I shouldn't be surprised.'"

  • Sonoma Coma, by jtranser (part 15): "'I got here as soon as I could, which, as you know, is pretty damn fast. What happened, Daria? It's not like You to be agitated.'"

  • Tell me Why?, by Madmaper13 (COMPLETE!): "A hand stretched out with a pen in hand towards a calendar and crossed out a Saturday and a Sunday."

  • Tigresses of Lawndale, by taishigi (part 18): "Because of the timer showing on the side screens, nearly everyone had made it back to their seats when the lights started flash, reminding them that the second act was about start."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by ticknart (COMPLETE!): "'Jane?' said Jodie, 'Have you seen Daria today?' 'Not yet.' 'Uh...'"

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Like Groundhog Day, Except Not

Today is a particularly notable day for fandom in that the Morgendorffers' calendar seems to always say it's May 12th. I'm not sure why--perhaps they're stuck in a time loop, perhaps dates in Lawndale work differently than in the real world, or perhaps the entire family is just too damn lazy to turn the page. Regardless, happy May 12th, everyone!

Fandom News!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Choo Choo!

Helen's chugging along on this National Train Day, and anyone who's faced off against her in the courtroom (or at the kitchen table) knows better than to get in her way. I know of at least one train enthusiast in fandom, so here's to you, railway fans! Good luck with those pesky smoke pellets.

Fanfic Update!
  • Alienation, by malakite (part 13): "The thing flinched away at the question. Then it seemed to gather itself and replied 'I'm right here!'"

  • ASPS, by PrecambrianStudios (part 65): "Ethan awoke to the sound of thunder. Slowly, arms raised in front of him, he sat up in his bed, his head turning slightly to the window. Outside, the wind howled and the sky cracked as the hurricane descended on Lawndale."

  • Credence, by Astrocar82 (part 10): "Daria had started to show some signs of activity over the last few days, but her physical presence was still deteriorating. Her skin was off-color and drawn so tightly that it looked as if her bones would poke through. Her hair had grown back, but looks like a series of strings. Black circles still dominated her eyes."

  • Hemming's Way, by ognawk (part 9): "Cassidy looked up and noticed the brown haired figure of Tom Sloane standing in front of her. 'Oh hello, Tom. Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention.' 'That's OK, Cassidy. I'm glad I bumped into you actually. Or nearly did, at least.'"

  • Moving Day, by 1TakeJohnny (COMPLETE!): "Cool, crisp air rushed past Daria Morgendorffer's face as the family sedan rolled dependably along a Massachusetts highway. The deep gray storm clouds that loomed in the sky earlier that morning had begun to give way, and rays from the August sun began to peek around the corners. 'Couldn't ask for better weather for the big day, huh kiddo?'" (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

  • Online Dating is Serious Business (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by LongSnakeMoan (COMPLETE!): "'Right here, I'm so excited for this. This will be the coolest thing ever.' Stacy jumped about in her seat with unrestrained enthusiasm for the what was to follow. This was better than any date, any sample sale."

  • Possibilities, by Sureia (part 3): "'How come Grandpa isn't driving us? You know that these levels of parental involvement scare us, right?'"

  • The Skirt Sketch, by JPAGC (COMPLETE!): "Sandi: Hello, Theresa. I'd like to, like, file a complaint!"

  • Star Trek: Daria - Resurrection, by echopapa (part 5): "Daria emerged from her bedroom wearing a green and black jumpsuit with short black boots. 'Somehow, it suits you,' Wesley said. 'Are you up for a tour of Engineering?'"

  • That Other Morgendorffer, by Princess_Pasta (part 1): "'How you holding up, son?' Jake called from the driver's seat, completely ignoring the request of his youngest child. The tall, slender boy sitting in the middle hadn't uttered a word since they left Texas. He adjusted his dark, prescription glasses and shrugged."

  • Tigresses of Lawndale, by taishigi (part 17): "Overall, Daria had to admit, as the school year continued after Jane's show at the museum, she was far busier than she had anticipated and she was not totally thrilled by that."

  • Unnamed story (First Draft, Stacy/Fluttershy - no grammar or spelling ...), by ashk09 (part 1): "For the fiftieth time that night, Stacy Rowe wondered what the hell she was doing out here."

  • Unnamed story ([Iron Chef – Round Robin – Free For All] Time Loops), by Wraith (parts 9 - 12): "Nathan stopped to check his hair in the reflection of a store window. Not that he was worried -- he was a Dapper Dan man, after all -- but it never hurt to be careful. He made a few unneeded adjustments, then turned to continue down the street." (Part 10 by NightGoblyn) (Part 11) (Part 12 by NightGoblyn)

  • Without Warning, by SentrytheDefiant (part 15): "'We will scour the land with the blood of the innocent. All mortal souls will fall to the underworld.' 'Laying it on a little thick, are we?'"

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love and War

Kevin and Brittany are busy celebrating the end of World War II (in Europe, at least) because today is Victory in Europe Day, or V-E Day. Per Mr. DeMartino in "Fizz Ed," this also marks the end of any new school supplies for his class: "I guess they think since I teach history I don't need any supplies created after V-E Day!"

By the way, guys, you might want to come up for air soon. Guys?

Fandom News!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Oh, the lack of humanity."

It was on this day in 1937 that the Hindenburg disaster took place. Daria has immortalized the event on the door of her locker, possibly because it sums up her attitude toward high school.

Speaking of high school, today we also celebrate National Teacher Day, so let's go appreciate Ms. Barch--ugh. Er, how about Mr. O'Neill--hmm. Well, we could always tell Mr. DeMartino...on second thought, I'd rather keep my distance from that particular walking time bomb, too. Let's just appreciate them from afar, okay?

Fanfic Update!
  • ASPS 2, by PrecambrianStudios (parts 13 and 14): "She really wanted to scratch her nose. Lisa Alkaev, a sixteen-year old sophomore with brown hair styled in a pixie cut, wrinkled her nose, hoping the itch would just go away, but of course it didn't." (Part 14)

  • Behind the Counter, by NightGoblyn (part 8): "'You,' the woman said, pausing in the door with what was obviously intended to be a dramatic turn. 'When we sit around at the bar and talk about which one of you we hate the most, it's you.'"

  • Chips Off the Older Block, by Indigo (part 3): "Daria and Quinn were walking to school when three of Quinn's admirers Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie approached them eager to do anything that might win over the younger Ms Morgendorffer"

  • Credence, by Astrocar82 (part 9): "Daria was soon hooked up to machines and monitors that could do the tasks that her brain apparently couldn't anymore. IVs pumped in hormones to her blood. These hormones were supposed to regulate her ability to live and shrink the tumor that had crippled her."

  • Fortune's Fools, by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!): "Keveo took a step back, horrified. This is my fault, he realized. If I'd been paying attention, I could have stopped him from getting hurt. I could have stopped-- He looked over at Sam Stybalt, who was snickering with a couple of Oakwood players. --that bastard."

  • Possibilities, by Sureia (parts 1 and 2): "The old place just wasn't what it used to be. It was so quiet now. He hated quiet; quiet meant something was being planned. Quiet meant that his wife had gotten up and he was alone in his bed. Eventually quiet had come to mean that she would never be there again." (Part 2)

  • Quinn's Code 10: Blue Screen of Sherman, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 4): "It was breakfast at the Morgendorffers. 'So I called up Cindy, Kristen, Jenna and Andrea, and the Anime and Programming Clubs are going to take up collections to get safe new goal posts. Like, to honor the dead guy's memory.'"

  • Rude Awakening: The Battle of The Morgendorffers, by DIsaac (part 2): "DARIA: Alright, we got to be at TD Garden by 4pm for the game for our promotional stuff. It will be Me, you and Mack for that. JANE: Daria, You might have a problem with Mack?"

  • Tigresses of Lawndale, by taishigi (parts 15 and 16): "For many, especially the females, the hot topic was the traditional winter formal dance and all its ramifications. Once called the Christmas Ball, in the politically correct era it was now usually known as the Snow Ball or Winter Ball, and was held on the Saturday before Christmas, December 23." (Part 16)

  • Unnamed story ([Iron Chef – Round Robin – Free For All] Time Loops), by NightGoblyn (part 8): "Daria said something droll to their father and Quinn froze. This wasn't right."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: No longer in the 1%), by Silver (COMPLETE!): "'Hell, it could just be the stars coming right and stress! All I know is that the world is ending and I don't want to be alone when it goes.' Andrea's voice broke into panicked sobs. 'Please, Daria. Please.'"

  • Without Warning, by SentrytheDefiant (part 14): "Jace tried his best to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach as the automated message informed him that the number he was trying to reach was no longer in service. He didn't even realize he was crying until tears started to drop onto the counter."

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fighting Fires with the Force...Hey, That Would Make a Good Song Lyric!

Trent is ready to put out any of those fires the Lanes aren't supposed to start in rooms without fireplaces, and that's good because it's International Firefighters Day. I just hope he can stay awake long enough to finish the job.

For all those geeks out there, it's May the Fourth (be with you), which means it's Star Wars Day! I know there are a handful of Star Wars/Daria crossovers out there, but I haven't gotten around to pulling them together. If you've got a favorite, share it in the comments!

Fandom News!

Friday, May 2, 2014

"They're so cute when they smile at you. Hello, precious!"

Today is Baby Day, and Quinn's youngest doesn't look too happy about it. Might have something to do with Jake's overly enthusiastic attempts to amuse him or her. That'd be enough to freak me out, anyway.

Speaking of Jake, today also happens to be the sell-by date of the waffles Jake ate in Is It Fall Yet?, which took place in June. The entire ordeal sent Jake into hysterics, and I'm sure that mild stomachache continues to haunt him to this day.

Fanfic Update!
  • Fortune's Fools, by Kristen Bealer (part 2): "'Aw, babe,' Keveo said, turning his face away in embarrassment. His gaze fell on a table on the other side of the restaurant, where a frowning Mackutio was looking in their direction. 'Oh, no!'"

  • General Semantics, Private Angst, by gwrtheyrn (part 44): "Ted, when he claimed that he'd designed, built, and paid for the quantum computer which underlay his company's researches, had skipped over a few crucial details, and thereby hangs a tale."

  • Without Warning, by SentrytheDefiant (parts 12 and 13): "Jace wasn't surprised when he saw the road sign indicating the Mall of the Millenium. It was his birthday and yet he was the one chauffeuring everyone around." (Part 13)