Friday, August 30, 2013

Jane's Got Another New Look

Happy Frankenstein Day! The holiday is in honor of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, who was born on this day in 1797. We know Daria has read the book, as it was one of the titles on Mr. O'Neill's list in "Write Where it Hurts" when Daria tells him she's read all of them. We don't know what she thought of it, but The Angst Guy used it as a theme in both Darius and A Hard Days' Night.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Your Mark...Get Set...Squeak!

Today is Race Your Mouse Day, so make sure you have your maze ready. Try not to let Brian Taylor anywhere near the mice, though. We'd like them to stop running once they reach the finish line.

On a more serious note, it was fifty years ago today that Martin Luther King, Jr., made his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. An excellent speech from a great man.

Fanfic Update!
  • 86 Bottles of Beer: Hacking into the Antisocial Network, by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!): "She gasped. 'It must be Bobby Stuart!' Kevin nodded. 'I think you might be right. Do you know what this means?' 'Yes!' she cried. 'I found my secret admirer!'"

  • BFCA, by PrecambrianStudios (COMPLETE!): "Resting on one of the tables was a note reading: Push the button beneath and await screening. Beneath? Lifting the paper revealed a small blue button. Daria pushed it."

  • Credence, by Astrocar82 (part 2): "'I'm sorry, could you go back to that part about "realizing your actuality"?' Quinn asked. She had decided to go to self-esteem class after all and had decided to take it seriously. 'I think I didn't understand you on that.'"

  • Daria and Quinn React to "Quinn the Psychopath" (IC: Daria reacts to fanfic), by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): "QUINN: Take a look at this! Apparently some guy who thinks he's so holy wrote a fanfic about me!"

  • Daria and Jane Talk about a Certain Fanfic (IC: Daria reacts to fanfic), by DIsaac (COMPLETE!): "JANE: So what are you doing? DARIA: Reading the tons of fanfics out there."

  • Dylan, by J-D (part 26): "Dylan raised his head with a scrutinising gaze as he gave voice to his thoughts. 'Dad taking an interest. Warning sign. Or he's looking to get away from Kris.'"

  • First Drink, by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "A small redheaded boy of about six years of age sat down on the edge of an isolated dock on Lake Mohawksin, he had slipped out of his shirt and shoes due to the heat and kicked a foot on the surface of the water, relishing the coolness on his toes."

  • The Great And The Good, by ognawk (parts 8 and 9): "They set off towards Daria's house, but noticed something wrong as they approached. 'Hey, isn't that fire truck outside your house?' Ashley asked." (Part 9)

  • I'm an Artist, Dammit! (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by deneich (part 1): "'Girls, I know it's frustrating having to start over – again – at a new school; however, better that than the alternative.' The Lady stated, in as convincing a voice as possible under the circumstances, to her two daughters as she navigated the red, late-modal, high-end S.U.V to their stated destination. 'Quinn, Daria, you do understand why this was necessary?'"

  • Li's Science Substitute (IC: DeMartino has Barch Arrested), by Shiva (part 2): "'You know it's a pity that I'm not taking Barch's old class.' Jane said to Daria with a sigh in the comfort and safety of Jane's bedroom."

  • A New Direction (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by peetz5050 (part 7b and 8): "Helen sighed sadly and Jane had an insight into what the family had gained and lost with Jake's success. 'Jammy will take you home and check out your house just to be safe and Daria will give you a ride to school all this week at least.' Helen added." (Part 8)

  • Night Witches, by Panzerfaust150 (part 6): "At that moment, a feeling like a cool breeze went up Brittany's spine, and she shuddered involuntarily. Something wasn't normal." (SFMB)

  • Penance, by ashk09 (COMPLETE!): "Quinn knew that she wasn't really supposed to come in here, but if her parents knew that she entered Daria's room night after night, they weren't saying anything."

  • Quinn the Psychopath, by SacredDust (parts 1 - 4): "Quinn peered up warily over the edge of the book. 'You really shouldn't poke fun at me, Daria. It might be dangerous. I'm a psychopath, you know.'" (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

  • Sweet Dreams, by RLobinske (part 3): "'Wow, I'm sure Paula and Sammi will have something to talk about when we see them tomorrow?' 'Oh?' Daria showed him the phone. The news headline read, 'Defense of Marriage Act Repealed."

  • Unnamed story (IC: Awkward/WTF Endings), by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): "'And so, Jane,' Daria declared, pulling a gram of cocaine out of her pocket, 'I found that out of all the suspects, only one had tentacles which fit your description, which I must say I determined through some, uh, rather regrettable practices. That in mind, the rapist is...'"

  • Unnamed story (IC: Daria reacts to fanfic), by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "(Helen comes into the living room to find Daria with an Ipad in hand and several bottles of gin on the table - one already empty and a second half-gone.)"

  • Unnamed story (IC: Daria reacts to fanfic), by peetz5050 (COMPLETE!): "'Jane! Where are you going?' 'Manchester, England, gonna strangle me a snake!'"

  • Unnamed story (IC: Daria reacts to fanfic), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Outside of the Landon's imitation mansion a passing mailman heard two shots ring out."

  • Unnamed story (iC: Good Questions. Silly Snarky Answers), by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): "Brittany could feel the ground shake beneath her as she walked out of the girls' locker room bathroom. It was almost like that Irish thingy she had heard before, meeting the rising road in May or something."

  • What if Scarlett reacted to fanfic? (IC: Daria reacts to fanfic), by Aloysius (COMPLETE!): "Scarlett walked into the Pizza King and saw Tananda and Angel sitting in one of the booths, a small pile of paper split up between the two of them. 'Hey, guys,' she said. 'What's up?'"

Monday, August 26, 2013

As Long as It's Not "Mad Dog" Morgendorffer

Happy National Dog Day, dog lovers! Leary the third (or whatever version the Yeagers are on by now) is enjoying his holiday, and hopefully that bulldog that Daria narrowly missed running over is having a similarly happy day.

Today is also Women's Equality Day, as it was on this day in 1920 that women were granted the right to vote. Hooray for equal rights!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

From Cold War to Cold-Blooded Killer

On this day in 1954, the Communist Control Act was signed into law. It essentially made Communism in the United States illegal, which means Melody Powers probably celebrates it as a national holiday. Jake is ready for anything now that his spiffy new bomb shelter is ready...but could someone hand him a can opener, just in case?

Fanfic Update!
  • 86 Bottles of Beer: Hacking into the Antisocial Network, by Kristen Bealer (parts 1 and 2): "After a moment, the Chief took a deep breath and calmed down. Slightly. 'I'm afraid so, Agent 86. It would appear that CONTROL's entire network has been hacked. Signs and countersigns have been changed by unknown parties, sensitive information has been accessed, and I can't log on to Facebook!'" (Part 2)

  • Abattoir Blues (2)- The Killing Moon, by LongSnakeMoan (part 1): "For weeks afterwards it haunted my dreams, horribly detailed nightmares of me walking into the house to find MacDonald waiting for me, gun pointed at my heart and Anthony dead at his feet, blood spilling from him and then spilling from me as I was shot, filling the room until I was choking and gasping until I drowned in it."

  • Glasses and Lipstick (chapter 4), by oni (part 1): "She sat there wondering how she felt joining them like this; a part of her wanting to leave because of her past association with her sister and the rest of the fashion club, while the other part of her-the bigger part- wanted to stay because of the way things are now. And the fact that she isn't the only one adjusting to the truth."

  • The Great And The Good, by ognawk (parts 6 and 7): "That Saturday, Tom and Ashley were driving to Casa Lane in Ashley's Vexxer to pick up Jane and Daria for their trip to the movies." (Part 7)

  • Jane's Crazy Thought (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Jane: 'I just had a crazy thought.'"

  • Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Lawndale (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "(The villains gather behind The Motherlover (Upchuck); Kick-Ass (Kevin) and Hit-Girl (Quinn) stand firm)"

  • A Modern Day Daria... (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "As everyone in Lawndale slipped into the hipster look, with it's oversized glasses, clothes, and pretty much everything from other eras that could be made oversized. Daria found herself in a pickle."

  • Northbank Diaries #1: A Tale Of Three Suburbs, by ognawk (part 1): "He carried on 'But we are here to begin realising your actuality, and when we do...' Jane looked up from the paper she was writing on for the moment and smirked. I wonder if he even knows what this garbage actually means, she thought, as she went back to her writing."

  • Operation Glitterberries: Chapter 12, by BF110C4 (part 2): "Melody knew that whatever was going on in this town was centered in one way or another in Lawndale High School and therefore it was her duty to scout and uncover the secrets hidden there. However as in many things in life such an objective was easier said than done."

  • Out of Place, by PrecambrianStudios (part 2): "For some deluded reasons, the PPMB mods had retained their same ages, while all the other members had reverted to tenth-graders. This proved advantageous, as it allowed the mods to legally rent the boarding house in which all the members now resided, because (somehow) their credit cards still worked."

  • A Crashing Encounter (IC: Daria wrecks a car), by ashk09 (part 1): "Daria only realised something was wrong when the car was spinning through air after having collided with the embankment; a sense of numb horror gripped her, but it was nothing compared with knowledge that she should not even have been driving in the first place."

  • The Writing on the Wall, by SinisterExaggerator (part 1): "'I should allow you to do what?' asked a very bemused Daria. For her, college couldn't come soon enough, and sitting in front of her were two of the reasons why."

  • You Said Too Much, by ST91 (COMPLETE!): "'Well Brittany I'm happy because now I have so much free time as I dropped many extracurricular activities,' she said with a smile. 'I don't think it's just that,' interjected Angie, 'come on Jodie, don't be precious, you have a new boyfriend, don't you?'"

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Oh, go dance on the head of a pin."

Better be on your best behavior today--it's Be an Angel Day! Make sure you tell everyone to have the raspberry vinaigrette dressing...but I'd avoid groping anyone. Helen's always on the lookout for a good lawsuit.

For a very touching story about the Morgendorffer family's guardian angel, read Mike Xeno's excellent fanfic Guardian. If you're already read it, reread it. It's totally worth it.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"It's lame DJs, Charlie Brown!"

Heeeeey, blog readers! Are you ready to par-tay crazy? Because today is National Radio Day! Now, who wants a free t-shirt?

For those of you out there who appreciate radio but not wacky DJs, here's Free Radio Lawndale, written by Ken Tremberth and Erin Mills. Read all the broadcasts, and then pester the authors for moar.

Fanfic Update!
  • Daria and Jane Chat about Game of Thrones (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'You know,' Daria said to Jane after looking up from a book, 'The more I read the Game of Thrones series, the more it looks like high school with swords.'"

  • Death Comes to Another Lawndale, by PrecambrianStudios (part 6): "Trent Lane screamed in agony. The infection had already taken his legs from him, and now he could feel it seeping into his groin."

  • Dreaming of What Once Was (Cleaning out old files), by minx (COMPLETE!): "Every time he closed his eyes he saw her."

  • Dominick Morgendorffer, by macross (part 8): "Veronica 'Ronnie' Morgendorffer was having a fairly enjoyable time in her fourth-grade art class."

  • Dylan, by J-D (part 25b): "Dylan and Tierney had not succeeded in finding a joke shop on Dega Street, nor had any of Tierney's other ideas recommended themselves to Dylan. He found himself repeatedly having to point out that gifts such as incense, scented candles, retro clothing, and new guitars were all better suited to Tierney herself than to Rod."

  • The Great And The Good, by ognawk (parts 4 and 5): "'Just a couple of interesting people, eh Tom?' she teased. 'I may have met a girl who was very interesting.' He replied with a slight smile. 'Slumming it with some town girl, huh?' Elsie replied in an overly haughty voice." (Part 5)

  • Great Professor Dario Ch. 1 A fresh start, by ST91 (part 3): "After driving a few minutes, he spotted someone on the sidewalk. Dario saw a woman who was walking in the rain with only the shelter of a handbag. She was soaking wet."

  • Laissez Faire (Cleaning out old files), by minx (COMPLETE!): "She was wasting time and she knew it. She wasn't one to take leisurely strolls, contemplating the meaning of life; she already knew the answer to that question."

  • Lane Dividers, by macross (parts 1 - 3): "Across town Jake and Helen Morgendorffer were sitting at the bar of McGrundys enjoying their drinks while they waited for the Harpies to set up. Helen was enjoying a Rum and Coke when she spotted Monique Harper heading over to the bar; with her was a young man with a shaved head and a pieced nose." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • A New Direction (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by peetz5050 (part 7a): "'Daria?' 'Mmmm.' 'Ross Lynch... is he a good dancer?' 'Pretty good, yeah... wait... what?' Daria's eyes narrowed."

  • Operation Glitterberries: Chapter 12, by BF110C4 (part 1): "Melody's afternoon was spend on a normal café sitting on a corner, killing time while waiting for the regular activities of Lawndale High to end and trying to make sense of the diary she had retrieved from the Morgendorffer's house while drinking a cup of black tea."

  • Shades of Black, by thatLONERchick (COMPLETE!): "The ceiling was shrouded in darkness, shadows hiding even the less interesting cracks from her view. Daria stared dispassionately upward as the day grew old around her."

  • Trent Point Blank (IC: Evil Trent), by Cap (COMPLETE!): "'This is where I grew up,' Maggie answered. 'And I never really liked Baltimore all that much. My girls are grown and moved away so there was nothing to keep me there.' 'Especially with the Old Man dead,' he said."

  • Trent's Catch, by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): " It was so sudden, so unexpected, but he definitely should have seen it coming. The girl had finally mustered up the courage to ask him out."

  • Trent's Meal (IC: Evil Trent), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Over and over again that little girl on the trike would go up and down the streets, without any reason or parental supervision. A move that her parents would live to regret."

  • Unnamed story (IC: Evil Trent), by PrecambrianStudios (COMPLETE!): "James Lane awoke to the sound of scurrying feet and a loud banging noise. His mother barged into his bedroom and turned on the lights. Panting, she knelt in front of her seven-year old son and grasped his shoulders. 'He's here,' she said."

  • Victim Complex (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "A dim, smoldering spark lit in the corner of Daria's eye. Jane noticed, leaned over and shook her head frantically. No. Not here."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well...At Least It Rhymes

Happy Bad Poetry Day, poetry lovers! I considered asking Jeffy to perform another dramatic reading of Quinn's classic "greasy fry" poem, but instead decided that Quinn herself will favor us with a recitation of one of her early works:
A model's what I'd like to be
Looking good comes naturally
Da da da da, da da, me.
Sort of brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

Today is also the anniversary of "Jane's Addition," which aired on this day in 1999. It was the first appearance of Tom, and the beginning of a long string of fandom controversies. But on the bright side, he didn't recite any inane poems about modeling.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

I Wonder What Eric Will Think of This One

Happy birthday to Madonna, who was born on this day in 1958. Helen's doing a pretty good impression of the singer, although I don't think she's likely to impress any of the partners with her professionalism. Then again, she could have gone with the metal bra instead.

This is also a good place to share Kemical Reaxion's fanart The Ten Faces Of Madonna. Ten Daria characters, ten Madonna looks.

Fanfic Update!
  • Daria, 38MMM, by Shiva (part 5): "The next morning Daria was sitting on an examination table, the paper that was used to keep it 'sanitary' crinkled under her jeans as she shifted position, trying to get a bit more comfortable."

  • Dominick Morgendorffer, by macross (part 7): "As she opened she saw a younger girl dancing; her body's fluid movements fascinated the young artist who promptly pulled out her sketchbook and a charcoal pencil and began sketching the dancer's movements."

  • Dylan, by J-D (part 25a): "'A mother-daughter fashion show', said Dylan. 'At least that's one school fund-raiser this family can't get roped into.' Behind him, he heard Kris speaking to their father. 'So Annie, Allie, and—uh—Amy are all going to be in this mother-daughter fashion show, and they all think I should be the emcee.' 'I spoke too soon', said Dylan."

  • Evening, by JPAGC (part 2a): "At the stove, wearing an apron, Jake Morgendorffer took his eyes momentarily from the pots to greet his daughter and her friend: 'Hello, kids! Do you know what I am doing?'"

  • The Great And The Good, by ognawk (part 3): "'So, Thomas, ready for another evening with Cassidy?' Elsie asked. 'Yeah. We're going bowling and then grabbing a bite to eat. Nothing fancy, just hanging out.' He replied."

  • Helen's Law: A Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership, by DIsaac (parts 1 and 2): "'Helen should have been partner for a long time now. That woman has more drive than any lawyer I have ever seen in my career, but Davis and his no-ball-having self and those damn Schrecters, who couldn't handle having a woman outdoing them, voted down that partnership deal. I say damn them! That is why I've asked you here, gentlemen,' Jim continued." (Part 2)

  • Jane Morgendorffer 2: The Middle School Years, by LadieTAG (part 8): "Spring arrived and for Trent, so did thoughts of the junior prom. Despite the fact that he and Charity had been dating for a while, he still had to gather his nerves to ask her."

  • Name Pending (It has been ten years since "all natural behavior" so...), by BF110C4 (part 2): "Anne used the next two days to get more familiar with Daria Morgendorffer, digging a bit longer on her high school's social networks and -mostly- reading the rest of her website's stories. And right now she could certainly say that Mary was wrong about something. The story their supplicant did for the Lawndale Café had more than enough potential to incite a riot on a bunch of brainless football maniacs."

  • A New Beginning, by LadieTAG (part 9): "Friday morning Quinn was getting ready for school when she heard a familiar knock. The red-head ran downstairs and threw open the door to find her favorite aunt on the other side. The two hugged and as they broke, tears could be seen on both faces."

  • Night Witches, by Panzerfaust150 (part 5): "Quinn Morgendorffer had seen a lot in her 24 years...or at least she thought she had. She'd never seen a major city in the throes of panic. New York City was in a collective nervous breakdown." (Part 5 on SFMB)

  • Operation Glitterberries: Interlude II, by BF110C4 (part 2): "'Trent Lane? I'm Captain Jeffrey Burns. Could we take this inside?' 'A Captain? This is no good.' He said as he moved aside and left the entire entourage in."

  • The Punk and the Snark, by Shiva (part 13): "The next day was more of a letdown, since it was a return to school and the petty, corrupt, power-games of their fellow students, and Ms. Li."

  • A Rose In The Thorns, by breitasparrow (prologue and part 1): "The baby opened her eyes for a moment before drifting back to sleep, sucking on her bottom lip. Her eyes were the exact color of Adam's, Belle realized. His eyes were what she had loved most about his appearance, the one trait she could recognize that night he became human again." (Part 1)

  • Something (Slightly) Wicked Ch2, by macross (part 10): "Daria and Charles reentered the house as several girls Daria recognized from school finished setting up their equipment in a corner of the Taylor's living room. As they began tuning and adjusting their instruments, Daria began trying to place names to faces."

  • Suburban Fury, by welltemperedclavier (parts 1 - 6): "Trouble and opportunity go hand in hand. Hal knew he'd be getting both as he watched the goons, Patrick and Barry, cut through the quad like a pair of sharks in polo shirts." (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)

  • Tom Sloane, Lax Bro, by Shiva (part 14): "Ok, before I tell you bout my latest adventures I've gotta fess up to something... You see, ever since I hooked up with that hot black-haired chick (or was she a brunette?)"

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Daria Morgendorffer's Flying Circus), by Greystar (COMPLETE!): "JANE: (o.s.) Sandi!! SANDI: WHAT!? JANE: Your line!! SANDI glares off screen, and then into the camera. SANDI: (through clenched teeth) It's... Cut to the Liberty Bell March (covered by Splendora)"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'Ok so we all have super powers and we can travel through a multiverse seemingly dedicated to myself...' Daria drawled while playing with a small fireball."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Silver (COMPLETE!): "'Okay, Trent. I get that you were a little pissed off about losing your Comp. I understand that.' Jane crossed her arms, the gauntlet computer feeling a little more weighty than normal."

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The History Lesson Can Wait Until They Come Up for Air

On this day in 1945, Japan unconditionally surrendered, officially ending World War II. Kevin and Brittany are celebrating the good news...or maybe they're just passing the time in their usual way. It's kind of hard to tell with those two.

Fandom News!

Monday, August 12, 2013

"I don't like kids. I didn't even like kids when I was a kid."

Happy International Youth Day! Daria looks less than impressed by the holiday, but d'awww all the same, right?

Today is also the anniversary of the birth of Erwin Schrödinger in 1887. Schrödinger is best known for the thought experiment known as Schrödinger's Cat, in which a cat in a box may be alive or dead--or both. I'm not great with quantum mechanics, but The Angst Guy's fanfic Schrödinger's Tiger should clear everything right up.

Fanfic Update!
  • The Amazing Adventures of Captain Invincible!, by Erin M. (part 7): "After making sure the door was locked and the 'closed' sign was up in the window, Twilight retrieved Spike's journal and relocated back to her favorite reading cushion. She made herself comfortable and opened the journal."

  • Black Cloaks of Lawndale, by Waylander (part 12): "Daria was scanning the bottom row of her bookshelf when Quinn entered the room without knocking and said, 'Can we talk?'"

  • Consequences, by ST91 (part 4): "'You have something in mind, don't you? Otherwise you would not be dressed like that.' said Mack. 'Exactly Mack. In fact I'm going to ...' he began to say, explaining his plan to his friends."

  • Credence, by Astrocar82 (part 1): "The careless elegance of her movements with that half-mocking smile on her face just amplified feelings given by her eyes. Daria Morgendorffer radiated a confidence that was intoxicating and frightening."

  • A Cure For a Summer Cold (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'Daaarrreeeaaaa!' Quinn whined with all the force of an annoying eight year old. 'What?' Daria growled, not bothering to look up from her copy of Magic Kitten By Sue Bentley. 'Do you know a way to get rid of this horrible summer cold?'"

  • Daria+Stacy fluff, by Astrocar82 (part 7): "'Please tell me you aren't wearing contacts to try to get into Stacy Rowe's pants.' '...' 'Just don't let her make you over, please.' 'I won't let it go that far, Jane...I hope.'"

  • Daria and Trent in Foreverness, by DariaLane (COMPLETE!): "Daria: Trent? Trent. Trent: Yes 'My Love.' Daria: Will we ever do anything other than stare meaningfully at each cloud?"

  • Daria, Civilization Leader (Scenes that should be: Pacific Rimmers), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "It was strange knowing who she was in a strange group of people that were divided into two different sets, one she knew were settlers and the others were warriors."

  • Darius Taylor, by Shiva (part 15): "At the dinner table, Tom took a sip of water from a glass and briefly considered sneaking off to the kitchen for a soda. 'Nah,' He thought to himself, 'Mom would have a fit.'"

  • Death Comes to Another Lawndale, by PrecambrianStudios (part 5): "'This crap weighs more than a sumo wrestler,' Suzanne complained to her father as she helped him load Mystik Spiral's equipment into the Tank, which was shuddering from the weight load."

  • Dominick Morgendorffer, by macross (part 6): "As he entered both girls took notice of him and each had enormous smiles on their faces. Quinn was the first to speak. 'So Dom, Ronnie here tells me you had a girl on your bike when you stopped by this afternoon,' she said as her grin increased."

  • Evening, by JPAGC (part 1): "'I'm doing this now,' said Jane without looking at her. She got a clean sheet, copied the equation from the other and started to develop the formulas. 'I'm not doing remedial math again!'"

  • The Great And The Good, by ognawk (part 2): "After being dropped off near the front gates, the Sloane siblings made their way inside. After a pretty silent car journey, the younger Sloane was the first to speak. 'So, Thomas, any idea of whom your date for this week is going to be?' Elsie asked with a smirk."

  • The Great Daria Halloween: Beginning, by Ranger Thorne (part 1): "'Mack?' Jane smirked at him. 'How's it going?' 'Ugh,' came the reply. 'A tough day, I take it,' Daria surmised. 'You don't know the half of it,' he confirmed. 'Look, I know you're busy looking for your own stuff, but can you help me with a problem?'"

  • Look Sharpie (IC: Tom Sloane, Lax Bro TAKEDOWN!), by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): "Thomas Sloane woke up, busting the crust from his eyes as his sinuses pounded like a funeral drum in his head."

  • LSD, by PrecambrianStudios (part 10): "She placed her hand up against the wall. Taking it away, she asked, [What's that vibrating?] [Probably Quinn's band.]"

  • My Dad the Director XXX, by macross (part 4): "For Daria the week of volunteering instigated by Ms. Li had not been going well. After taking one of the few assignments left, reading to the elderly, she was beginning to wish she had signed up for picking up road kill."

  • A New Direction (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by peetz5050 (parts 4 - 6): "Some time later Daria found herself seated in front of Mrs. Margaret Manson (no relation), the school counselor. Having been given a head's up by Jodie she was sitting up attentively and had her notepad and pen out and ready. Nancy Drew couldn't have looked more eager." (Part 5) (Part 6)

  • Quinn's Code 08: Alternapalooza, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (COMPLETE!): "'You would have to drive yourselves though,' Keith said. 'Yeah, College,' Kristen said with a distant look. As they turned around, Quinn thought that there was some deeper meaning to Kristen's remark than just the fact that Keith would be at College..."

  • A Scene No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?! The Musical!!! (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'Oh, me oh my!' Daria sang as she looked down into the toilet, 'There were centipedes in my crotch nostril!'"

  • Something (Slightly) Wicked Ch2, by macross (parts 8 and 9): "Daria had been heading for the snack when some someone bumped into her from behind sending falling straight into a red haired boy in a long black pea-coat and charcoal grey corduroys with black Italian boots." (Part 9)

  • Tom Sloane, Lax Bro, by Shiva (part 16): "'Hey little bro!' Hank Cloves said to the twelve year old as he bounded towards him, and Hank pulled the little guy into a big bear hug, 'Glad you could make it.'"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "(A heavy Doc Martin comes down in the camera; brief climpses of corporate malpractice and excess play over Daria striding forward, a clipboard in her hand)"

  • Upchuck Pesters O'Neill, by DariaLane (part 1): "Mr O'Neill: I have come to speak to you both in confidential terms - another class mate needs some keen social integration as he appears to lack some skills."

  • Upchuck Pesters Sandi, by DariaLane (part 1): "Sandi: Hello unsufferable knave-tyrant. I am sure you know whom I am talking to. Upchuck: Feisty....! Feistier... Quinn: Hey, geez Sandi.... Have you gone off your rocker??"

Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Man, what a good day to just kick back and chill."

Today is National Lazy Day or, as Trent likes to call it, Saturday. (Or is it Friday? Whatever.) Helen and Jake are way ahead of us, but I can't shake the feeling that the moment's about to be ruined by a ringing cell phone and a random military school flashback. Ah, well.

Fandom News!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Consultant and a One-Armed Man Walk into a Bar....

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pop Art Beats Pop Music, Anyway

Happy birthday to the late Andy Warhol, who was born on this day in 1928. Jane is kindly allowing Daria to portray the artist here, perhaps as some kind of post-modern experiment involving artist vs. subject. Or not.

Today is also National Root Beer Float Day, so now Jake can switch out his root beer in a frosty cold can for a frosty cold mug topped with ice cream.

Fanfic Update!
  • Bitchy Barch (IC: Rock Over Lawndale), by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): "I saw Ms. Barch grade some papers at her desk, She was giving all the boys "F"s and passing all the girls, She probably didn't get enough love as a child, She was being a total bitch."

  • Daria/Dorian Ch.16: Sugar High, by LadieTAG (COMPLETE!): "After the meeting, Dorian called his mom about what Ms. Li had tried to do. Helen decided to look at the contract between Ultra Cola and Lawndale High over the weekend."

  • Dominick Morgendorffer, by macross (parts 1 - 5): "Quinn looked across her father out his window as a black 1973 BMW R75/5 pulled in alongside them.The rider wore a black studded leather jacket, Black faded jeans, calf high black motorcycle boots with straps and buckles on them." (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

  • Dylan, by J-D (part 24b): "'Okay, Dylan', said Kris, 'what's the matter with you? Your weird friend turns out not to be too weird to get on the track team, that should be a good thing.'"

  • Freewheelin', by peetz5050 (part 19): "Quinn trotted off toward home with unfashionable haste. She wouldn't admit it to anyone but she was really looking forward to dinner tonight. Daria was bringing home a boy!"

  • The Great And The Good, by ognawk (part 1): "Tom Sloane pulled his rusty old Pinto into the garage of his family's home. He sighed as he sat in the car for a moment. I'm so tired of this, he thought as he finally got out of the car and made his way into the house."

  • My Dad the Director XXX (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by macross (part 3): "Daria left giving the snobbish Grove Hill students one last cutting barb before going to find Jodie and congratulate her finally telling someone shove it."

  • Name Pending (It has been ten years since "all natural behavior" so...), by BF110C4 (part 1): "'What you do think of the newest supplicant to Raft U. Triple Cross Club Mary?'"

  • A New Direction (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by peetz5050 (part 3): "'Ready to go Jam?' She asked as a maid handed her a new bookbag. He nodded back and opened the door of the black Mercedes minibus with the dark tinted windows that was Daria's preferred vehicle. 'Let's roll.'"

  • Out of Place, by PrecambrianStudios (part 1): "Inside a boarding house at the end of Dega Street, a man with a slight mustache on his lip picked up the phone. 'Hello?' 'They're here.' The mustachioed man swallowed. 'Just remember, don't do anything stupid. Same goes for everyone else, make sure to tell them too.'"

  • Quinn Snaps at Tiffany (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'You know what Tiffany?' Quinn snapped at her fellow Fashion Drone, 'You're right. You are fat. You are a fat little moo cow! Oh, who am I kidding?! You are a HUGE fat moo cow.'"

  • Rise of the Atoner, by macross (part 9): "On the morning of this previous Sunday, the Lawndale Maryland, Police department were alerted to a grizzly scene in the town's High Hills Grove Cemetery."

  • Scarlett the Dark Tooth Fairy, by Aloysius (COMPLETE!): "And so, Scarlett began her night of delivering gold coins to different people, all over Lawndale. She not only gave coins to many of her fellow students at Lawndale High School, she also gave coins to many different adults as well."

  • Sweet Dreams, by RLobinske (part 2): "Carrying a shared laptop computer while Michael brought their carryon luggage, Daria searched through the crowd at Dulles International Airport until she saw her father's graying temples. 'There they are,' she said."

  • Testing (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "'Testing,' a sleazy voice echoed over the crowded stands. 'Testing, one, two...sixty-nine. Grrrr!'"

  • Unexpected Hookup: Relative Madness, by Shiva (part 12): "While Helen had been tempted to call in the morning after the latest dinner disaster, ultimately she had been forced to conclude that Erin and Rita's 'situation' was just that, their situation. Not hers."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "'Quinn! Why is the freezer open?'"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'Ok so let me get this straight,' Jane said to Daria as they sat on a bench, looking at the vastly changed landscape, 'Some sort of strange cosmic event caused our hometown of Lawndale to be sent back in time, thus birthing a brand new universe.'"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by thatLONERchick (COMPLETE!): "Daria sat on the carpet in her room, clad only in her night shirt and socks. Her glasses were tossed aside and she held a box cutter in her strong hand."

  • Victor Morgendorffer, by Shiva (parts 20 and 21): "Victor giggled slightly as an old He-Man cartoon played on Kyle's TV, the twenty-something and the thirteen-almost-fourteen year old were sitting on the couch, Victor's joint long since smoked, so Kyle had loaded up a green plastic bong and they had taken big hits from it." (Part 21)

  • What is Fashion?, by Smijey (COMPLETE!): "'What is it, Griffin?' 'Like...what is fashion?'"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friends, Forgiveness, and Freaks

Today is Friendship Day, and in honor of the holiday I thought I'd share the moment when Daria and Jane first met. Sorry, Quinn and Sandi, but you'll have to wait for Frenemies Day.

This is also International Forgiveness Day, which is also appropriate to Daria and Jane because Jane eventually forgave Daria for the events that took place in "Dye! Dye! My Darling," which was mentioned in the previous blog post. I'm not sure I would have been so gracious in Jane's place, though. Seriously, very bad puns. Blech.

Finally, it was on this day in 1999 that the episode "The Lawndale File" first aired. Three words. Alien. Love. Goddesses.

Fandom News!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Hair-Raising Episode

It's a day that will live in fandom infamy. The episode "Dye! Dye! My Darling" first aired on this day in 2000, and you could probably hear the cries of shock and outrage all over the world. And really, can you blame us for that reaction? I mean, those hair puns were awful. Oh, and there was something about a kiss or whatever, too.

Fanfic Update!
  • Attack of the Show! 2 Shows, One.......uh..........whatever (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by PrecambrianStudios (COMPLETE!): "'Good morning, everyone,' Daria said as she gave her trademark smile (which was painstakingly faked) to the camera. 'Me and Jane have the pleasure of welcoming to the show the head of Butt, Montana-based "The Late Show with Butt-Head." And here he is......Butt-Head!'"

  • Darius Taylor, by Shiva (part 14): "Ashley Amber had enjoyed watching her step children and Tom let loose at the shooting range, granted the first few times Steve had taken her had been a little scary, but she had gotten used to it."

  • Dylan, by J-D (part 24a): "Coach Norris had gym class practising something called 'ball skills'. He insisted it was part of the curriculum, but he didn't explain why the balls they were practising these skills on—throwing and catching—were footballs."

  • Fallout Takedown (IC: Todd and Jane Ianuzzi -Takedown), by Vukodlak (COMPLETE!): "So the couple whose love for one another was surpassed for the utter disregard for the lives of most everyone else fled into hiding with their adoptive children. Or that had been a plan; they were speeding down the Highway heading for Canada. When there was a bright flash and they found themselves in quite a different world."

  • FOG (Scenes that should be: Polite Requests), by peetz5050 (COMPLETE!): "'... and now I'd like to call on Mr. Angier Sloane to say a few words.'"

  • Glenngary Glen Eichler (Scenes that should be: Polite Requests), by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "'The good new is you're fired. The bad news is you've got, all you've got, just one week to regain your jobs, starting with tonight....'"

  • A Grave Task (iC: Good Questions. Silly Snarky Answers), by Dennis (COMPLETE!): "The headstone of the overgrown grave had long since worn down. Only the word 'Johanssen' was visible to the black-clad men who sank their shovels into the turf."

  • The Great Genderswap of Lawndale!, by Shiva (part 10): "Darius didn't feel completely like crap the next morning as he and Quinn both ate a disturbing large breakfast of frozen waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, orange juice, and some leftover fruit."

  • Kelly Thompson: Party Time Sibling Style, by LadieTAG (part 2): "'Kelly Thompson - is she related to Kevin Thompson?' her mom asked. 'She's his twin sister,' Daria replied. A rare smile came over Helen's face at that news. 'It's about time you started working on your social skills.'"

  • My Dad the Director XXX (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by macross (parts 1 and 2): "'Okay Morgendorffer spill it. I've heard you mention once or twice that the reasons you parent are always flying off to California is because their involved in 'the business' but you've never actually explained what business that is, or what they do in it. So spill already.'" (Part 2)

  • A New Direction (Iron Chef: My Dad, the director), by peetz5050 (part 2): "Jane got up at her regular time - 12.30 - and went for a run. After a shower and a bite she set up a new canvas on her easel and stared at it for a while. And another while. And then for a while longer. The she gave in and fired up her laptop and Googled Daria Morgendorffer."

  • Something (Slightly) Wicked Ch2, by macross (part 7): "A few minutes later Monique and Penny arrived at the bar for a few celebratory beers when the Morgendorffers approached them. 'You guys were amazing,' said Helen. Monique smiled, 'thanks, we try.' Jake turned to the girls and asked, 'If you don't mind me asking, are you signed?'"

  • Tom Sloane, Lax Bro, by Shiva (part 15): "'This is a surprise,' Jane said with an amused grin as she stood in the doorway of the Lane's kitchen, 'You're awake. So what's the occasion?'"

  • Two Lonely Souls (Scenes that should be: Polite Requests), by Shiva (part 1): "Another night in which Jodie had bailed on him, another night in which Kevin had called, getting his blood pressure up by calling him 'Mack Daddy' over and over again."

  • Unnamed story (iC: Good Questions. Silly Snarky Answers), by JPAGC (COMPLETE!): "Amy carefully looked left and right as she exited the car, keeping her head down as much as possible. The sunglasses, fedora hat and raincoat with the lapels up should cover as much as her face was possible, but she really worried about being recognized."

  • Unnamed story (iC: Good Questions. Silly Snarky Answers), by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): "Daria and Jane stood in the backyard, looking at the large cardboard box on the ground. 'Well, you spoke the truth,' observed Jane. 'It's a box, all right.'"

  • Unnamed story (IC: Tom Sloane, Lax Bro TAKEDOWN!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Kay Sloane looked at the infant in the cradle with growing horror and dread."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'Sorry Danny,' Stacy sneered at the bound and gagged figure of Danielle 'Danny' Todds on the table in an icky abandoned building on Dega Street, 'But I've had first dibs on Quinn for too long to let some Johnny-come-lately Mary Sue bitch like you steal her from me!!!'" (continued by DIsaac)

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Silver (COMPLETE!): "It was an ice cream shop."

  • Untitled Random Story #4 (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Why, oh God WHY?!), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'I'm sooooo hiiigggghhhh!' Daria droaned and groaned as she moaned and sloaned all over Tom Sloane."

  • Victor Morgendorffer, by Shiva (part 19): "In a dorm room with some decent knickknacks, but the otherwise bland generic look of all dorm rooms, Victor found himself the only male in a room full of some pretty good looking girls. He was enjoying every moment of it."