Wednesday, June 29, 2022

There's More Than One Way to Get Liberated!

Helen and Willow are going all-in for International Mud Day, but I hope they're ready for the soon-to-come International Laundry Day. It's gonna be an all-day event, judging by those stains.

Today is also the anniversary of the episode "Gifted," which aired on this day in 1998. Daria finally got to hang out with students who were as smart as she is, and she hated every minute of it. I guess Kevin and Brittany aren't so bad, after all?

Fanfic Update!
  • Daria's Brother (Scenes no Daria fanfic should have), by shiva (part 1): "'Say kids,' Jake Morgendorffer said as he drove his new Lexus down the streets of Lawndale, 'I just want you to know that your mother and I understand that it's not easy moving to a new town.'"

  • Doctor Who - Changes in Time and Space, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 5): "Felicia Lovell awoke, on the floor of a TARDIS corridor. It looked much the same, but she knew that it was an even earlier version of the TARDIS."

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (part 29): "The vast forest looked all calm and eerie under a clear twilight sky, there was almost no wind as the afternoon slowly transformed into yet another chilly night, everything was quiet and the silence was broken only by the whispers of a waterfall somewhere nearby."

  • Is It Adulthood Already?, by LadySparrow (part 4): "Now that Susan, the nighttime meteorologist, was back at the station, Ted finally had enough free time to begin to work on repairing and retooling what would soon be Daria’s new bookshelf."

  • One-Point Perspective (Iron Chef: Brittany's Got Artistic Talent), by Meester_Lee (part 1): "Daria completed her drawing and decided to take a breather."

  • Poison Pencil (Iron Chef: Brittany's Got Artistic Talent), by Meester_Lee (part 1): "Trent had just told Daria and Jane about his plan to see how models react to musicians when Brittany walked up the aisle, took a seat next to Daria, then started crying."

  • Sexual Miseducation, by wilddogjj (COMPLETE!): "Rev. Li was giving a sex ed lecture. To call it misinformation would be an understatement." (Part 3)

Monday, June 27, 2022

Check Out the Shades!

Jane and Trent are looking either super cool or super low-vision for Sun Glasses Day, because it can't be easy to see anything while wearing those in the evening. I suppose they probably would rather not see anyone at the family reunion, though.

If things really get bad, Trent could always get out his old tent and celebrate Great American Backyard Campout. Jane could even bring him some sandwiches for old time's sake!

Fandom News!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Boxing Catfish

Mack looks so proud of himself for National Catfish Day that I just don't have the heart to break it to him that I don't think that's really a catfish. Maybe the fish lied to Mack that it was a catfish when it wasn't, thus making Mack the first-ever victim of catfishing by a catfish?

Today is also the anniversary of the episode "Boxing Daria," which aired on this day in 2001. So much insight into Daria's childhood and what made her the way she was, but also a funny episode at the same time. A great episode to end the show with!

Fanfic Update!
  • American Boy, by Lady Evil (part 4): "'First thing to learn about golf, Becky,' Jake said as they drove to the first hole. 'Is that it’s all about your stance. Get into a good posture, bend those hips just right. I’ll show you how it’s done once we get there.'"

  • Daria Ravenclaw: The Legend of Sporting Joe, by Meester_Lee (parts 4 and 5): "Julia hung up after talking to Daria. She frowned." (Part 5)

  • I’m in love with you and I can’t anymore act like I’m not, please be my girlfriend, Jane Lane, by letmeloveyoulikeawoman (COMPLETE!): "after summer of moving from Lawndale and flirting with best friend Daria is here, in her room in dorm."

  • Is It Adulthood Already?, by LadySparrow (part 3): "The next morning, Daria got out of bed and headed downstairs for her morning coffee (her morning schedule being much earlier than it had been before she was hired at the station), when there was a knock on the door."

  • Return of the Runaway (IC Runaway Daria), by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 5): "Lillian followed Quinn away from the house into the streets of Lawndale. She hoped Quinn knew where she was going, otherwise they'd both be lost until sunrise."

  • Sexual Miseducation, by wilddogjj (part 1): "Daria and Quinn were in the kitchen catching up. Daria was explaining the reason for the surprise visit."

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Water, Water, Like, Everywhere

I think Sandi took National Hydration Day a little too far, but then again Sandi was never one for half-measures. Sandi, the water is supposed to go on the inside of you!

Today is also Public Service Day, so get out there and show some Awareness of Others! Don't bother collecting belly chains and go-go boots for the unfortunate, though. That job is already taken.

Fandom News!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

L8er, Sk8ers!

Apparently Daria's secretly into skateboarding, or perhaps she's just following directions from Go Skateboarding Day. Given that she doesn't tend to be a follower, the secret sk8er theory is more likely. Oh, the fanfic potential!

Today is also National Cookie Dough Day, so go join Helen and Rita in the kitchen for some sisterly bonding over cookie baking! Yes, the chocolate chips are already in the dough.

Fanfic Update!
  • American Boy, by ladyevil (part 3): "At the wedding, Helen got a little drunk and decided to tell off Rita."

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (part 28): "That day the happy and peaceful inhabitants of Layndale woke up and started their activities as usual, all of them ready to continue with their lives while dark, secret and extremely dangerous things took place at a cold and lonely castle just a few miles from their homes."

  • Scary Christmas, by wilddogjj (COMPLETE!): "Jim's father, Tony, is paying an unexpected visit. Worse, the only other person who's home at the moment is his mother's new boyfriend, Marco."

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Thumb's Up to Dads Everywhere!

Jake's just living his best life alongside his best girl for Father's Day, with no annoying children in sight to mess with his good mood. Just as long as he doesn't think about his father, which would be an immediate mood-killer.

Today is also National Kissing Day, so Helen should lay one on Jake right now. Or she should race up to Daria's room to make sure Tom isn't up there.

Fandom News!

Friday, June 17, 2022

Road Trip to the Dump?

I'm not sure why, specifically, Sandi is upset about Global Garbage Man Day. Either it's because she's not a garbage man, she's a garbage fashionista, or because of her close proximity to, well, garbage.

Today is also Take a Road Trip Day, so pack some friends into the van and try to go to Alternapalooza. Emphasis on "try."

Fanfic Update!
  • And If You Don’t Rate, Overcompensate (IC: Sick, Sad World the show), by SPEEDCOREIDOLATER (COMPLETE!): "'You have the shot? Sweet. We’re moving in.'"

  • Daria in the Background, by cfardellbrenorenz29 (part 8): "'Is Mr. Thoreau really turning his back on the world by moving to Walden Pond, or is he, by his example, trying desperately to save the world after all?' He looked at one of his students. 'Normandy?'"

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (part 27): "After a very cold night, it was yet another bright day at the beautiful city of Layndale."

  • Scary Christmas, by wilddogjj (parts 1 and 2): "Jim was on a step ladder stringing Christmas lights over the front door. This plus the thin layer of snow on the ground lets us know that it's December." (Part 2)

  • Stupid Love, by wilddogjj (COMPLETE!): "Sixteen-year-old Angie Thompson was making out in the driveway with Chris Carbone, her forty-two-year-old boyfriend."

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Doesn't He Have a Heart Condition?

Mr. DeMartino is immediately regretting his decision to re-create Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment, which happened on this day in 1752. If he's having second thoughts now, just wait until science teacher Ms. Barch finds out he's encroaching on her territory.

Speaking of dangerous weather phenomena, today is also Global Wind Day, although maybe the holiday refers to Jane and Trent's older brother. I'd rather have the one that could hypothetically blow Lawndale away.

Fandom News!

Monday, June 13, 2022

Get You a Man That Can Cook AND Sew!

Jake's got National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day covered, although I'd say he's less of a klutz and more of an all-around disaster. You'll know dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off.

Today is also Sewing Machine Day, which Mr. DeMartino will celebrate by hemming a pair of pants...assuming he's saved up enough for a second pair.

Fanfic Update!
  • American Boy, by ladyevil (part 2): "Daria was in her happy place. It wasn’t an imaginary landscape this time. It was The Zon, last New Year’s Eve."

  • Blond Bimbos! (Random Pairing Challenge 2020), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "As the music pumped through the speakers, the lights flashed, the drinks flowed, the crowd of beautiful people in expensive clothes danced on the dance floor."

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (part 26): "Larry Cappstein had always thought about fire as a deeply beautiful and fascinating creature."

  • Is It Adulthood Already?, by LadySparrow (part 2): "Helen had insisted that Daria wait until after the New Year to job-hunt so that all of the holiday fuss would be out of the way, much to Daria’s annoyance."

  • A Lane's Return to Lawndale (Random Pairing Challenge 2020), by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 2): "Timothy O’Neill wasn’t sure why he had come out to the cafĂ©. He still a lot of work to do planning the next few days of classes."

  • Stupid Love, by wilddogjj (parts 1 and 2): "There was a banner in front of the school that read 'Lawndale High Homecoming Dance'. Inside, the kids were all dancing to the latest hit by one of the biggest contemporary pop stars." (Part 2)

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Giddy-up, Helen!

Hey all you horse-racing fans! Today's the day of the Belmont Stakes, and Helen and Jake look like they're in it to win it. At least, I hope that's what they're doing. If not, please don't tell me.

Speaking of competition, today is also the anniversary of the episode "Prize Fighters," which aired on this day in 2001. Not only did Daria, Jodie, and Upchuck have to compete for a scholarship, but Lawndale High held a hot dog eating contest. Will the conflicts never cease?

Fandom News!

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Ew, La La!

Mr. DeMartino is clearly interested in National Sex Day, although I don't think anyone else is going to take him up on the offer. If you want to have some real fun, ask Daria about her black high heels.

Today is also the anniversary of the episode "Pinch Sitter," which aired on this day in 1997. No sex in that episode, thank goodness, but we did learn a lot about deprogramming brainwashed children.

Fanfic Update!
  • American Boy, by Lady Evil (part 1): "'Ouch!' Daria yelped as the saleslady stuck her with a pin. 'Hold still.' The saleslady scolded. 'I'm having a hard enough time with your body as it is.'"

  • Call Of The Mild, by wilddogjj (COMPLETE!): "Quinn, Jim, Tommy and Teddy are seated in the audience. Timmy is notably absent. Quinn has a proud smile on her face."

  • Hell-o-ween, by wilddogjj (COMPLETE!): "The trees are now a wonderful collage of red, brown, orange and yellow which, combined with all of the Halloween decorations, let's us know it's fall. In the garage of Casa Carbone Kevin was lying dead on the floor while Jim draws a chalk line around him." (Part 2)

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (parts 24 and 25): "Anna's house looked sad and almost lifeless that night from outside with just a few windows glowing softly here and there, the great hemlock tree swayed a little as a cold wind whispered through Layndale and everything was quite silent and peaceful that night." (Part 25)

  • The Snake, the Crossover and the Dog, by Blake C Stacey (COMPLETE!): "'It's hard to imagine how Daria, of all people, could have gotten into trouble,' said Ramses Emerson as he stepped from the carriage into the remnants of a London fog."

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Pink Dandies?

Helen's got her Pink Lady on in honor of the premiere of "Grease" on Broadway in 1972. Or maybe she's celebrating the extra quart of grease Pizza Prince added to their recipe.

Today is also the anniversary of Beau Brummell's birth in 1778. As an early fashion icon, Brummell is probably the patron saint of the Fashion Club. However, I don't think cravats are coming back anytime soon.

Fandom News!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Who's the Airhead Now, Kevvy?

Kevin's always had a swelled head, but it's even worse for Hot Air Balloon Day! If you take part in this one, do not go with Terry Barry Barlow. Arno's okay, though, as long as you don't get him started on the teeth.

Economics teacher Mrs. Bennett will be glad to know that today is also the anniversary of the births of both Adam Smith in 1723 and John Maynard Keynes in 1883. Or maybe she won't. It's hard to know what school of economics she prefers, because her diagrams are completely insane.

Fanfic Update!
  • American Girl, by ladyevil (part 6): "At the end of the school day, Daria stood outside the library with Jane and Alfred."

  • Chrissy Had a Boo-Boo, by Meester_Lee (COMPLETE!): "Wanda Wendt was pissed off. She was so pissed off that she’d backed him against a wall in an alley off Degas Street and for the first time Chris Griffin wondered if he might have gone too far."

  • Feast of Fools, by WildDogJJ (COMPLETE!): "The house is a fairly decent white sided two story. Inside was Nicole. An exuberant Jamie entered the room. 'Nicole,' he said, 'Do you know what day it is?'"

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (part 23): "Shadow laughed as Avalon told her something about the crows and ravens that just kept storming the corn plants in his garden, then she tossed a few coins into a basket for a young lady that played her guitar in a corner, they walked the pedestrian street between a cafe and a wine shop and it was then when they saw her at last."

  • Is It Adulthood Already?, by LadySparrow (part 1): "Daria climbed into the driver’s seat of the rented U-haul after double-checking that the sliding door in the back was securely in place."

  • Semiversary, by Erin M. (part 1): "The late February sun rose over Caladan Cemetery, the rays slowly rolling over the grounds and various plaques and monuments that marked the final resting places of many former residents of Lawndale. Except one."

  • Shadows of a Sick Sad World, by Hawkeye01 (part 5): "'So, I’ve been thinking,' Brittany said as she and the others stopped for lunch. 'Thought I smelled smoke,' Jane replied."

Friday, June 3, 2022

Mmmm...Repetitive Doughnuts....

It's National Doughnut Day, so all you twisted little crullers out there should get yourselves a treat. Unless you're not into baked breakfast sweetbreads, in which case you should steer in circles in your car at a fast speed. It still counts!

Today is also Repeat Day, and Jake would like to remind everyone that "Jake Morgendorffer doesn't repeat himself! Doesn't repeat himself!"

Fandom News!

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Nice Legs, Though!

Jeffy's really, really enjoying Wear a Dress Day, so much so that I think we should give him some privacy. Thinking about it, I think Tiffany is about the only character on the show to regularly wear a dress--the rest either wore pants or skirts. So for once Tiffany's the one whose on the ball? Crazy.

Today is also National Heimlich Maneuver Day, and we already know Daria can perform this. Even if the person in question isn't choking.

Fanfic Update!
  • American Girl, by ladyevil (part 5): "Dr. Becky scheduled a meeting with Ms. Li at eight thirty. It was best to have this handled early. She entered her office."

  • Daria's New Scientific Career (Scenes no Daria fanfic Should Have: How did We survive?), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'So now that Daria's an important scientist, what exactly is it that she's doing?' Jane asked her husband Tom."

  • The Daria Witch Project, by vixens (part 1): "Adjusting to a new time zone was hard for everyone in the household, but especially for Daria. Something was keeping her awake, even when she was exhausted."

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (part 22): "The cold wind smelled of forest, candies and bread, the people chatted casually as they walked around carrying colorful paper bags, there was a light post nearby glowing with a soft orange light and a musician lady played a sweet, beautiful composition somewhere in the distance."

  • Opening up, by UnderTheFire (part 1): "Daria had spent her summer with Jane, her best friend, and her soon to be partner."