Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Cornholio wants fries with that!"

Twenty years ago today, McDonald's added the Soviet Union to its long list of once-proud nations now enslaved to capitalism and yukky fast food. The first McDonald's was opened in Moscow and was an immediate success. The United States, which long ago fell beneath the breaded heel of that running-dog hegemonic corporate behemoth, could only shake its head and say, "You taste of bun."

And 49 years ago to the day, the first hominid reached outer space: Ham the Chimp, courtesy of NASA and a Mercury-Redstone vehicle. Ham beat every other human into the Great Beyond. After his flight, Ham became a Hollywood screenwriter and eventually came up with the idea for Sick, Sad World. He served as its most gifted program manager. A heavy smoker, Ham died of lung cancer in 1999, allegedly while working on a musical stage adaptation of Robot Monster. He is seen at left.

Three good Iron Chefs showed up. In no particular order, here they are. Read and write!

And now for the fanfics of the last week.

  • All Nighter, by Dark Kuno (COMPLETE!): “Another all-night jam session with the Spiral?” “Not unless there’s something Trent and guys haven’t told me,” stated Jane through a yawn. “No, Trent has apparently got a new girlfriend and she’s very... vocal.” “More info that I needed,” commented Daria with a blush.
  • A Cat by Another Name, by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): Jane was not propared to see Tom clenched in a tight liplock with a woman. When the couple broke apart, Jane sighed and said, "I guess you're the lady or the tiger."
  • A Dangerous Liaison, by Ticknart (COMPLETE!): As he walked up the path, light on his feet, Charles remembered the thrill that shot up his spine the moment she pinged his profile. Their compatibility percentage, off the charts. Their desires for the sweet things in life, insatiable. Their passion for each other, unequaled. Together, they were as one.
  • Daria: Hunter 5: Strictly Business, by Jim North (continued): Charles had long been a source of reliable information coupled with discretion. On several occasions his loyalty to Daria and Jane had been tested and come out the other end intact. The women knew, however, that this was only because Charles wanted to get in their pants worse than anything else in the world.
  • Daria Is Raven's Apprentice, by Project Pegasus (continued): "Let’s go before they all start fighting over who gets to lick their own butt clean," said Daria.
  • Do I Have to Paint You a Picture? by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!): Kevin slapped a hand to his forehead. "Of course!" he cried. "It's so simple! You stole all of those famous paintings, but you stole them several times each so you could sell more than one!" Gun still pointed at the agents, Defoe frowned at him. "What part of 'counterfeiting' didn't you get?" she asked. (Daria/Get Smart) (
  • The Dream of the White Darkness, by jtranser (continued): "So, this means war, right?" "Yes. And the first rule of war is: know your enemy."
  • Falling into College 72: Valley of Love and Delight, by RLobinske (Part 5): Sitting among the other graduating students as the keynote speaker addressed them, Daria whispered to Karen, "Doesn't that man look like Dick Cheney with a beard?" "You know, I think you're right," Karen whispered back. "What did he just say?" "I think it was, 'One angst to rule them all.'" "What does that mean?" "You've got me. Maybe he's trying to sell Angst Rings or something."
  • Finn Morgendorffer 29: Burn Out, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): “No!” Jane interrupted. “It’s just... well... Tom and I... things are weird. And I’m... I’m kinda wondering if he and Daria... well...” “Daria! With Tom!” Finn started to laugh uncontrollably.
  • EVEN MORE NEWEREST! Finn Morgendorffer 30: Parental Discretion Advised, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 1): "I mean, seriously, what self-respecting mother wants to wear some ridiculous dress and parade herself like a hunk of meat on a runway.” “Helen? Are you planning on suing them?” (Part 2!)
  • General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (continued): My only source so far saying that Jane's mother is the President is Jane herself. Is she a reliable source for this class of information? That story was a perfect explanation for Li's behaviour at the hotel; did that mean that it had to be true? Daria decided that Jane's identity as the President's daughter was a reasonably likely working hypothesis. It had to be something like that, anyway. (Daria/World of Null-A)
  • Jungle Fever, by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!): As he drifted towards consciousness, he shifted slightly in his sleep and felt the warm figure curled up beside him. Gradually, he began to recall the previous night.
  • NEW! A Reaper in the Wind, by RLobinske (Parts 6 and 7): "I know we sound crazy," Daria said. "But we're trained field agents and we have experience at this kind of thing. More than anyone else alive." (Daria/NCIS)
  • Regifted 2: I Put Away Joyless Things, by Ajar (Part 3): “So, when a strong acid is dissolved in water,” Ms. Barch lectured. “It kicks its hydrogen atom to the curb and keeps its electron leaving it nothing but a proton, cold and alone, with all of its energy taken from it. Remind you of anything, Mack?”
  • Sisters, by Roentgen (continued): Linda stood up. "Everyone here is to leave the room. Sandi, tomorrow you will be vice-president again and your sister will be president again. I'm going to have words with Daria, private words. You'll see Daria again when I'm done with her."
  • NEW! A Ticket to Ride, by Doggieboy (Parts 1 and 2): Ted Dewitt-Clinton was glad that he had left Lawndale. That scandal had been all anyone wanted to talk about. A local businesswoman had been disgraced after nude photos of her turned up online. (Part 2!)
  • Touching Ground, by Silver (continued): "All right, you lot," Trent began, pacing in front of his crew. "I'm well aware some of you are less than pleased with the way this trip has gone."
  • Tracksuits, by Malakite (continued): "So, you want sanctuary?" Sandi gave a barely perceptible nod as she replied, "What do I have to do?"
  • Trapped, by Jim North (continued): "No no no!" Jane was yelling as she kicked the door. "Exit from the school, not the room!" She covered her face in her hands and screamed for several seconds, then took in a deep breath, put her arms back down by her sides, and spun around. "So," she said calmly, "anyone else have any ideas?"
  • NEW! Uh-Oh, Slash Comes to Town, by Ajar (* COMPLETE! *): “Where are you going where you need this stuff, anyway?" asked Quinn. "You're not wearing this in one of your escapades like yesterday, are you?” “I told you,” Daria said forcefully. “Nothing happened.” “Sure. But I don't want any of my clothes involved in one of your escapades.” (SFMB)
  • NEWEREST!!! Unnamed story (Boob-fight erm...I meant discussion), by Jim North (COMPLETE!): " then Tom said I was just being silly about the whole thing, and that's when I threw him o—hey, are you alright?"
  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: A Cougar Story), by Vlademir1 (COMPLETE!): Tad Gupty giggled shyly as Mrs. Patterson ran her hand gently through his hair....

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Time is running out to vote on the 2009 Daria Fanworks Awards. Deadline is 23:59 (11:59 PM) GMT, January 31, 2010.

Instructions for voting are here.

Let the creative minds in our fandom know that you appreciate their efforts.


Who was that masked man?

It was 77 years ago that The Lone Ranger made his first media appearance on a radio show of the same name. I used to watch the TV show during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Loved it, very exciting for a small kid. Mack is polishing his already saintly image by starring as the Lone Ranger here.

By Richard Lobinske's figuring, it was 10 years ago today that Angela Li called for a weekend meeting to discuss plans to sell Ultra-Cola in Lawndale High. You might want to watch "Fizz Ed" just for fun today.

Can you think of any other special awards (like the one Daria got) that Ms. Li could give out to students at Lawndale High for their graduation?

NEW! Got any ideas for a clip show revolving around Richard Lobinske's Falling into College series? Post your suggestions here.

ALSO NEW! Remember that thread about Things Students Still Are Not Allowed to Do at Lawndale High? It's baaaaaack!

Kara Wild has learned something you might want to know about the upcoming DVDaria. Stay tooned.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Daria Gets the Last Laugh

Can't believe this happened 15 years ago. God, am I old or what. Daria and her classmates have a good laugh at the expense of Beavis and Butt-head in "Wet Behind the Rears," after the Dud-namic Duo are forced to flee school in their underwear during a fire drill. How many times do you recall seeing Daria laugh? Not often. Recognize anyone else?

Oprah Winfrey, who was the President of Texas in this Daria fanfic, turns 56 today, bless her heart. And Tom Selleck, imitated by Daria in "Murder, She Snored" (also see images at this link) is 65.

Fanfic update coming this weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dancing the Night Away in His Memory

This is the 98th birthday anniversary of famed artist Jackson Pollock, in whose honor Jane Lane designed the student dance milieu in "Daria Dance Party." When asked what the decorations stood for, Jane replied, "Being young, carefree, having your whole life ahead of you and dancing the night away to celebrate. Oh, and the untimely death of Jackson Pollock." Mr. Pollock died August 11th, 1956, so it is doubtful that the party fell on his "death day" (to borrow a phrase from the Potter fandom).

However... Jane did not say aloud how Mr. Pollock died. How did Quinn know it was in a car crash? Well, there was a giant steering wheel hanging in the gym, so it must have been obvious.

Let's see, this is also Data Privacy Day, in memory of all the privacy we've lost through the Internet, and it's the 52nd anniversary of the patenting of LEGO blocks. Jake at left is clearly a LEGO fan. On top of all that, this is the 8th anniversary of a fanfiction couple's secret marriage. Guess who it was.

I see I am running behind on listing fanfiction again, so I will get to it as soon as possible.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser!

This day is the 178th birthday of Lewis Carroll, the pseudonym of a very odd gentleman who gave us Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Pinhead and UU have sent two excellent images, one of Stacy as Alice (with her flamingo-croquet mallet), and one of Kevin as the Mad Hatter. Carroll's works have had some impact on Daria fanfiction.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was also born this day, 254 years ago, and he gets mentioned in a number of Daria fanfics. Today is also said to be National Chocolate Cake Day, and it is the birthday of a fanfiction character. Can you guess who it is?

Wraith says Sick, Sad World is back in business (thank heavens!) and he has some advice for webmasters on preventing it from happening to them. Go and read.

And VOTE! Less than a week to go before the Booties are announced!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

G'day, Oz!

Jesse, still shirtless, poses as Crocodile Dundee in honor of Australia Day. Cheers to all Daria fans in Oz! A reflection on Australia Day is offered on PPMB by Deref, a long-time fan.

This is also the birthday anniversary of celebrated SF writer Philip Jose Farmer, who created the Wold-Newton family of which Jane Lane is a part, as least in my opinion. (The last link explains all.)

WARNING: Superfan and webmaster Wraith reports that the Daria fandom site Sick Sad World has been hacked. He is repairing the damage, and we will report when the site is back up.

A PPMB art thread that began with an innocent request for images of Amy Barksdale has turned into a month-long discussion / argument over assumed breast sizes among various Daria inhabitants. If this issue is relevant to your interests, you know what to do.

Ranger Thorne, long live his name, has started an amusing thread about student superlatives (most likely to succeed, etc.). Please visit and contribute!

Moar when I figure out what to post.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not That Tatiana

World-famous Daria screenwriter W. Somerset Maugham was born 136 years ago today. "W" (as his most intimate friends called him) is best remembered today for his script for "Of Human Bonding." Kudos to you, W.

Today's other famous literary-related events vaguely related to Daria in some obscure or ridiculous manner include:
  • Virginia Woolf's 128th birthday ("A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction").
  • Tatiana Day, a.k.a. Russian Students Day, celebrating student life. St. Tatiana, no relation to the girl in "Camp Fear," is the Russian Orthodox patron saint of students, so of course this holiday is highly relevant.
  • Robert Burns Day, celebrated by people of the Scottish persuasion who like both the works of Robert Burns and (eww!) haggis, which somehow go together. It is remotely possible that the Daria character Robert was named for him, but I doubt it.
  • The 120th anniversary of Nellie Bly's wild circumnavigation of the globe, done in less time than Jules Verne's characters in Around the World in Eighty Days. Nellie Bly (not her real name, but it will do) was a city reporter, foreign correspondent, war correspondent, author, industrialist, inventor (she invented those 55-gallon steel drums that everyone on the planet uses, srsly, this is not a joke), humanitarian, civil rights supporter, and defender of women, children, orphans, the poor, the insane, and everyone being stepped on at the time. She became Lois Lane's idol, too. Yes, that Lois Lane, who of course is one of Jane Lane's relatives. Could Nellie Bly have been an inspiration to Daria, who wanted to be an "inquiring reporter" in Highland? Or was Brenda Starr more to Daria's liking? What was the original topic? Oh, right, Nellie Bly. She was hawt.
Want to get political with Our Heroine? Check out this bumper sticker.

You may go about your regularly scheduled Internet business. That is all.
  • NEW! Daria: Hunter 5—Strictly Business, by Jim North (continued): "Dammit!" Jane suddenly swore. "I'm the sidekick again, aren't I? Why am I always the sidekick?" she asked Daria, who simply shrugged in return.
  • Daria Is Raven's Apprentice, by Project Pegasus (continued): "All right. So how do we open the Mouth of Hell?" "All we have to do is push this dumpster aside and..." "Wait, please don’t tell me we’re..." "That’s right. The Mouth of Hell is located behind the dumpster of the Good Time Chinese Restaurant."
  • NEW! Do I Have to Paint You a Picture? by Kristen Bealer (Part 2): "Kevin!" 99 cried, catching him as he dropped to the ground. "I'm hit," he gasped. "KAOS finally got me." (Daria/Get Smart)
  • NEW! Falling into College 72: Valley of Love and Delight, by RLobinske (Part 4): Others from the party that had stayed overnight were scattered around the apartment on chairs, sleeping bags or, in the case of Karen and Derek, on an inflatable mattress. Michael stood and wove between the bodies on his way to the bathroom. He felt like King Harry walking through the aftermath of Agincourt.
  • Finn Morgendorffer 29: Burn Out, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 1): Finn pushed himself out of bed, only for his mother to burst into the door, still wearing her pajamas. “Finn! The house is on fire!”
  • NEWEST! Trapped, by Jim North (continued): Ms. DeFoe's art classroom was exactly as Daria remembered it, save for the darkness and the swirling mass of filthy, debris-choked water passing over the room's skylights. Daria shone her light into it but quickly turned away a second later, stomach churning at the sight of what was floating by the windows.
  • Unnamed story (Finn Morgendorffer: Chapter 28 - About My Mother), by NightGoblyn (COMPLETE!): "Finn, can I ask you something?" The redhead glanced up at the tone of his older brother's voice. Darius always sounded flat and depressed, but his voice usually wasn't so... hopeless. "Ask away, Brainiac." "If you... have you ever kissed one of your friends' girlfriends?"

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today is an extra-special day in the field of nuclear boo-boos. Just 49 years ago, that wacky US Air Force went and bombed North Carolina by mistake with two hydrogen bombs, most of the pieces of which the Air Force later found. (The bombs, not North Carolina, of which there would have been no pieces left had the bombs gone off.) Ha, ha! I love those guys!

And then, 32 years ago, those wild and crazy Russians bombed Canada with a radioactive satellite. Is this a great planet or what? I'm tellin' ya! Just image how life could have been different for Daria and Quinn with such hijinks. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. If only....

On the serious side of the news, today is National Peanut Butter Day, and I expect everyone to show some consideration and respect that. After all, peanut butter played an important role in at least three Daria episodes: "Road Worrier," "It Happened One Nut," and "One J at a Time." Consider this: Jake would never have conquered the Squirrel Menace without it!

Also, this is the anniversary of a special space-related event (without nukes, alas) detailed in this column last year with the help of Beavis and Butt-head.

Quiverwing has improved her Mr. and Mrs. Sloane portrait, and it is teh awesome.

NEW! "Carrie-97" (or, "Daria's Bad Hair Day") by Pinhead. Perfect crossover.

  • Richard Lobinske has started the official 2010 Daria FanArt Listing! Hooray!
  • This blog has 22 followers! Yay! And we've gone over 1,500 posts! Whee!!!
  • Apocalyptic Daria: Scarlett's Tale, by Doggieboy (preview): "You'll have to loosen your pants, and be prepared to have the probe go inside your clothing." "Why?" Roger asked. "If you are severely contaminated, then it will show up in your perspiration and around your buttocks."
  • Finn Morgendorffer 28: About My Mother, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): “I spend all my time trying to please that amp-addicted bipolar slave driver and for what?” Helen moaned. “To get the partnership?” Daria posed innocently.
  • NEW! Sisters, by Roentgen (continued): The minute Daria left Mr. DeMartino's class, Stacy was right by Daria's side again. She's like one of these suckerfish. I can't get rid of her. "Hey Daria! How was Mr. DeMartino today?"
  • NEW! Tracksuits, by Malakite (continued): "What do you want?" the man demanded with a scowl in a terse and unfriendly voice as he quickly looked Sandi up and down. It took her a second to recover from the shock of being so easily surprised before she replied in a small, almost breathless voice: "Sanctuary."
  • Trapped, by Jim North (continued): Daria felt a maniac giggle start to rise in her throat. Smashing it down hard, she fought once again for control. Nothing was going to be helped by going to pieces. Shaggy had done enough of that for all of them, Burnout was a role model for inner strength despite her earlier slip, and Jane looked like she would start freaking if Daria freaked.
  • NEW! Unnamed story (Scenes That Should Be: Breakfast of Zombie Champions), by Doggieboy (COMPLETE!): Mary Elwood looked at Bruiser as the superhero sat across the table from her, and realized just how...normal their being together felt. He had listened to her story calmly, didn't interrupt her, and asked sensible questions, while avoiding the ones that could be considered salacious.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Take two of these and call me in the morning."

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell graduated first in her medical school class 151 years ago today from Geneva College, NY, becoming the first woman to earn a medical degree in the United States. This was a major civil rights victory at the time, though a lot of people weren't fond of it. Too bad for them. A fascinating eyewitness account of her graduation is found here. Because of Dr. Blackwell, Jake Morgendorffer gets treated by a female doctor in "Jake of Hearts," and Quinn toys with the idea of being a doctor as well. Jake's mother, channeling the "Good" Old Days, preferred that Quinn marry a doctor instead of be one.

That image of Brittany as a surgeon, though... [shivers]

Speaking of medical disasters, it's time for...

A long delayed fanfic update is almost here. My apologies for the wait. It will be done for this posting, so stay tuned.
  • Alone, by Girl-In-Colour (COMPLETE!): I am the girl who sits at the back, wearing the combat boots, the glasses, listening to obscure indie bands that no ones ever heard of, on my ipod.
  • Mona Lisa Smile, by Coonassblondie (COMPLETE!): As Jesse began to strum his own acoustic, Trent began his latest song in a voice hoarse and husky. “Mona Lisa, always smile for me..."
  • Daria: Hunter 5—Strictly Business, by Jim North (continued): The golden bolt of compressed energy passed close enough to Daria's face to singe her eyebrows and cause her skin to itch. If she hadn't closed her eyes a second beforehand, she would have been temporarily blinded as well as mildly discomfited. A high-pitched giggle echoed through the construction area as Daria pulled her head back behind cover.
  • NEW! Do I Have to Paint You a Picture? by Kristen Bealer (Part 1): "I'd like to introduce Agent 99." Kevin broke out of his trance and chuckled. "Aw, I wish I'd met you thirty agents ago," he said with a raised eyebrow. "'Cause then we—" (Daria/Get Smart)
  • The Dream of the White Darkness, by jtranser (continued): Soon Daria passed the abandoned air base and the meat packing plant, then the city folded up into a mirage in her rear view mirror. However, she was not alone.
  • Eva Awakened, by Dervish (COMPLETE!): “Hmph, lousy men,” said Ms. Barch, the current President of the National Organization for Women. “What did you do then?”
  • Finn Morgendorffer 28: About My Mother, by HolyGrail2007 (Parts 1 to 4): “A spa?” Finn remarked. “A free spa? Hey, might as well milk it for what it’s worth. Now what do they offer?” “It’s not a normal spa, Finn, it’s a retreat.” [Uh-oh.]
  • Folie à deux, by Charliefox2012 (Part 1): Daria heard as footsteps stopped in her doorway. She didn’t look up and started typing again. “You know, ignoring me isn’t going to make me go away?” said her younger sister’s slightly monotonous voice. “True, Evie, but you glaring at me, again, isn’t going to get you this room either.”
  • General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (continued): Daria came to a sign that flashed, tantalizingly, "ROOMS for the unprotected: $300 per night." She hesitated. She couldn't afford that price for the full thirty days of the games, but it might do for a for a few nights, till she got things under control. (Daria/Null-A)
  • The Heather/Damsel Chronicles: Yule Be Sorry, by NightGoblyn (COMPLETE!): Cherry walked over to the makeup mirror and started attacking her right eye. “You know, a little bit of this stuff wouldn't hurt you. It might spoil your image, but I think you'd look cute as a girl.” “I'll pass,” Heather said, sitting on the edge of the bed to watch. [High-impact angsty ending!]
  • In Silence Sarcastic, by Trscroggs (continued): Daria let her sister pace and curse for about a minute before putting her hand to her mouth and making a sharp whistle. Quinn turned sharply at the noise and watched as her sister signed something to her. "I don't give a good goddamn if my freaking Texan is showing!" Quinn yelled. "Can't you see I'm ****ing pissed?"
  • Kamen Rider D, by Silver (Part 1): Daria sat in her room, turning over and over a package she didn’t remember sending off for. Finally she sighed. “May as well see what I’m being sent this time.” Her hands tore at paper and cardboard, finally coming up with the box’s contents. “The world’s ugliest belt buckle."
  • One J at a Time—The Facebook Edition, by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!): Daria Morgendorffer is attending the event Anything Except Dinner at the Morgendorffer House.
  • A Reaper in the Wind, by RLobinske (continued): "I don't know what it is, but something about Agent Sloane makes me want to slap him."
  • Second Life, by Legendeld (continued): "I think he's about to try walking," Helen said smiling now. "He's such a quick learner." Jake's pride at his grandson always showed on his face.
  • Sisters, by Roentgen (continued): "Stacy," said Daria, "if I asked you to jump off a building, would you do it?" "Sure!" said Stacy. "When are we jumping?"
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: A Very Bad Idea, by Doggieboy (COMPLETE!): Bruiser rushed into the room, his features a blur. Then he stopped, grabbed his opponent’s outstretched arm and asked, “You’re not so tough against someone who can fight back, are you?”
  • Tracksuits, by Malakite (continued): Quinn already knew which agents were shirking, taking bribes, or willfully negligent of their duty. She had always made certain that the first time was the last time.
  • Trapped, by Jim North (continued): The giant spider leaped from its hiding place and landed on DeMartino's chest, then skittered up and over his face and head. From the way DeMartino was crying out and twitching, it seemed that the monstrous creature was continuously biting him as it went along.
  • Uh-Oh, Slash Comes to Town, by Ajar (continued): It's not like I'm that interested in Tom either. I mean, I like him but not enough to replace Jane. Besides, he's pretty boring. No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no nothing. Daria sighed. That's why I'm turning lesbian. I really think so. (SFMB)
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day), by LSauchelli (COMPLETE!): A giant white tiger jumped at Batgirl, who unexpectedly somersaulted the beast and snapped her fingers. "Get her, Ace!" (Daria/Batman)
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day), by SoCalledGoodeGuy (COMPLETE!): Tears ran down Stacy's face as she crouched in the bushes. A Sig-Sauer P226 rattled in her hands. At least she thought it was. (Daria/Battle Royale)
  • Unnamed story (Scenes That Should Be: Breakfast of Zombie Champions), by Silver (COMPLETE!): Mack just stood staring at the oncoming undead monstrosity. "It can't be. Oh, no, no, no, no—" He cut off as the thing that had been Kevin slammed into him and started mashing him into the ground to get at his head.
There, that should do it for a while. I love this fandom!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Savage Sword of Upchuck

One of the greatest fantasy writers ever was born this day 104 years ago: Robert E. Howard, who created the immortal Upchuck the Barbarian! (at left). Way to go, Bob-man! This giant-size alter ego (click on it) was available only on the Daria's Inferno CD-Rom game. We all know what Charles thinks of it.

The most famous television commercial in the history of the entire cosmos was aired this day 26 years ago. I actually saw it during the Super Bowl. I was in shock for hours. Check it out.

Two years ago this day, the awesome Slobbergoat created the Daria version of a popular Internet meme. See what you think of it.

Moar when I figure out what to post. How are you doing?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

...and then they went to Kitty Heaven

Eight years ago today, the last Daria movie was aired. Is It College Yet? drew appreciative reviews and a last interview. It's funny now to think that my time in this fandom did not begin until three months after the show went off the air. Weird.

In that last interview, Daria is asked, "Once you're in college, do you think that you'll find the happiness that has eluded you for, really, all your life?" She frowns and replies, "Why do people assume I'm unhappy just because I mope around all the time, saying snide things in a deadpan voice? I find that very judgmental. But in answer to your question: God, I hope so."

Today is also National Hug Day, about which Daria says this... and also this. 'Nuff said.

And finally this is the birthday anniversary of actor Telly Savalas, best known for his starring role in Kojak, a TV crime drama from the 1970s. I used to watch that, and it was pretty good. Kevin gives us his best imitation of Mr. Salavas as NYC police detective Kojak at left. Kinda surprised they did that as an alter ego, but Telly Savalas was a cool guy, too. (The big version of this image can be had by clicking on the little one.) Who loves ya, baby?

Thanks as always to UU and Pinhead for the marvelous images!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Is the Dawning of the Age of...

Are you an Aquarian? Today is your lucky day, as The Head pours out his zodiacal good fortune on your computer. This was one of several astrological alter egos done for Daria. (Thanks, Pinhead and UU!) Sadly, the horoscope series is incomplete.

We could consider this as The Head's Day if you want another fandom-related holiday. The Head was a very minor character who appeared in "Esteemsters" and never quite went away. In fact he appeared throughout the series all the way to the very last movie. Strange fellow, and stranger the connection implied between Daria, Beavis and Butt-head, and The Head. Are they all part of the same story universe?

Today is also the day when the Botany Bay colony (now Sydney) in Australia was completed 222 years ago with the arrival of the last ships. AND it is the day when the very first OzDariaCon was organized nine years ago by Tafka. Thank you!

What else happened in fandom history.... DVDaria became a blog five years ago today, and THANK YOU! to everyone who signed up there for helping us get our favorite show out to the masses! Also, the great Anne D. Bernstein gave her first interview with Kara Wild four years ago today and revealed Much That Was Not Known. Great interview!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Only This, and Nothing More

A small raft of alter-ego people birthdays today. Edgar Allan Poe turns 201 today, congratulations to you. Poe is chiefly remembered today because Daria read his short story, "The Telltale Heart," while in study hall in high school ("Gifted").

Dolly Parton (played by Janet Barch at right) turns 64 today, and this is also Janis Joplin's birthday anniversary (who is played by Quinn on another blog post).

Today is also supposed to be National Popcorn Day. Huh. Always something new on the Internet. Oddly, this trivial "holiday" is more popular than you'd think. I discovered several children's museums and libraries celebrating it, because what better way to get hundreds of kids into your building than to give them free popcorn? Glad I don't have to clean up later on. Pop some and go to it.

Iron Chef: A New Word is now up on PPMB. Are you up to fudging with the language of teenagers?

Iron Chef: Lawndale Office is also up, from LSauchelli. Thank you!

Why so much hate for Mr. O'Neill? Why indeed. Check in on the argument discussion.

If you are interested in the Physics of Space Battles, there's a thread for that, too, on PPMB. If we're going to talk about space battles, then let's have more of them in fanfiction!

Minx has Quinn in black-and-white on her website, Heather Morgendorffer appears courtesy of MidnightStorm, and Pinhead has a realistic Tom to show the world. Bless this fandom's artists!

LATE ADD: Malakite has a doodle or two of Alex from Dark Kuno's Two Halves.

  • Crossing Stars, by Silver (Part 1): “As it so happens, Jane,” Daria said calmly, “I have checked the contract boards. As it turns out, there is a contract we could take. Some rich idiot wants to be ferried ten jumps to Malygos, and they want an antimatter drive, N-space pathed starship to do it. It pays thirty million ISK.” “That's good news,” Jane remarked. “And it leads right into the bad news.” Daria brought up the holotank display, showing its default display of the jumpweb.
  • Daria: Agent of Cobra—Expectavi, by Ranchoth (Part 4): Daria's ears popped again. "Cobra Commander isn't paying you 17¢ a minute to gad about!" Dragonsky barked at his troops. [Spindoctor is back!]
  • Daria: Hunter 5—Strictly Business, by Jim North (continued): As Helen stared the agents down, the room became deadly silent. Jane glanced at Daria, both of her eyebrows threatening to lift straight past her hairline. Tom had a hand covering his mouth, and if the subtle shakes of his body were any indication, he was doing his damnedest not to burst into hysterical laughter. The male agent's forehead creased. "Ma'am," he said, "we are the government of the United States of America. We do not 'get out of the wa—'"
  • Finn Morgendorffer 27: Helen and the Boys, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): Finn knew the problem with his mother playing poker wasn’t because she didn’t know how to play. His mother played poker a lot. But she was competitive and hated to lose. While Finn liked the idea of beating his mother at poker, he knew how she reacted when she lost, and it wasn’t pleasant. How she acted when she won was even worse.
  • NEW! General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (Part 1): Daria had read about such things, in... what? She couldn't bring it to mind at the moment, but didn't care enough to chase the memory thread, which obviously led to subjects that seemed less real to her than--than hot, bubbling, store-bought lasagna, or hot penguin sex. (Daria/A.E. van Vogt's Null-A series)
  • NEW! The Heather/Damsel Chronicles 12: Yule Be Sorry, by NightGoblyn (Part 5): “This is real chill,” Cherry said, walking up to Heather with a 'dog of her own. “I didn't even know that old video games like this still existed. They don't have goggles or anything.”
  • Sisters, by Roentgen (Parts 1 and 2): Daria opened her eyes... and took in her surroundings. Her padded walls were missing. Somehow, she wasn't in her room. "What the... hell...?" [continued here!]
  • NEW! Trapped, by Jim North (continued): "Okay, the room on the left here," Jane said, turning her head to shine her light on the door. "That one should have windows." "And it might have a giant snake with insta-kill venom in its fangs," Shaggy whimpered. "Or, like, a mummy."
  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: A New Word), by Jim North (COMPLETE!): "Pal toss nadrim," Daria said as she leaned across the table and handed Jane a can of Ultra Cola.
  • Unnamed story (Cheer Lord ficlet), by Jim North (COMPLETE!): "Oh, you are the cutest of the cutest!" Quinn squealed happily as she hugged the puppy and ruffled its fur. "I can't believe how unbelievably cute you are! Yes you is, yes you is!"
  • NEW! Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day), by DrNoGood09 (COMPLETE!): Just then the rest of the fanfic is cut off by a voice saying: “The following Announcement has been paid for by the staff of DVDaria.”
  • Yes, Mr. D., There Is an MLKJR Day, by ticknart (COMPLETE!): "Class," said Anthony DeMartino, turning away from the board to face the room full of mostly blank or vapid stares, "does anyone know what Monday is?"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Boxing Brittany

Just 222 short years ago today, England thought it had solved its crime problem by successfully sending every convict that could be found to the opposite end of the globe, where Botany Bay was established. Strangely, this did not solve England's crime problem. Nonetheless, we honor this event as the creation of Daria's Australian fandom.'Strewth! (The picture at left is not meant to imply that any party has ever engaged in "genetic engineering" with the kangaroos.)

Sixteen years ago, the Cando Event occurred in Spain. A meteor? A UFO? Rich fodder for Daria fanfic? You decide.

  • The Beautiful Princess and the Painter, by Vlora (COMPLETE!): "O-Oh my," Mr. O'Neill mumbled over his breath, his hands clasped on top of the desk. ‘I—called you here today to discuss a little, er, issue with Quinn’s grades." [Now with more WIN!] (
  • Daria: Hunter 5—Strictly Business, by Jim North (Parts 1 and 2): "Are you saying that werewolves can't wear suits? Do you have something against werewolves? Are you, perhaps, a werewolf racist?"
  • Daria in: Cyborg! by Ranger Thorne (Part 1): "So, you okay with this whole ‘not-really-Human-anymore’ thing?" "Actually, it’s kind of cool."
  • Daria Is Raven's Apprentice, by Project Pegasus et al. (continued): "Sorry," said Daria, "I only read yaoi lemons."
  • DeWitt-Clinton Maiden, by Wraith (Part 1): There was a pause on the other end of the line. This usually happened when Daria answered a call meant for Quinn, but this time seemed odd. For a moment she thought the line had gone dead. Instead of the usual background noise that went with a surprised pause, there was absolutely no sound at all. Then whoever it was on the other end of the line spoke up. (Daria/Rozen Maiden)
  • The Dream of the White Darkness, by jtranser (continued): "In your pre-dream screening session, you stated that you felt your thoughts were no longer your own. After three dream sessions, I must tell you now. You are correct."
  • Dye, Dye My Darling..., by MidnightStorm (COMPLETE!): [Songfic!]
  • Falling into College 72: Valley of Love and Delight, by RLobinske (Part 3): "It's going to be really embarrassing tomorrow if we oversleep and I miss graduation."
  • Finn Morgendorffer 26: The Mark of Failure, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): “Let me guess,” Finn started. “I don’t have time for this crap. What the hell did you do to Jane?” Daria demanded. “Daria, I haven’t seen Jane for days. She’s been out with Tom.” “She’s joining the cheerleading squad.”
  • Finn Morgendorffer 27: Helen and The Boys, by HolyGrail2007 (Parts 1 and 2): Finn had already settled on inviting Tom over for the weekend. It was only fair, considering it would not be right to invite just one of his buddies without the other. That might cause some thoughts of favoritism, and Finn did not do that. Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie were equally important friends. While Finn trusted Joey more in a fight, Jamie on the football field, and Jeffy pretty much the rest of the time, each of them were awesome, fantastic friends and they were all important to him. Tom, to Finn’s surprise, was actually eager to hear about it.
  • The Heather/Damsel Chronicles 12: Yule Be Sorry, by NightGoblyn (Parts 1 and 2): Heather rolled her eyes. “Go read a romance novel, Dam.” “I don't need to, I actually date in real life,” Damsel said archly. “I guess it helps that the boys aren't afraid of me.” Heather whirled around and opened her mouth, and then Cherry held her hands up and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Both sisters turned to look at her and she continued, “I didn't fly all the way across the country to listen to you two bitch at each other. Can we have a truce for the holiday? You know: peace on Earth, goodwill towards women, all that stuff?”
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes Mini: Girl Fight Tonight, by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): The good think about trying to beat up Brittany Taylor was Sandi knew that Brittany had at least a black belt. Brittany was used to getting knocked about.
  • Moment of Thought, by Malakite (COMPLETE!): "I know what kind of upbringing she's had. What's your excuse?" Ms. Morris asked. Daria reflected for a fraction of a second...
  • Regifted 2: I Put Away Joyless Things, by Ajar (Part 2): “Private Daria Morgendorffer, 8675309.” “The Geneva Convention doesn't apply to high school,” Graham said. “That's what makes it so fun.”
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: A Very Bad Move, by Doggieboy (Part 1): Even in death, the man’s eyes remained open and stared at the wall behind the desk. Clad only in a pair of white crew socks, he laid on his left side and his left arm clung to the desktop. Smoke rose from his face and chest areas, and blood decorated both his body and the cream-colored carpet around his body.
  • Trapped, by Jim North (Parts 1 and more): Daria Morgendorffer was sitting in a chair. The chair, she would have assumed, should have been in a room. Or somewhere outside. Or at least somewhere. As it was, the chair—and, subsequently, Daria herself—was located precisely nowhere.
  • Uh-Oh, Slash Comes To Town, by Ajar (continued): “Hey, Daria,” said Jane as the two met up at the Mystik Spiral gig. “I'd like like you to meet Alison, my, uh... It's kind of complicated.” (SFMB)
  • Unnamed story (More Crossovers Not Yet Crossed Over), by Trscroggs (Part 1): “So let me get this straight,” Daria said to the bruiser of a fed. “One of your spies went off the reservation and stole one of your most classified pieces of software. Before being caught, he tried to mail it to someone, but miss-typed the address and sent it to me instead.” “Correct.”

Holiday Thoughts

There is little hope for us until we become toughminded enough to break loose from the shackles of prejudice, half-truths, and downright ignorance. The shape of the world today does not permit us the luxury of softmindedness. A nation or civilization that continues to produce softminded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.

—Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Enjoy the day, and do good work.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

Benjamin Franklin, the man who did about everything there was to do for his time, celebrates his 304th birthday today. Thanks to Pinhead and UU for the little-known alter ego at right with Mr. DeMartino!

Also in the realm of birthdays, Popeye turns 81. Daria and Jane got to meet Popeye in one fanfic-in-progress. Popeye also gets mentioned in "Antisocial Climbers," in which it becomes clear that Mr. DeMartino (hey!) is a fan of his. I wonder why...


"I knew you guys would screw this up."

Wanna see what MTV's Daria website looked like exactly twelve years ago? Click the link.

The Beavis and Butt-head episode "Sprout" first aired on MTV fourteen years ago today. Daria gets a cameo role. B&B have to grow corn in their backyard (they're hoping for nachos) but they simply throw the packet of seeds on the ground and wait for something to happen. Daria shows up and utters the line in this posting title. She tells the boys to talk to their plant and says it works, but it is hard to tell if she's pulling their leg or if she believes it. I'll go for the former. She apparently just wanted to see how messed up the boys' project was, then insult them and leave. And a fine job she did, too. They still took her advice.

One of the better images of "early Daria" appears in the episode (see at left). Daria grows a flower for her own plant-growing project. Very feminine. I sort of expected a carnivorous plant, you know, but whatever.

Interestingly, the names of some of Daria's classmates are written on the Dixie cups used for the project. I notice these names in order, left to right: Kimson, Mike, Kate, Bill, Joe, Gina, Ben, Daria, Carl, J.P., Beavis and Butthead (used same cup), Dean, and Martin.

Where's Cassandra? Earl the gun-toting kid? Kimberly? The punk girl later called Kimberly? Dang.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Gorilla My Dreams..."

Sorry so late and random with the postings. That's how life goes sometimes.

Today is once again the birthday anniversary of gorilla expert Dian Fossey, whose name keeps getting misspelled in Daria fanfiction. Ms. Fossey became important in Daria lore in Is It College Yet? when Daria got a Dian Fossey award (if that's what it was, an award and not an subtle head-smack) from Ms. Li for (all together now): dazzling academic achievement in the face of near-total misanthropy. More about Ms. Fossey and her relationship to the Daria mythos may be learned here.

Two weeks left to mail in your nominations for the Booties. Check PPMB for the latest info.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daria DVD Trailer at!


MTV put up a trailer for Daria on DVD!


You may do your happy dance now.
(Belated thanks to Martin Pollard!)

Long, Long Time Ago...

Eight years ago tonight, "Look Back in Annoyance" was shown on MTV. A 30-minute retrospective of Daria's five seasons, the show was put together by Glenn Eichler and Anne D. Bernstein. The title is a pun based on the British play/movie Look Back in Anger, from the 1950s. Lots of fourth-wall breaking, clever quips, and memories. All this just before the final series installment: Is It College Yet?

This day marks an anniversary in fanfiction-land. Twenty-seven years ago today, someone died who was very important to Daria in one of her many alternate universes. Know who it was? The answer lies here.

Pinhead the Great has posted several artworks based on "The Omega Jane." Wah-hooo!!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cherry Lane!

Surprise! Cherry Lane is five years old today! Yes, the presumed daughter of Wind Lane celebrates her fifth birthday today, and her godparent NightGoblyn must be so proud. He should write another story about her, shouldn't he! Yes! Right away, too! I don't have a picture of Cherry that I can use, so her Aunt Jane's boots, which Cherry now wears, will have to do.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sufferin' Suffragettes!

As one more little reminder that government doesn't always get it right, Daria's Sick, Sad Life Planner offers the tidbit at right for the historically minded. Women's suffrage was a long time coming in this country, but it came. Suprisingly, not everyone today agrees that letting women vote was a good idea, but... whatever.

Superfan Abe found three previously un-indexed Daria/Buffy crossover fics on and posted the links to PPMB. Well done.

Martin Pollard (the Great) has posed a very interesting question: Where did Jane's (fanon) coffee fixation come from? I was astonished to realized I had no idea. Anyone else know?

A new thread for your story ideas: Scenes That Should Be: Breakfast of Zombie Champions! (Thank you, Richard!)

*** FLASH! ***

ALERT!!! Mr. Orange has uploaded the 2009 Visual Fanworks Nominations! Read and vote!

Jesse's Stern New Look

Shock jock Howard Stern turns 56 today. Jesse Moreno does an alter ego of him at left. MTV must have liked him. (Howard, I mean.)


Quiverwing has compiled and posted the 2009 Daria Fanworks Awards—Written Works Nominations! Go, thou, marvel, and vote! We have been truly blessed with Awesome and Win! (Instructions and links are also here, if you need them.)

Speaking of Awesome and Win, DariaWiki has benefited greatly from the talents of the following: JPAGC, Roentgen, Disco316, RLobinske, Jim North, Brother Grimace, and Quiverwing. All hail the greatness! Plus, Disco316 kicked ass on a spammer! Hooray! Smackdown!

Undefinedlust wants to know: What are YOUR Fanfiction Plans for 2010? Go to the thread and spill the beans.

Can there be such a thing in fanfiction as too much detail? Dark Kuno started a thread about it. Lots of good, thoughtful responses.

Three recent Iron Chefs did not produce any fanfic, but they were great at producing a lot of discussion and argument, and fodder for new future stories. Congratulations go out to Ms. Kinnikufan, who got a lot of good talk going (as she always does, having begun some of the most productive and creative competitions ever), and to the esteemed DrNoGood09. Can you add a story to the following?

NOW COMPLETE! 2010 Daria Fanfiction Begins!

  • Animal Cunning, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): All of the females in the Chosen One's family make noises like that when they mate. All of them. They're not like the Maker of Many Windows... all she does is breathe funny, and she tries to talk like us just before she's done mating. Very bad accent, though.
  • Apocalyptic Daria: Scarlett's Tale, by Doggieboy (Part 16): Roger Taylor didn’t know what time it was when he opened his eyes. What he did know was that it was pitch black inside the church office and that Scarlett Hawkins had him in a full body embrace as she slept against him.
  • Congratulations, by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "Daria?" said the voice on the other end. "It's Sandi. Sandi Griffin." "What do you want? Fashion tips?" Daria muttered. "No. I called to offer you my congratulations."
  • Daria Is Raven's Apprentice, by Project Pegasus (continued): [A Very Special New Year's Day Episode from the whole gang!]
  • The Dream of the White Darkness, by jtranser (continued): "Those of you who have been paying attention will notice that, within these dreams, there is a distinct consciousness that is not altogether human..."
  • Dye! Dye! My Darling—The Facebook Edition, by Jim North (COMPLETE!)
  • Esteemsters—the Facebook Edition, by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!)
  • Esteeminator: The Daria Morgendorffer Chronicles, by Jim North (COMPLETE!): Jane turned to point at a house half a block away. "That's my place," she said. As they approached it, Daria could see that the house in question was a complete mess. Faded yellow paint was peeling off the outside, the grass was mostly dead, and there was some strange thing made of twisted metal sunk into the front lawn. All of the windows were dark, and nothing of the inside could be seen beyond them. "I'm not wanting to offend you or anything," Daria said carefully, "but when I saw this place yesterday, I didn't think anybody lived here."
  • The Fall of the Angst Lords: Rebel without a Clue, by Gouka Ryuu (continued): It was at this moment the pair came to a crossroads. The sign north pointed to Forumadmin with another sign below it pointing to the Frozen Wastes. The signs West pointed to the Lawndalian Mountains and the countries of Bevisana and Buttheadia, which probably still existed after all this time far beyond the large and treacherous range.
  • Falling Into College 72: Valley of Love and Delight, by RLobinske (Part 2): "With you having two witnesses and me possibly adding Sean to my side…the wedding procession is going to get awfully crowded once you add in both of our parents. What, that's going to be four plus four plus the two of us... ten.
  • Finn Morgendorffer 23: Down the Road, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): “I don’t have to take my clothes off, do I?” Finn asked hopefully. “It might make things go faster,” she replied.
  • Finn Morgendorffer 25: Captain, My Captain, by HolyGrail2007 (COMPLETE!): While Finn did not normally care about people’s intelligence, he had his limits. Kevin possessed the intellectual fortitude of a piece of pie, and was just as flaky.
  • From Hell to Heaven, by GlitterShrooms (COMPLETE!): It was hard to breathe for Elsie Sloane as she ran home. It was just as difficult to run with her school uniform torn to shreds and drenched in blood.
  • Jane’s Addition—The Facebook Edition, by Quiverwing (COMPLETE!)
  • Lane Miserables—The Facebook Edition, by Kristen Bealer (COMPLETE!)
  • Lucky Strike—The Facebook Edition, by Disco316 (COMPLETE!)
  • New Toy, by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): Jane's eyes opened wide and her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water for a couple seconds before she sputtered, "I... I didn't know that they made them that big." "You've gotta know where to shop."
  • The Misery Chick—The Facebook Edition, by Jim North (COMPLETE!)
  • Reaper in the Wind, by RLobinske (up to Part 4): McGee read from another computer search and said, "Does the name ' Grace, Sloane and Page' mean anything to you?"
  • Regifted 2: I Put Away Joyless Things, by Ajar (Part 1): “You look in sub-optimal health. You should try eating more high protein foods, avoid salt and get more sleep. Unless, I guess, crying could explain the bloodshot, puffy eyes and chapped lips. If that's the case then you have nothing to worry about.”
  • The Secret Life of Tammy Sloane, by MidnightStorm (continued): “Hey, you guys wanna see something hot?” she yelled out to the crowd of boys, then posed.
  • Stacy Rowe, Seeker (Part III), by jtranser (continued): "I didn't think we'd have any use for someone with his highly specialized form of pyrokinesis." "And just how specialized is his talent?" "It is sorta amazing when you see it, Daria. What he does is set pinochle cards on fire by thought alone."
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: Balance, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): The limp roll of her sister's head told the black cat what she feared; the last of her family was gone. Unable to face the pain of seeing her dead sister, the black cat let out a soft, sad meow, looked a final time, and darted away to find someplace to be alone.... “Poor thing,” a voice said, and a pair of hands gently lifted the lifeless cat from the sidewalk. “Let me help you.”
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: The Fourth Ringwraith, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): The smell of burning asphalt excited Anastasia Rowe. She didn’t understand why, but it did. Oh, yeah! Because I get a lot more people on roads! Stupid idiots – they always try to evacuate the cities, and they always clog up all the roads with lots and lots and lots of scared and angry people... I can practically smell the pain and the fear miles and miles and miles away.
  • Two Halves 5: Mall Rat Blues, by Dark Kuno (COMPLETE!): “So where are we going again?” asked Alex as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his camouflage jacket. “It’s a surprise,” replied Daria as she waited for Jane to enter the elevator before she tapped the button for the 5th floor.
  • Uh-Oh, Slash Comes To Town, by Ajar (in progress): If only there was an opening. A suitable place to raise the issue. Daria thought. “I mean, what if someone you knew really well was a lesbian and harbored deep feelings for you," continued Jane, "and she was pressured to leave school. Generally you're outraged when someone is being discriminated for being different; it's one of the reasons I like you so much.” Or even better, a sign that this won't screw up our whole friendship, Daria thought. (SFMB)
  • An Unexpected View, by Paisleygal (continued): "I find that I am happiest when I focus on today and look to tomorrow.” “I’m glad that you are happy Kev... Edgar.” “You can call me Kevin, Daria. I don’t mind.”
  • Unnamed story (Another KOTH crossover idea), by DBR70 (preliminary notes): Luanne Platter Klienschmidt was having headaches for the last couple of days which worsened into migraines. One evening she felt faint and collapsed.
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: Hump Day - Cynic-Os), by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "Each heaping bowl of Cynic-Os is guaranteed to meet the minimal level of nutrition by the Food and Drug Administration. We'd have to, or we wouldn't be allowed to sell it."
  • Unnamed story (Scenes That Should Be: Brains for Rent), by LSauchelli (preview): "You can't kill me, you can't torture me. You're out of options." Batgirl pushed the man, forcing him to look down. Fifty stories stared back, and he gulped. "I have a code against killing. Torturing? Not so much."
  • Unnamed story (Scenes That Should Be: Breakfast of Zombie Champions - zombies in Daria's bedroom), by JPAGC (COMPLETE!): "So tell me again why a whole bunch of crazy, semi-decomposed zombies was sneaking out of your room at four in the morning!?"