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Finishing September Fanfiction

Another week, another fanfiction update.

Details are being worked out, but another (currently anonymous) contributor may soon be up and running again.

On to the fanfiction.

Immortal Blood by Shiva (Part 14)
Blood, everywhere there was blood, covering every square inch of his nude body, his pores soaking it in like manna from the heavens, with his eyes open or closed all he could see was pure red.

The Hunter Home from the Hill (Part 20) by DeacBlue
As they made their way off stage, Daria was, to her surprise, stopped by her mother.  "How close to the  'true story' was that?" she asked.

All's Fair by mmmdraco
Chaos was everywhere, even in her underdeveloped peripheral vision. So many colors and people and... a miasma of "fun". Daria looked over to Jane and shrugged. "We got free tickets. Might as well go do things like shoot toy guns at balloons and terrorize my sister who is probably here with an entire gaggle of boys."

A Getting Well Gift by OverlordMickey
A white room, that was all that existed. Could not it be a blue room or a velvet one? No, it was a white room with billowing curtains.

Lindy's eyes opened to this existence, the white room. Clean and sanitized with a large window overlooking the world below.

One More Little Thing (Part 14) by peetz5050
Jane Lane realized that she finally understood what the phrase “Walking on Air” meant. She felt as if all her birthdays and Christmases had come together. Someone had sung a love song to her, OK, OK it was her brother and her best, best ever friend but still... she was loved and she knew for a fact that she was loved. In all of her young life she had never felt that, not in a real concrete way like she did today. Her face was starting to hurt from the huge smile she’d worn since that song ended, even when she’d been bawling her eyes out at the same time.

The Dale of Lawn (Parts 1-7, now in its own thread) by Wassersauefer

The contingent of the traveling merchant and sellsword company of Landon, renowned throughout the realms for it's riches, efficiency and ruthlessness, made it's way into the Dale of Lawn. The outriders have brought word from one of the Overlords of the Dale, speaking of her wish to meet the Merchant Princess and thus had a great party left the encampment and made it's way towards the Castle of Morgen.

Crossing Stars by Silver (unnumbered update)
The Nemo shook and rattled as it dropped through the atmosphere of Cincinnatus.  Daria felt some of the tension of the previous weeks dropping away, even as the ship tore through the clouds in the sky.  It promptly returned as the sound of shearing metal was heard.

Masters Degrees From Outer Space! by psychotol (unnumbered update)
“Quinn’s house arrest will be lifted for the next week,” said Hillary.

Mack the Esteemer (Part X) by Shiva
Saturday was in full swing, and Daria had enjoyed surprising Mack and Jane with her wardrobe choice of a simple green shirt, black bell-bottom pants, her usual boots, an old jean jacket she used to wear in Highland, and her new smaller oval glasses, and of course her nose cast.

QC 06: The Lab Mouse, the Geek and the Convention (Part 11) by cfardell_Brenorenz29
“Let's see if I have this straight, Ms. Barch assigned Brian's sister's boyfriend to Daria, which caused Brian's sister to get jelous? And she then tries to stop her boyfriend from spending time with Daria by stealing the mouse from Daria's house? Is that right?” Ms. Mankin asked after some thought.

ARC Ch.5 A little break and then full speed ahead (Part 3) by ST91
The library of the Lawndale High was very large and, thanks to the big windows, very sunny.

Unfortunately, the advantages ended there because most of the books were obsolete and / or damaged. Ms. Li spent very little money on the library because there were very few students benefitting from the service.

 TDJS Ch.3 Kung-fu party (Part 5) by ST91
I really need to find a way to resist her puppy dog pout. Dario thought as he looked at his reflection in the mirror.

Nevermore (Part 7) by ST91
"I ... killed ... Clint?" Said Dario, dazed.

"Yes, the rib you broke perforated his lung. The doctors noticed it too late and he ... and he ... and he choked to death. "Helen said as silent tears streamed down her cheeks.

Sexy Daria: Sexy Runaway (Part 3) by Shiva
After witnessing yet another Steve and Brian blow up at the breakfast table, Daria took the chance to slip away and stepped outside and sat in the empty driveway, and spent a few minutes enjoying the heat of the morning sun on her face.

Lawndale and Sandi Griffin’s Genie (Chapter 8 Part 3) by cfardell_Brenorenz29
Back at the Lane residence; Jane and Tom finished their description of what happened at the Sloane mansion.

Daria turned to Tananda. “Was Scarlett at her Aunt’s?”

Tananda shook her head. “Her aunt said that she had gone out to do some errands. She can take care of herself.”

Xerxes DeMartino (Part 7) by Shiva
As their mother drove them to school, prattling on about how different it could be if he was more willing to give people a chance, the sullen dark haired boy just grunted and turned his MP3 player up to drown her out.

Twin Tracks (chapter 2 complete) by oni
Back in Lawndale, the ex-fashion club was also attending a party.  Since her parents were at a party with other grown-ups, Tori decided to throw a party herself.  Despite the fact that fellow students knew she was friends with Sandi Griffin, she got a good number seniors attending the party.

Unbearable (unnumbered update) by Smijey
Daria looked at the man Jordana was having a staring contest with. "Wait, Agent Flemming? What the hell is the BATF doing in Lawndale?"

Family New (Part 12) by RLobinske
While Amy went upstairs with Daria with the teen's purchases, Rita walked over to where Erin was seated in the living room.  "Sweetie?"

"It's done," Erin said in a dull monotone, but wiped her eyes.  "He wasn't even hurt, just mad.  Said he could 'find another chick by the end of the week.'  I feel sorry for whoever he finds."

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Weekly Fanfiction Update

Happy belated Autumnal Equinox and it is time for your weekly fanfiction update.  

First, one missed from last week:
Sonoma Coma by jtranser.  
Sprawled across her desk, face firmly planted in an antique text, Daria awoke to the moldy odor of its ancient spine. As she shifted her head to sneeze, the front panel separated from the book's spine with a resounding crack, ripping the endpaper and revealing an older page of text previously hidden there for centuries.
 And on to what's new:

Nevermore by ST91 (part 6)

This is the word to describe the hours Dario passed in the cell. A policeman had brought him something for dinner, later, to pass the time he had read the Bible and then when he got tired, he went to sleep.

Max counted them in and the band started playing a short version of Queen’s “We will Rock You”, with Daria playing Brian May’s complicated guitar riff at the end. At the last beat the DJ launched into his intro ‘This is Maryland’s number one rock station KSBC We Will Rock You! with your host Rock n’Roll Randy.’ 
Radio Free Lawndale Broadcast 15 by Erin M.

Are we live? Did we break in?

We're on the air. Make it quick. I figure we've got about three minutes.

Okay, well, here we are. Free Radio Lawndale. This is Vision and as you can tell, I don't have my voice disguiser anymore. I imagine there's a few people having a coronary right about now. 
 “So Graham…” David said with false nonchalantness while washing his hands in the sink of the bathroom, “When are you going to ask Daria out?”
 Crossing Stars by Silver

Daria tuned out the countdown and glanced at Mack. The ship had begun to shudder again, then jerked. "Mack?" she asked as pointedly as possible.
In her room, Daria lounged on her bed with her phone up to her ear, chatting with Mack.

“Well after you and Jane left, Quinn’s update jived with yours more or less.” Daria said to him, “Except hers was from the perspective of the popular crowd, apparently Jodie wasn’t quite as beloved as everyone seems to have believed.”
 “Armalin weren’t too impressed,” said Veed.

“No shavit,” said Nyna as they watched the footage from Daria’s holding cell. Neither was she.
The Iron Chef is this - depict Jake Morgendorffer as a professional chef of; at least, some skill. It could be an alternate universe in which he attended cooking school or him changing careers, that‘s up to you. For the second option: how would his family react? Would any of them be supportive?
There were stares, some accusing, some curious, some mocking, some just looking, but there had been stares all day.

In his heart Joey suspected that it would level off, at least until she started showing.
The C was off.
Trent already tried to tune the guitar, but his heart wasn’t in it.
There was a monster in our house. He nearly got Jane. You can’t just forget about it. 
 A New Set of Rules  (Part 24) by Dennis
 As the summer wound down, the transition to lovers was easier than Daria expected. After that first memorable night, thoughts of old heartbreaks faded and she became accustomed again to desire without guilt or fear. It helped that Kevin knew what he was doing, so she was always satisfied when they were done—a most welcome change from Young Thomas, who had been selfish in bed.

Sexy Daria: Sexy Runaway by Shiva
From upstairs she could hear them, even with the door closed she could hear them in her head, the shrill tones, the panic in their syllables, and most of all the fear of the unknown in which Daria had hurled herself.

A Resentful Cynic Chap.5 by ST91
"So let’s recap, your parents will not give you any peace until they meet us ..." Jane began to say while she and her two amigas walked to Lawndale High.

"Because we are dangerous criminals and they want to prevent you, that naive and helpless girl, from ending up in big trouble." Concluded Andrea.

 Ghost Story by Smijey
The look on Maura's face was reminiscent of the look a person got upon smelling a toilet which had remained unflushed for several weeks straight. "That's...Tony?" she asked, disbelieving.

"That's him. Bulging eye, graying temples, contempt for everything around him," Daria confirmed. She was standing just outside the classroom, Maura poking her head through the (closed) door to take another look at her old love.

The Creepyling Chronicles (Unlucky 13) by Charles RB
Tom stared without seeing; his mouth was open and drooled faintly. He did not know his wife was there.

Twin Tracks Ch.2 Pt. 2 by oni
Daria’s cell phone started ringing and she flipped it open to answer it.

    “Since when did you own a cell phone,” Max asked in disbelief; the shock evident on his face.

Moral Event Horizon by Sofa King
(Alternative title: The Girl Most Likely To)

TDJS: Ch3 Kung Fu Party Part 4 by ST91
"So in the end you’ll go to Brittany Taylor’s party." Said Claire Defoe as she poured tea into two cups and handed one to Jane Lane.

Rude Awakening Ep. 11: Sucks To Be Them by DIsaac

(Trent and Jesse are standing in front of Jodie's office door. Trent and Jesse are nervous about going in.)

Alright, we're here. Reluctantly... but we're here. Now what?

Well? I think we open the door and go in.

Unexpected Hookup: Relative Madness (Part 4) by Shiva
“You guys went go-karting?!” Daria and Quinn said in incredulous unison.

The Hunter Home from the Hill (Part 19) by DeacBlue
Patrick walked along the halls of Lawndale High with Scarlett's hand in his, his head hanging down.  He felt her squeeze his hand, and looked up.

Girls Together Sarcastically: Ebony Sisters and Manager Misters by Dennis
 "Charmed circle," Quinn sang to the cheering crowd. "Open the circle," responded Daria and Sandi in harmony even as Daria's guitar wailed over the interlocking beat of Sandi's bass and Jane's drums. They repeated the call-and-response for a couple more measures before rolling into the now-familiar band introductions.

Nurse Goodnsexy Helps a Forgetful Boy Remember by Shiva
Poor Robert was feeling blue, even though he was the defensive lineman for the Lawndale Lions, one of the big men on campus, didn't have to actually learn stuff like a loser brain, and could have any girl he wanted.

Curing Jealousy (part 12) by Shiva
Over a breakfast of whatever could be found in the fridge, Sandro sat next to Darin and quipped, “You’re eating chocolate cake for breakfast?”

God Save The Esteem - Meanwhile, Sideways in Time by Charles RB
“Greetings, and welcome to the Okay to Cry Corral. I'm Uncle Timothy, and together, we're going to take a journey to the land of self-discovery. A land where it's okay to laugh, and it's okay... to cry.”

“Is it okay to puke?” asked ‘Dire’ Daria Morgendorffer.

Unbearable by Smijey
It was night-time when Jordana's SUV finally stopped. Daria's eyes blinked open, yawned, and realized Jane had drooled on her shoulder a little. "Yuck." She used the collar of Jane's shirt to mop it up before she shook her friend awake. "Jane, we're back in Lawndale. Come on." After a muttered protest, Jane too arose, and they got out of the SUV to stretch.

Another Monday by oni
‘God, I need coffee,’ Jane thought in her half-awake state of mind. She was standing in front of her bathroom mirror while she slowly moved the toothbrush back and forth in her mouth. There was a knock at the door. ‘Daria, right on cue.’ With her toothbrush still in mouth, Jane made her way downstairs and to the knocking front door. She opened it and was greeted with her friend on the other side of the door.

And if I missed something, let me know.

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Finally, Fan Fiction Catchup

Yeah, I've been slacking off.  I've been sniffing too much of that Acme Weed Killer again.  I can't guarantee that I haven't missed anything, yell at me if I have.  Links are to beginning of story so that I can get caught up.  I hope.

Abattoir Blues (1): The Hitman and Her (Parts 1-8) by LongSnakeMoan. 
It was a damn cold day, the kind of day where the weather didn't even have the decency to snow. A freezing fog hung in the air, chilling me so much I honestly thought my balls'd drop off. My original plan was to stay in my nice warm house and drink myself into a stupor. However, an acquaintance of mine had decided that some asshole who lived all the way across town had used up his last chance to pay off his debts and I had to make him 'disappear.' Because I just loved to freeze my ass off on a day like this, dumping some dumb **** into the river by the docks. Anyway, another twenty minutes and it would be whisky time in the warm.

The Adventures of Nurse Goodnsexy by Shiva.
"Don't worry Trent," Jane cooed sweetly to her brother as he lay in his bed, sicker than a dog, "I've got you the best medical help I could."

Apple Seed by Smijey
Opening the door, Jake was stunned to see his parents. "Mom! Dad! What are you doing here?"

At the Lake Cabin by Shiva.
Tom sighed with pleasure as he felt the cool water in between his toes, it had been hot all day and in the light of the setting sun, a break from the heat was a blessed relief.

Black Cloaks of Lawndale (Part 1) by by Waylander.   
He had lived a thousand lives.
He was a pig farmer; he was a merchant; he was a soldier, a nobleman and a poet. Sometimes he was tall, handsome and muscular; sometimes he was crippled from birth.

Blood: My Best Friend (Parts 1-3) by Smijey.
Hospitals smell weird. I don't like being in them.

Ethan Yeager in Lawndale: Casino de la Rust Bucket (Parts 1-4) by Shiva.
 Ethan smirked and then nudged Josh’s side and jerked his head in the direction of a couple of their fellow students who were eye humping the figure at the front of the science class as she lead them through a basic description of photosynthesis.

Iron Chef: Child Protective Services by ThanatosRW.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, it to write something where Child Protective Services steps in and removed the child(ren) from their parents. You could have Jodie with the Guptys, or Kevin with Mack's family. Make up OC's, make up various reactions. It is all in your hands.

The Cliff Dancers by Smijey
"'Edgy' is going right up to the edge of the cliff and being able to see all the way down, and dancing anyway."

The Creepyling Chronicles (Parts 1-12) by Charles RB.  
The sound of a crying baby echoed throughout Sloane Manor The Sequel (actually just a house). Tom held his breath, hoping, praying --

Iron Chef: Daria the Evil Overlord by Silver. 
Daria is the villainous Evil Overlord, the one commanding the minions, running the dungeons and generally aiming for world conquest.

Iron Chef: DeMartino and Jake Swapped by Walter Kovacs.  
What if: Anthony DeMartino was a consulltant, the husband of one Helen DeMartino and the father of Daria and Quinn DeMartino while Jake Morgendorffer was Lawndale High's overworked and underpaid history teacher.

Double Double Date (Questions Asked, Questions Answered) by Cypher3au.
 Idly tapping the steering wheel, Vic stared at his grey-clad female counterpart out of the corner of his eye. 'So similar, but so very many questions...heh, Questions.' Despite himself, he chuckled briefly at his little accidental pun.

Dylan by J-D.
‘I don’t know why you’re worrying, Mom. I’ll have everything under control here just the same way I did in Highland.’

Family New (Parts 1-11) by RLobinske. 
The blond-haired woman wrinkled her nose at the slightly antiseptic scent in the air outside the front nurses station at the Cedars of Lawndale. Hospitals had always made her uncomfortable and this evening brought particularly dread. Choking back a couple of tears, she said, "Hi, I'm Rita Barksdale. I was contacted as next of kin for the Morgendorffer family. I'm Helen's sister."

Iron Chef: Jane's Subtraction by DigiSim
What would the show have been like if Jane wasn't in it?

TDJS Ch. 3: Kung-Fu Party (Parts 1-3) by ST91.
"I swear, Dario, I can’t wait for you to get your driver's license. I'm tired of having to walk to school."

Losers No More (Parts 1-8) by Shiva.
Graham Alexander sat in his darkened dormitory room at 11:30 at night, blurry eyed as he raised the glass to his lips and took another drink of his very against the rules scotch.

Mack the Esteemster (Parts 1-5) by Shiva.
"Don't be fooled," a nice deep bass voice emerged from behind her, "O'Neill has no idea what he's talking about, just zone out to the tone of his voice."

Masters Degrees from Outer Space by psychotol.
 Charles woke up.

He wished immediately that he hadn’t.

“Not dead then huh?” asked his room mate.

 Iron Chef: The Metalocapalypse Starts in Lawndale! by Aruphonse.
Okay dildos, we are here to make Daria metal. We will make Lawndale metal. Blacker than the blackest black, times INFINITY.

Nevermore (Parts 1 - 4) by ST91.
When Dario came home from his karate lesson that afternoon, he could not have imagined that his life would change.

No Gas! Shared World, thread 2 by DeacBlue. 
"Well, they certainly could have picked less comfortable ways for us to get to Venezuela," Daria remarked, squeezing Jane's hand as they both leaned back on adjoining lounge chairs, watching as all of the other passengers boarded. Jane squeezed back, smiling.

One (More) Little Thing (Parts 1-12) by peetz5050.
 'So then all the girls go to a different class and a female counselor talks to them about “body image”.'

Outgrowing our Masks (through 9/9 update) by BrownEyedBagel.
 Charles Ruttheimer III stared bewildered for a moment at the letter in front of him. He had some mixed feelings, some confusion, and a brief struggle to consider that there wasn’t an unseen motive. His relationship with his family had left him with a few trust issues. The letter wasn’t malicious in nature, but then again nether was his father at first glance.

A Resentful Cynic Ch 4: Revenge of the Malled by ST91
Okay, I have finished, how far are you? " Andrea Hecuba asked as she put in an envelope an essay on French literature that would have earn her tens of bucks.

Runaway Daria: Fallout Lawndale Edition (Parts 1-10) by Vukodlak.
Daria ran through the wastes tears in the eyes. Her family didn't want her she was nothing but a burden. So she ran from the arguing and the screaming all about her. When her father left that night it was the last straw she grabbed what clothes and food she could carry and ran. She'd heard stories of a place called Little Lamplight where orphaned children went. From the map she found Little Lamplight Cavern was some forty miles away she could make it. The night before she'd slept in old gas station she was along the highway now with lots of old cars and vehicles to hide in.

Sexy Daria: Lab Lockdown Sex by Shiva.
 “Skylar sweetie,” Daria said through clenched teeth and a painted smile, “Your parents are nice and all but how do you put up with these parties?”

Rude Awakening Ep. 11: Sucks To Be Them! by DIsaac

(The show opens with Kevin walking into work when he notices the new janitor)

What the heck? Where's Scruffy? I know everyone here.... Who is he?

Iron Chef: Stacy Never Joined the Fashion Club by Shiva. 
Born out a snippet of comments in another IC, what if Sandi Griffin never recruited Stacy Rowe for the Fashion Club when she founded it?

Iron Chef: There Never Was a Fashion Club by Wassersauefer. 
What if the Fashion Club never existed? What would our favorite fashionistas do? Would they even be friends?

Twin Tracks (to Ch.2, part 2) by oni.  
She felt warmth wrapped up against her as she, Stacy Rowe, came back to the waking world. Slowly opening her eyes, she saw that it wasn’t her room that she woke up in. ‘That’s right; Sandi and I left The Zon last night and came back to her place. Everyone was asleep when we came in,’ Stacy thought back to herself. ‘After that we went upstairs and…’ Just then she heard a yawn come from her girlfriend, who was spooning up against her, and slowly woke up herself. Stacy got a little red when she remembered what happened after that.

Unexpected Hookup: Relative Madness (Parts 1-3) by Shiva.
“Are we sure this is a good idea?” Ronnie whispered jokingly to Daria in an attempt to lighten the mood as they sat down at the Morgendorffer’s formal dining room table.

Uranium in the Drinking Water (through Ch 2.3) by BF110C4
Daria was contemplating how to proceed to the next part of her new book; she knew what was supposed to happen in the next scene, knew the events that leaded to the scene as well as the consequences that would follow, but for the Tester she couldn’t find a way to describe the scene itself. Frustrated with the attempt she decided to better watch for a while how Jane did the final touches to her latest sculpture with a few carefully applied hits of her hammer on the stone. Sitting alongside her Quinn was working under the light of a lamp in a new dress, using her thread and needle on the pink fabric to great effect.

Iron Chef: What's Wrong With A Little Time Travel? by Doggieboy
The four girls sat at the lunch table, confident that they would be alone for their meal and conversation. Considering that three of them were members of Lawndale High’s ferocious field hockey team and the fourth rumored to be a witch of unknown (and highly rumored) powers, that was a given.

The 180 Degree Turn, Ch. 2: Four Lines, No Waiting (Parts 1-5).  by Walter Kovaks.  
"Boy, isn't it amazing what you can do with oatmeal?!" exclaimed a happy Jake while he read a book titled "Recipes of Scotland" on his e-reader. "You know, I wonder if there's a place that sells haggis in town"

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End of Summer as we know it

Happy Labor Day weekend, as those in the US insist on their own date instead of the date everyone else in the world uses.

Nothing celebrates the contributions of the nation's workers like sunburn on the beach, cheap bear, and bits of animal flesh charred over artificially created charcoal.  Now go out and celebrate.  Or, stay inside, you're choice.

For your edification, new fan art:

Susie Rowe as Aela the Huntress by flujeth_x.

Jane as Vampirella by Kem

The Ten Faces of Lady Gaga by Kem

Teh Spirul by flujeth_x

Daria Cosplay by flujeth_x

Quinn's Melee by DrKoz

Tom and Susie Crash the Prom by flujeth_x

Updates will continue in an erratic fashion.  Volunteers are still be accepted.