Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't Forget to Nominate!

It's that time of year, again--time to nominate art and fanfic for the Daria Fanworks Awards, a. k. a. the Booties. See the official thread to find out how to send in nominations, whom to send them to, and other important information. There's been a ton of great fanart and fanfic this year, so make sure it gets recognized!

Fanfic Update!
  • "Aw Mama...Can This Really Be The End?", by Scissors MacGillicutty (part 6): "Jesse Pinkman, although officially nonexistent, was working so hard at an occupation he had tried to escape, he was literally run off his feet. No sooner had he finished one batch of what he liked to call Goodbye Blue Sky meth—as much for its signal color as because he had to make it in windowless environments—then he had to dash to another lab to make another."

  • A Burning House, by ashk09 (COMPLETE!): "Daria woke up screaming; this wasn't unusual, and in fact, it was more alarming to her when she got a sound night's sleep."

  • Christmas Fluff (LongSnakeMoan's Fluff Thread), by LongSnakeMoan (part 2): "He turned to Sandi and shook her and Beavis' hand, betraying no sign that he found Beavis to be a bizarre figure. “Hello, I'm Tom. You must be Sandi and Beavis. You may remember me, Sandi. We briefly met a few years ago at Mrs Morgendorffer's house. You were in the middle of some sort of makeover.'"

  • The End of the Doctor, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (COMPLETE!): "Clara Oswald is sitting with her family at Christmas Dinner. SFX: TARDIS materialisation Clara: Everybody just stay put!"

  • Façade (Scenes that should be: Pacific Rimmers), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "She hates things that are not real. She loves things that she can create and people who can inspire her to create these things and Daria and Quinn and her brother and his band are these people. She loves her hate because it is real and it makes her love them more."

  • The Man Next Door, by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "'But what were you doing here in the first place?' Jane added. Her mother hesitated and glanced at Daria. 'Amanda, if you don't spill the whole story to them right now, I'll be forced to call in a hypnotist.' She said."

  • Mission: Impawsible, by Kristen Bealer (parts 1 and 2): "Fluffy paced the room in high agitation. His thoughts were limited to a single sentence: I have to protect Sandi. Finally returning to the dresser, Fluffy realized that there was only one option. He had to eat the make-up." (Part 2)

  • Revenge of the Sane, by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): " By the time Upchuck announced Quinn as a nominee for the Queen of Spring, Daria and Sandi had parted the crowd like the red sea. Students everywhere turned to see them in their lovely, and even crazier, outfits."

  • Superiority Complex (Scenes that should be: Pacific Rimmers), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "A harsh, staccato voice with a rising inflection spoke up from the backseat. 'WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF...MU-SIC?'"

  • Tom is the One Percent, by Charles RB (COMPLETE!): "One day, a weary Angier Sloane came into his son's room and said: 'We need to talk about your status.'"

Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Deal me in."

Future Jake and Future Daria are celebrating Card Playing Day with a nice family card game. As I recall, they're playing Hearts. Or is it Future Hearts?

Hey, I just realized that by now they're probably Past Jake and Past Daria. Weird.

Fandom News!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Fashionistas

Happy Boxing Day! Put away the gloves; today is generally considered a day for lots of shopping. The Fashion Club are observing the proper traditions with gusto, but Daria will probably spend the day in a refrigerator box to avoid the consumerism mania.

It was also six years ago today that CINCGREEN created the first Daria Fandom Blog. Although that specific blog is no longer being updated, the DFB tradition still continues today!

Fanfic Update!
  • Ah, Hell, by metameric1 (part 2): "He crossed his arms, leaning against the wall next to his bedroom door. Daria stood an arm's length away from him, thumbs hooked into the pockets of her jeans, her deep brown eyes focused on his chest. Had she always been this beautiful?"

  • "Aw Mama...Can This Really Be The End?", by Scissors MacGillicutty (part 5): "'How did you know?' Jesse Pinkman—his real name at last—was stunned. 'I mean, the guy who sent me your way said you had your fingers in a lot of pies—'"

  • The Double D Dilemma, by Smijey (part 2): "'Hmm, an interesting mystery...' Jane mused. 'You know, I remember a few years ago, when Dawn moved here. I think that was the time Tiffany Blum-Deckler lost all her weight.'"

  • Figuring It Out, by Anonymous (COMPLETE!): "Jane Lane is not a coward. She's just .... assessing her options before making a decision. She's being cautious. Prudent. Thinking ahead, which no Lane before her had done, ever."

  • From the Beginning, by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'Oh, great.' Dora Mayweather muttered to herself while resisting the urge to rub her eyes, the new contacts still irritating her, 'And here I thought things were going to be different.'"

  • A Great And Good Christmas #2 (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Cassidy looked around to notice a boy who looked about her age, with short black hair, blue eyes and a nice smile. He was dressed in a light blue sweater and black pants and was drinking some coffee."

  • Home for Christmas, by JoeMerl (part 1): "The man blinked as Stacy rose to her feet, giving him a very nervous smile. She felt her face burn. 'Your hat. It's just, you know...Christmassy. I mean, it's not exactly fashionable or anything, but, um—well, it's "in season," right?'"

  • Memory Lane, by Snow-Kitty (parts 1 and 2): "She whirled around to see a rather distinguished looking man sitting at a table, dressed in a tailored suit, nursing a glass of red wine and waving to her. Despite a slight change in appearance, there was no denying it was Anthony Demartino from Lawndale. What was he doing in Boston?" (Part 2)

  • Rude Awakening Chrismas (TAKE 2): A Christmas Tale, by DIsaac (part 2): "TODD: Remember, this is for business! This Stacy as of this afternoon. TOMMY: She looks depressed. TODD: She is. That face is the face of a woman who's life is a crossroad, and unfortunately there is no GPS."

  • A Very Ianuzzi Christmas (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Do What Now?), by LongSnakeMoan (COMPLETE!): "It was early on Christmas morning when Todd and Jane Ianuzzi heard the thud as something landed on the top of their RV that was currently hidden somewhere deep in the woodlands of West Virginia."

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

X (short for X-Mas) would like to share this list of Christmas-related Daria fanfics, so settle in with some sugar-coated cookies or any baked good of your choice and enjoy! (And please feel free to add any stories I've missed in the comments.)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Economical Reindeer

Mrs. Bennett is getting ready to help pull Santa's sleigh because tonight is Christmas Eve! (Or at least that's what I hope she's doing dressed like that. I'd rather not know any more than I have to about her and Herbert's hobbies.)

Fandom News!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthday Wishes from His Number One Fan

Amy is just phoning her favorite actor, Ralph Fiennes, to wish him a happy birthday. He turns 51 today, and with any luck he's forgotten about that restraining order by now.

Fanfic Update!
  • Ah, Hell, by metameric1 (part 1): "St. Peter handed him a glowing white harp. 'Go on in, kid. Welcome to Heaven.' Trent stared at the peculiar instrument dolefully, wondering how far he could push his luck. Heaven?"

  • Blame It on Ansel Adams (Dusty's Crazy Pairings Thread), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "Stroke. 'Your turn.' 'Hmmmmm,' Looking up. Finger on chin. 'I'm going to the picnic, and I'm food cake!' Brittany said excitedly."

  • Calling Dan Webster, by RangerLou2 (COMPLETE!): "Riding home in Sandi's car, Quinn was staring out the window trying to think of how to go about this extra credit thing she had to do. As a result, she wasn't paying any attention to what Sandi was saying."

  • A Great And Good Christmas #1 (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "'So, got any big plans for Ashley's birthday?' Jane asked. 'Well, we're heading out to Ocean City to see Z-Shift. I managed to get some tickets a while back,' Daria replied."

  • It's Not Easy Seeing Green, by getrealordie187 (part 1): "In Highland she had stagnated but had been, in Lawndale she'd lived, and maybe Angel Grove was where Daria was going to die."

  • Little Pink Book, by Snow-Kitty (part 1): "Anthony ignored Kevin's moronic enquiry and scanned the room once more. His piercing gaze landed upon a mousy haired girl with braces sitting in the second back row. 'Ms. Brookston? Do you know what happened in the Teapot Dome Scandal?'"

  • Monday, by ashk09 (part 1): "An auburn-haired woman, maybe around twenty-five or so, was looking at him with a slight smile tugging at the corner of her mouth; McKay decided that she was rather pretty, in a geeky, stays-up-all-night-playing-Warcraft kind of way."

  • Paige Turner (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "As he looked to his left, he noticed one girl in particular who was attracting the attention of most males in the vicinity. She had a lean figure, with long, black hair that went past her shoulders, ruby red lips and was wearing a blue tank top and black skirt, with stylish black shoes."

  • Rude Awakening Chrismas (TAKE 2): A Christmas Tale, by DIsaac (part 1): "TODD: Well it's Christmas time in New England. No place I would rather be ... TOMMY: What the hell are we doing here in Boston. I'm freezing here!"

  • Star-Crossed, by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "WHUMP. With a whoosh of suddenly displaced air, the shape appeared. It was a large blue phone booth labeled 'POLICE' above the doorway, still steaming from whatever physics-defying process had brought it here."

  • Tidings of Comfort and Joy (LongSnakeMoan's Fluff Thread), by LongSnakeMoan (part 1): "It was weird to be back. For a moment Quinn almost thought it was weird to be home, but she stopped herself pretty quickly. Highland wasn't home anymore, if anything Lawndale was home now, not that she'd ever admit that to anyone, but it was strange to see all those places she remembered from childhood still there, perhaps even a little cleaner than she remembered."

  • Unbearable 2: The Lady and the Tiger, by Smijey (part 2): "'What's this about a bear?' the tiger asked, lazily, curiously. '...And now, ladies and gentlemen, a talking tiger,' Jane said dramatically. 'My life is now complete.'"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Do What Now?), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "As Daria gazed her blurry eyes into the laptop screen, another yawn escaped her mouth. Instead of trying to cover up the sound, she just reached for her glass and took another swig of bourbon. she wished that she had more energy, but that wasn't possible."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Do What Now?), by Silver (COMPLETE!): "'Quh-winn, you really should take those colored contacts out. They're so...unfashionable.' Sandi placed her hands on her hips, as if to say 'so there'. Quinn cocked her head in response, an odd grin warping her features. Her green eyes were unreadable."

  • Untitled Crossover, by Scissors MacGillicutty (parts 1 - 4): "'You got the cash?' 'Yeah, yeah, I got—where's the—'" (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

  • A Wee Bit Crazy, by Smijey (part 1): "Mrs. Bennett clasped her hands together, a wild, joyous expression on her face as the last of the students filed into the class. 'Excellent, everybody's here!' she exclaimed, more exuberant than normal. 'Class, with your permission, I'd like to deviate from the planned syllabus today.'"

  • You Only Live Once... So YOLO! (Scenes that should be: Pacific Rimmers), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "One day as Ms. Barch went on one of her usual 'Kill all men!' rants in what was supposed to be science class. One student rose up quietly from his seat, fondling something in his hands."

Friday, December 20, 2013

"You see, Daria, you really (would have) had a wonderful life!"

Here we see Daria spending some quality time with Martin, her alternate reality boyfriend from the Beavis and Butt-head episode "It's a Miserable Life." They're singing not only because this version of Daria is happy and well-adjusted, but also because today is Go Caroling Day. This reality's Daria also observes obscure holidays, you see.

Fandom News!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bacon, Anyone?

If Jamie didn't have an apple crammed in his mouth, he'd tell us that today is National Roast Suckling Pig Day! Quinn might not be able to remember the boy's name, but at least he'll make an entree she'll never forget.

Starting today, I plan to include both and Archive of Our Own in my Daria fanfic updates. As always, please let me know if I miss anything!

Fanfic Update!
  • The Crimson Queen's Daughters, by macross (part 4): "At her approached the man swiftly turned to face her. She felt an excited chill run through her; it was always the same reaction whenever he graced her with his commanding presence."

  • Doctor Ewwww: Life In Plastic, by ognawk (part 3): "'Doctor, what the hell are those things?' Jane asked. 'They're called Autons,' The Doctor replied, 'Like, living, killer plastic people. They're soooo ugly.'"

  • Friends With Losers, by blockedthewriter (lostlikeme) (part 14): "You cannot enter a name because you already have one, and that name is DANIEL FENTON, though you prefer to be called DANNY. You have a variety of INTERESTS, and GHOST HUNTING is at the very top."

  • Jane, by PrecambrianStudios (parts 3 and 3.5): "Cassandra nodded. 'That was Todd. He's a goon. Just avoid him, and he'll probably avoid you in turn.'" (Part 3.5)

  • The Lawndale Manifesto, by Smijey (COMPLETE!): "Andrew Landon smiled as he walked into Morgendorffer Consulting. The look of ill surprise on Jake Morgendorffer's face reassured him that Jake hadn't expected him...he liked to keep the bastard on his toes."

  • Legend of the Mall, by PollyBunnyPeep (COMPLETE!): "When she reacted after barely reaching the elevator before the doors closed, Daria noticed who was next to her. It was Sandi Griffin."

  • May I have a Cheeseburger?, by metameric1 (part 4): "Yes I too haff one of dose nefarious cloth mousie things full of fricken 'nip."

  • Notes 1, by metameric1 (part 18): "The drive back to Boston was sweet. That SUV is a great ride, and it's not as big as some of the other urban assault vehicles on the road. Daria and I spent most of the drive talking, while Janey was out cold in the back."

  • Pasiphaë (Dusty's Crazy Pairings Thread: taking requests), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "Mythology. Sue was beginning to hate it as much as she hated froshers."

  • Reunion GeneraXional, by taitolin (part 2): "5 am decia el reloj tomo sus gafas y se puso a trabajar noticias de portales, famosos, deportes todo lo actual o lo que paso el mes pasado para rellenar un programa mañanero."

  • Shards (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "'Hey, Winters!' As Ashley turned around, the high school quarterback and school bully, Craig Asher, ran up to him. Ashley sighed as he caught up."

  • Sisters and Friends, by metameric1 (part 18): "Quinn stirred her one cup of coffee for the morning. 'I get that, Sis, but how do I come up with something that the Industrial Design school will see as a product?'"

  • Tom Sloane, Lax Bro, by Shiva (part 19): "So things settled into a pattern that was pretty damn bro! If I do say so myself"

  • Unspoken (Dusty's Crazy Pairings Thread), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "I just like to watch him. I like watching him run in track. I like watching him eat lunch in the cafeteria. Most of all, I like watching him talk."

Winter Is Coming! Holiday Season Art Update


* BloodyWilliam posted a new alter-ego piece, this time of Paris (from IIFY?) as Rei Ayanami from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

* Breitasparrow contributed a Daria/Rage Meme piece just in time for Halloween... and judging from the comments, please view with caution, as it may induce nightmares.

* Ashk09 updated his art thread with a Daria/Doctor Who crossover, starring Daria as the Tenth Doctor, and Jane as the Doctor's second companion, Martha Jones!


* Dork posted a drawing for old time's sake, named "1967".

RLobinske shared some very creative "Falling Into College" artwork by a talented artist named Drocem, which can also be found on the Dariawiki now, so be sure to check it out!

* Speaking of RLobinske, he also began a scale model project, the model being Judith as Worldburner.  Looking forward to the finished piece!

* Wassersauefer created a map for the world of "The Dale of Lawn" - keep an eye out for any changes, as the map may gain additions to it as the story goes on!

* BloodyWilliam shared another alter-ego starring Vincent Lane as Vincent Van Ghoul from "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo".

* Vlora posted a work-in-progress piece called "Overly Friendly Friends" starring Daria and Jane, and she's wondering who's interested in seeing a livestream of her art progresses.

(As of so far)

* BloodyWilliam produced a comic for PrecambrianStudios's ASPS fanfic series.  Be sure to click the link inside the link to check out the comic, by the way.

* Wouter posted some new fanart, including a work of Rogue from X-Men, as well as this comic that shows the potential dangers of shopping for cologne for that special someone...  Poor Kevin!  And most recently, he's updated his "Vacation Time With The Morgendorffers" series with its fourth installment - even Helen is astonished to see Daria in a bikini!

* Erin M. began a thread sharing some his works - and some interesting crossovers pop up, as well!

* Two more works arose from BloodyWilliam this month after the comic strip: Alison (from IIFY?) as Lum Invader from the anime/manga Urusei Yatsura, and Iron Daria, a special requested piece for SacredDust...  SO SHINY!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

"But look! Here approaches Mr. Lane himself, along with his sister's admirer, Mr. Moreno."

Here we see Daria and Quinn as characters out of a novel by Jane Austen, who was born on this day in 1775. Which novel they're meant to be referencing is a bit tricky--I'm almost certain that it's either Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice, but I can't decide which is more likely. Anyone else have any ideas?

Fandom News!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Where's the Man in the Yellow Hat When You Need Him?

Don't worry about Brittany and Kevin; they've having a little disagreement because today is Monkey Day, and although Kevin likes monkeys, Brittany is strenuously explaining to him that she is currently a gorilla.

That's okay, though: I'm sure they'll make up when he takes her out to Chez Pierre, because today is also National Bouillabaisse Day. Mmm. Pretentious fish soup.

Fanfic Update!
  • All the Same (Dusty's Crazy Pairings Thread: taking requests), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "'Hol' still now,' he said gruffly. 'This is gonna itch.' Jodie just nodded. She wasn't ready to look at what he was doing just yet. She busied herself by gazing around the room. It was dark and dirty, full of unwashed piercing tools that had he'd simply tossed aside."

  • Costumes (LongSnakeMoan's Fluff Thread), by LongSnakeMoan (COMPLETE!): "Anthony raises his eyes to the roof in exasperation and gives a long suffering exhale, that thing he does when he thinks I'm being unreasonable. I don't think I'm being unreasonable."

  • Jane Loves a Certain Letter, by Smijey (COMPLETE!): "Daria knelt down and took Jane's hand. 'Please, Jane, tell me!' 'I was stung by...' She gritted her teeth. '...a jellyfish!'"

  • Just Like a Lane (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Do What Now?), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "Jane regarded her unexpected guest with a sour look. 'What are you doing here? Don't you knock?' Ms. Morris leaned against the kichen doorway, arms crossed."

  • Late Night Snack (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Tom was in a state of fear. He was in total darkness. As he looked around, he noticed pairs of glowing eyes all around, and heard the mad whisperings and giggling of various familar voices."

  • A Little Problem (1,001 Deaths of Tom Sloane - Part II), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Tom was sat in the kitchen of the Hemming household. Over at the counter, Cassidy Hemming's mother Melissa was preparing some tea."

  • The Man Next Door, by SacredDust (part 4): "Something was wrong with Jane's mother. Daria could tell that much, and it wasn't just because she was looking to her for company."

  • Tom Gets Purged (Scenes that should be: Pacific Rimmers), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "In his green silk pajamas Tom found himself pacing outside of his father's study once more, it was 8 o'clock and an hour into the Purge."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: Do What Now?), by Silver (COMPLETE!): "Sometimes, I really hate my life."

  • Unnamed story (Scenes that should be: Pacific Rimmers), by Staticblast (COMPLETE!): "You don't live in Higland, Texas for half your adolescence without learning to recognize a gunshot."

Thursday, December 12, 2013

90 Years? That's the Closest Without Going Over!

Jesse is inviting everyone to come on down for game show host Bob Barker's 90th birthday! I can't see Jesse making a very good game show host, though. You have to be able to say more than two words. Do you suppose the Tank will be one of the prizes? And, if so, how much do they have to pay the contestant to take it?

Fandom News!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's a Big Improvement from that "Greasy Fry" Poem!

Daria is reading one of her favorite poems by Emily Dickinson, who was born on this day in 1830. We know that Ms. Barch is also a fan, although I think her admiration stems mostly from the number of X chromosomes possessed by Dickinson than anything else.

Fanfic Update!
  • Brittany Gets a Phone Call (IC: Brittany at Great Prairie State), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Brittany smiled as she finished making her bed. 'There!' She said to herself happily, 'Nice, new pink sheets and a matching bedspread.'"

  • Daria: High School Reunion, by Serrallonga (part 1): "JAKE: (Talking to the video camera) DAMN doomed camera! It's my daughter's Prom, you traitor, you little... example of the dictatorship of the machines! Why don't you just... do SOMETHING?"

  • DW: The Many Doctors (Chapter 15), by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 2): "Ten minutes later, there was a commotion in the Sherriff's office. 'Has this man done anything wrong?' the Sherriff asked. 'Nothing,' Felicia admitted. 'I thought you could ask him what he's doing in this town,' the Doctor said."

  • The Great and the Good: Hemming's Way, by ognawk (part 1): "The doctor returned and handed Melissa the baby. 'Congratulations, Melissa, it's a girl.'"

  • Hate/Love (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "It was early in the morning, and Jane Lane was sat up in bed with her cell phone next to her ear, listening to Tom speak. This was a very surreal conversation to her, and one she never in her wildest dreams expected to have, yet here she was, talking about the events of the previous evening with Tom."

  • His Fault (1,001 Deaths of Tom Sloane - Part II), by SacredDust (COMPLETE!): "She was free. Free, but still hot. In fact, she felt gorgeous."

  • Shadows of a Timeless Song, by Dennis (part 10): "'I didn't get anything.' Daria sighed. 'I'm sorry. I'm not myself right now. Something weird is going on.' 'Is that why you look like hell?' Jane chimed in. Daria gave her friend a sour look. 'I doubt you'd look any better.'"

  • We Only Hurt the Ones We Love, by deneich (part 16): "We were in the middle of discussing our impressions of the first set, when Jane stated darkly: 'Oh great.' Following Jane's gaze, I noticed Kevin, Mike and two other boys – whom I recognized as classmates, but did not know their names – approaching from the opposite side of the club."

  • Worst Superhero Ever (Shorty Shorts), by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "It was a peaceful day at the Lawndale Community Bank. People were walking in and out, going about their day. Suddenly, a bunch of masked men burst into the room, wielding sawn off shotguns."

Sunday, December 8, 2013

"A date which will live in infamy."

Daria and Jane are getting ready for the United States' entry into World War II, which happened on this day in 1941. The event was marked by Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Infamy Speech," which you can listen to here.

Fandom News!

Friday, December 6, 2013

I Think That I Shall Never See a Library Lovely as a Tree

The Lawndale Public Library, we see on the right, was named after the late poet Alfred Joyce Kilmer, who was born on this day in 1886. Why? Not really sure. Maybe someone involved with the show was a fan.

Today also happens to be the anniversary of the Altamont Free Concert in 1969. The concert is, of course, infamous for the tragedy and violence that occurred there. It was also referenced in "The Road Worrier" by Jake:

Jake: Altamont! Terrible tragedy, but I demanded my money back and I got it.

Daria: Wasn't Altamont free?

Jake: That's the same line they tried to use on me!

Gouka Ryuu's excellent story fragment touches on Jake's experience at the concert, as well.

Fanfic Update!
  • The End of Her War (IRON CHEF: Daria in MASH), by malakite: "Franklin Piece had obviously gone nuts.He was singing yankee doodle in his boxers while dancing around the mess. She shook her head and wondered how long it would be for her."

  • Kim Possible: The Solo Missions, by Erin M. (part 1): "Kim entered the main common area of the dorm and went to a door behind the information desk. She knocked and waited. After a moment, a young woman in her mid-20s opened the door. She had shoulder length brown hair, glasses with thick black frames, and a somewhat sardonic expression."

  • T Story, by Smijey (COMPLETE!): "The Mr. T doll cautiously poked its head out from within the box. 'Hmm, so this is my new home,' it said gruffly. He scanned the room, one hand over his eyes. 'Strange, I don't see any other toys. Maybe this isn't the kid's room?'"

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't Worry; the Chips are Already In It!

Because it's National Cookie Day, Helen and Rita are offering everyone some "homemade" cookies. Do you want chocolate chip or peanut butter? Then again, knowing their (lack of) cooking skills, you might want to take a pass on the cookies. That could easily be a roll of ground beef Helen's holding.

Fandom News!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Well. Ms. Barch Has Finally Lost Her Mind.

I'm pulling out one of the more disturbing alter egos because today is Britney Spears's birthday! I doubt even the Fashion Club would admit to being fans of the pop star, but it is relevant to fandom to point out that we have Ms. Spears to thank for the frequent misspellings of Brittany Taylor's first name in fanfic.

Fanfic Update!
  • The Big Piece Of Chicken (My Annual Thanksgiving Fanfic Release - 2013!), by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "He lifted the box, which acted as a cover – and whistled a soft tune of admiration as he looked upon what Jane had left for him. 'Impressive, my young Lady Lane. Most impressive, indeed.'"

  • Fear and Loathing in Law Enforcement, by LongSnakeMoan (part 2): "At the window stood the tiny figure of Todd Ianuzzi, waving innocently as his father was being arrested and his mother was being held back by officers, stopped from reaching her husband and shouting words no woman should ever say."

  • The Great and the Good: A Great Deal of Trouble, by ognawk (COMPLETE!): "Conrad Lanser was still looking over Alison's work with an air of concentration, stroking his beard as he did so. He didn't notice Alison walk up near to him, wine glass in hand." (Part 3)

  • Her Friend, by macross (part 3): "It had all begun with the phone waking her up at 8:25 am in her Boston apartment, after managing to find the accursed set on her nightstand she was bewildered to see the caller ID read Morgendorffer. Upon answering it she was alarmed to hear her six-year-old niece tearfully whimper, 'Aunt Amy please come get me.'"

  • Losers No More, by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'So,' Jane drawled as one of the J's walked by while holding an icepack over his swelling face, 'On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how much of a train wreck was tonight's festivities?'"

  • Loss of Heart, by RLobinske (part 5): "After several minutes of reading in silence, Quinn said, 'Daria?' 'Yes?' 'Are you ready to go back to school Monday?'"

  • Rude Awakening: The Holidays in NE are just as crazy!, by DIsaac (part 2): "DARIA: You know I can take solace in the fact that Sandi will NEVER EVER wear a Christmas Sweater in her life. (Sandi walks in with an extremely loud Christmas Sweater) SANDI: How does it look? DARIA: Oh. My. God. When did becoming a mom mean you lose all fashion sense?"