Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap? Leap! Leap Leap!

Jodie and Mack are leaping in honor of Leap Day, and you can tell someone to go take a flying leap too, if you want! Or just enjoy the random extra day tacked onto this year's calendar. I just want to know one thing, though. If we were going to get an extra day, why did it have to be a Monday?

Fanfic Update!
  • Action Stories #6: Struck by Lightning, by NightGoblyn (parts 4 and 5): "'This is amazing,' Dr. Klein muttered, staring at her computer display. 'I'm going to have to revise some of my theories, and I'm not the only one. This could mean that we were in error about some of the fundamental underpinnings of scientific thought.'" (Part 5)

  • Cynic and a Six-String, by fringeperson (part 2): "Daria didn't get to meet the infamously sleeping elder brother until about a week after the self-esteem classes were behind them."

  • Daria: College Pains The Sophomore Year, by James the Lesser (part 15): "Quinn screams with Lindy and a couple others as Mystic Spiral finish up their set. They are at a huge concert set up by MTV."

  • A Friendship Past, by elainefr (COMPLETE!): "'You look great tonight,' he openly admired how the soft green of the top that she wore brought out the fleck of gold in her brown eyes."

  • The Geek's Expose, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 1): "At the Morgendorffer's house, they were watching a home video, from Daria's third birthday. Young Quinn blew out the birthday candle's first. 'Hey! You're ruining my birthday cake!' Young Daria said."

  • Hana Hou, Pt 2, by metameric1 (parts 7 and 8): "She looked down towards the tiny cove, and even in the bright, early afternoon light the scene was surreal." (Part 8)

  • James the Lesser Presents Vinny Lane, by James the Lesser (part 32): "Vinny nears the track coaches house while out on a run. 'Show time.' The coach had started bothering him about joining the track team again."

  • Lawndale & Sandi Griffin's Genie: Future Excerpt 1, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 4): "When Quinn, Daria, Trevor and Elly entered the assembly hall they found another person entering through another door. 'You are looking for the emerald to?' she asked."

  • New and Old (Iron Chef: Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by VolantRedX (COMPLETE!): "Daria had been at this fancy party ten minutes and was already regretting twisting Tom's arm about not asking her to these things."

Saturday, February 27, 2016

No, Really: Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb?

This holiday, No Brainer Day, was made just for Kevin! If anything, he might even be overqualified. Today's the day to ask easy questions and/or give stupid answers, depending on your preference. Or just do no thinking at all. Pretend you're in Mr. DeMartino's class.

Fandom News!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


It's Pistol Patent Day, the anniversary of the day Samuel Colt patented his revolver in 1836. I'm not sure if Upchuck with a gun is scarier than Upchuck without one, but I'd feel better if he wiped that cheesy grin off his face.

Today is also the anniversary of the episode "Partner's Complaint," which first aired on this day in 2000. I think Jane should be glad Daria wasn't carrying a pistol when she kept going on about Tom, although they did work things out in the end. Without pistols, I mean--although that could be a fun AU fic.

Fanfic Update!
  • Acquainted (Ideas!), by Princess_Pasta (COMPLETE!): "The brisk wind hit Daria Morgendorffer full force as she rushed from the parking lot, the icy chill tearing through her auburn hair as she hugged her gray peacoat closer to her body."

  • Action Stories #6: Struck by Lightning, by NightGoblyn (parts 1 - 3): "'Ugh,' Quinn said, wrapping her arms around herself. 'Out of the fire and into the icebox.' She pulled out her Legion phone and powered it up, frowning at the small 'no service' icon." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Invader Quinn Season Three, by Anguirus1955 (part 1): "'No! NOOO!!! You'll pay for this,' Miss Bitters said into the phone. 'Well, students, despite my moral outrage, Principal Li is allowing you all to celebrate Valentine's Day today,' Miss Bitters said to her class with clear distaste in her voice."

  • Take a Walk in my Shoes, by DIsaac (part 5): "To say it was a normal at Lawndale High the day after that shooting star was a flat out lie. Things were Topsy Turvy."

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef : MMORPG, Lawndale style), by Waylander (part 14): "Darlene wasn't sure what to expect as she approached the wrought-iron gates of the Old Cemetery. Was it going to be infested with zombies? Or she was supposed to find a passage to a secret dungeon in one of the old crypts?"

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Paintball Tennis, Anyone?

Daria's surprisingly willing to join an extracurricular activity for Play Tennis Day, but maybe Jodie finally wore her down. Or if Jodie couldn't talk Daria into joining her on the tennis team, maybe Jake did. Apparently he wanted to go to tennis camp instead of military school, so this could be his chance to live vicariously through his daughter.

Speaking of unwanted physical exertion, today is also the anniversary of the episode "The Daria Hunter," which aired on this day in 1998. Jane revealed her love of Great White Sharks while Quinn and Sandi's rivalry reached new heights.

Fandom News!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Loooook Intooooo Myyyy Cryyyystal Baaaaall....

Tiffany's ready to tell your fortune on this fine Card Reading Day, but I wouldn't take her up on it unless you've got a few hours to spare. By the time she finishes predicting your future, the future will be here.

The deadline for voting in the 2015 Daria Fanworks Awards is today! If you want your vote to count, send it in by 11:59 PM (23:59) UTC.

Fanfic Update!
  • Cynic and a Six-String, by fringeperson (part 1): "When the Morgendorffer family were packing up their house in Texas, it was decided that they would also do a thorough clean-out – something they hadn't done the previous couple of times they'd moved, and almost didn't this time either."

  • Hana Hou, Pt 2, by metameric1 (part 6): "When we are gone, what then? Kimmy will remember us, and after that… Trent told me that was why he'd begun his archiving project, to create something of a repository for the less famous musicians he knows."

  • Lawndale 2021 Season Three, by Anguirus1955 (part 5): "Jane Lane opened her eyes groggily as Trent gently shook her shoulder. 'Janey, you need to wake up,' Trent said. 'Don't wanna,' Jane replied sleepily."

  • Morado Lluvia (Write-Off Challenge 1.3!), by baelparagon (COMPLETE!): "It was another day in Lawndale High as Ms. Defoe was surveying her students work. Around twenty students were currently splashing their brushes onto the canvas."

  • Mysteries of Lawndale 03: Night of the Coffee House, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 2): "Twenty five minutes later, the group arrived at the scene of the crime in Trent's car. 'Ms. Morgendorffer?' One of the officers on the scene asked. 'Daria,' she said holding out her hand."

  • A Night In, by Zetor (part 1): "Jane ran her fingers through her hair as she looked over the ruin of a living room. She loved her girls but they did more damage than an F5. Each."

  • Thanks-a-lot (Daria and the Gang Thread), by Roentgen (COMPLETE!): "Daria was studying in her room when she smelled something. It was a faint scent, but despite the perfume which masked it, she recognized it immediatedly."

  • Unnamed story (Crossovers Still Crossing Over), by NightGoblyn (COMPLETE!): "'Enter.' The woman, a short brunette in the green fatigues that served as casual wear on an Army base, pushed the door open and stepped into the office."

Friday, February 19, 2016

That's...Not How Feminism Works

Barch is, in her own way, observing the anniversary of The Feminine Mystique, which was first published on this day in 1963. I don't think her particular viewpoint was what author Betty Friedan had in mind when she wrote it, but I have little doubt that the book sits prominently on Barch's bookshelf.

Today we also observe the anniversary of the episode "Fizz Ed," which aired on this day in 2001. I suppose we'll never know if Kevin really decided to name his firstborn Ultra Cola Thompson, but I'd like to think he did.

Fandom News!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So She Really Did Make a Dainty Garland for Her Head and Sing!

Be sure you don't miss Quinn performing "Madama Butterfly," which premiered on this day in 1904. She'll be singing in the automotive department at Payday, and while you're there could you pick up some bootlaces and barbecue sauce?

Speaking of singing, today is also the anniversary of the musical episode "Daria!," which aired on this day in 1999. There weren't any people dressed as Vikings, but I'm pretty sure there weren't any in "Madama Butterfly" either.

Fanfic Update!
  • Bathroom breaks, by Indigo (COMPLETE!): "In a reversal of their usual routine, Jane Lane headed for the bathroom at the Zon and her friend Daria Morgendorffer stayed to watch the end of Mystik Spiral's first set."

  • The Cynic and the Polyglot (Two Fluff Pieces for Valentine's Day Weekend), by EntrancedCat (COMPLETE!): "'That's not possible because you don't have, eap...' Daria fell silent. Habits are powerful things and Daria just barely stopped herself from mouthing the reflexive snark which would have easily rolled off her tongue a year or more past."

  • Hana Hou, Pt 2, by metameric1 (part 5): "Where did you come from, really? Daria leaned against the girl's bedroom doorframe as her eyes adjusted to the darkness."

  • James the Lesser Presents Vinny Lane, by James the Lesser (part 30): "Vinny is at the zoo with Trent. He stares at a tiger and it stares back at him. 'I know what I'm going to do.' 'Ok.'"

  • Mysteries of Lawndale 03: Night of the Coffee House, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 1): "It was late at night in Lawndale. It was quiet. It wouldn't remain quiet for much longer."

  • The Punk and the Fashion Plate (Two Fluff Pieces for Valentine's Day Weekend), by EntrancedCat (COMPLETE!): "'Monique, kick it off and let's kick ass,' Gretchen nodded as she commanded me to get the party started. I gave Gretch what I hoped was my sweetest smile." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Something Old, Something New, by Princess_Pasta (COMPLETE!): "'I can't believe I invited you to this'. Jane Lane stood on the Morgendorffer's doorstep like she had several times before though this was no ordinary circumstance."

  • You'll Know When You Have Kids of Your Own, by metameric1 (part 10): "Les Michaelson put the old Telecaster down in a stand and stretched. 'Awesome track, Les,' came the word from the control room. Sam, the engineer, flashed him a thumbs up from behind the glass. 'Take five.'"

Monday, February 15, 2016

Please Do Not Wear Sandals Today...Trust Me On This

The Holiday Island High School presidents are celebrating President's Day, and I can only assume they have to share because they are really just that unpopular on Holiday Island. Or maybe it's budget cuts.

This is also Singles Awareness Day, so to all you single people out there...hi! We're aware of you!

Fandom News!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Holiday For All of the DJs Out There, Lame or Otherwise!

Bing--or is it Spatula Man?--is inviting everyone to celebrate World Radio Day today on Zeeeeeeeee 93! If you call in right now, you could win a free T-shirt! Or you could just save your sanity and change the station.

For all of you fans of non-annoying radio out there, here's Free Radio Lawndale by Ken Tremberth and Erin Mills. Enjoy!

Fanfic Update!
  • Daria and Jane With Garterbelt (World's Shortest Crossover, Part XIV: The Crossover Awakens!), by Anguirus1955 (COMPLETE!): "'So, let me get this straight,' Jane said inquisitively as she looked at the large black priest, with Afro-est Afro ever, who stood before her."

  • Fractured (Ideas!), by Princess_Pasta (COMPLETE!): "'If you ever need to speak with anyone...' Something clattered against the floor and it took Daria a moment to realize that she'd dropped her fork."

  • Hana Hou, Pt 2, by metameric1 (part 4): "She'd long since grown accustomed to the way she would sometimes hear fragments of sound that spoke of smiles and laughter and sadness. They drifted down from the dry rustle of bamboo leaves and the hollow resonance of the culms when they happened to bump together."

  • James the Lesser Presents Vinny Lane, by James the Lesser (part 28): "Vinny calls Daria after throwing Tom out of Casa Lane. 'He ate my gummy bears!'"

  • The Knight Air (Iron Chef: Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by EntrancedCat (COMPLETE!): "Jennifer 'Burnout Girl' Burns paused dramatically with her hand about to turn over and place the last card. She smirked at her friend, Andrea Engebretson. 'How much you wanna bet on what this last card is, Andy?'"

  • Lawndale 2021 Season Three, by Anguirus1955 (parts 3 and 4): "In the bridge of Sealab, Daria Morgendorffer slept peacefully at her post while Jodene Sparks played Mahjong on one of his communication consoles. Sparks glanced over at Daria and frowned. 'Hey... slacking off is my job,' he said to himself." (Part 4)

  • The Many Doctors, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 34): "The TARDIS materialized in a space that resembled a museum. The Doctor, Rose and Felicia emerged. 'Where is this?' Felicia asked. 'Earth. Utah, North America. About half a mile underground,' the Doctor answered."

  • Taking Things Slow (Zetor's thread for misfit stories), by Zetor (COMPLETE!): "Trent looked down at the crowd as Mystick spiral finished their set. They'd really been on their game; he'd counted seven people that noticed when they'd stopped playing."

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Try Not to Spill Milk on Your Friends, Either

Jake clearly gets the point of Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day, as he doesn't seem about to spill any of the stuff at all this time. I do hope that he also remembers that one shouldn't clean up spilled milk with paper towels near open flames, either.

Today is also Make a Friend Day, so if you get stuck in any self-esteem classes then be sure to take note of any snarky artists in the room. You never know what might happen.

Fandom News!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!

Daria and Tom aren't into the Mardi Gras spirit, but then again who can blame them? Their last parade experience didn't go so well, after all. I also doubt that Lawndale's Mardi Gras parade is anything close to as exciting as the ones in New Orleans, either.

Fanfic Update!
  • Close to Heaven (Iron Chef: Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by Anguirus1955 (COMPLETE!): "Heads or tails? Heads or tails? Go inside or head home and spend another Saturday alone since Daria's gotten back together Tom? Heads or tails? Heads or tails? Jane watched as the quarter flipped through the air before she caught it in her hand and pressed it against her other wrist before lifting her hand up."

  • Daria Wars: Episode XXVII: A Medieval Menace (World's Shortest Crossover, Part XIV: The Crossover Awakens!), by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (COMPLETE!): "Daria had had enough of the medieval fair, and she hadn't even met Jane yet. 'Where is she?' she asked aloud. She could see the Fashion Club nearby, at a pie booth."

  • Hana Hou, Pt 2, by metameric1 (part 3): "Truth lay folded before emergence, like the wings of a Monarch butterfly within the tissue-thin walls of a blackening cocoon."

  • Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, by BardsAmbrosia (COMPLETE!): "'Daria, please don't leave.' 'I have no choice in the matter, (Y/n).' 'Damnit!'"

  • Passing the Torch (Iron Chef: Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by mailorderannie (COMPLETE!): "'Hey, thanks, Joey, for dragging all this equipment in," Kevin said as he unlocked the door to the coach's office, in the deserted locker room' 'No problem, it gave me a change of pace from getting things for Quinn.'"

  • Stacy Morgendorffer, by RĂ©mi (part 3): "Daria was quietly watching an episode of Sick, sad world in her room when she heard a soft knock at her door. 'I am not there. If you have a communication to transmit to me, come back tomorrow. Or never. Preferably never.'"

  • Strange Reaction (Iron Chef: Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by Zetor (COMPLETE!): "Artemis Walker watched from the bushes as a rusted sedan pulled into the small forest clearing. He'd been tracking this one for weeks."

  • Take a Walk in my Shoes, by DIsaac (part 4): "Well Remember Andrea and Scarlett, The ones that I told you to remember for later on in the story. They noticed things were different right when they woke up that morning as well."

  • Typical Episode of Gundam or How the Eighth Fleet was Destroyed (World's Shortest Crossover, Part XIV: The Crossover Awakens!), by Kuriamo22 (COMPLETE!): "Captain Matthews looked smugly on the as he gazed out the window on the bridge of the Earth Alliance Battleship Kirkpatrick a Nelson class ship at the center of the Eighth fleet enroute to Earth after completing their mission in the L5 colony cluster."

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef : MMORPG, Lawndale style), by Waylander (parts 12 and 13): "After Razorfin's departure Darlene was torn between anger and embarrassment. She doubted the new players often find themselves in such a predicament. I wonder if I managed to offend some Altherran deity." (Part 13)

  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: The Madness Sets In), by JoeMerl (COMPLETE!): "Kevin and Brittany clasped their hands together, watching as their son raced down the football field."

Sunday, February 7, 2016

That Greeting Card Industry Isn't Going to Support Itself!

Quinn's clearly enjoying Send a Card to a Friend Day, although I'm willing to bet she didn't bother to send any cards of her own out. Such a shame, specially since she once had such a promising career ahead of her as a greeting card poem writer.

Today is also Superbowl Sunday, so be on the lookout for any school review meetings Ms. Li might be trying to sneak past you. Also, beware of dip--short for dipsaster!

Fandom News!

Friday, February 5, 2016

"What does science know?"

Don't touch that dial! It's National Weatherperson's Day, and you might want to stay tuned in case there's a hurricane on the way. You wouldn't want to get trapped in a shed with Kevin and Brittany, would you? Especially once they start singing.

Fanfic Update!
  • Daria Ravenclaw: The Highland Years, by Meester_Lee (part 1): "It was a small one-story wooden house with novelty siding and a cheap asphalt-shingled roof built during a building boom that coincided with a build-up of manned bombers during the early Cold War."

  • Do You Have a Spare Pen? (Iron Chef: Random Pairing Challenge 2014!), by JoeMerl (COMPLETE!): "Jodie paused, took a deep breath and stepped into the room, ready to begin her first class at Crestmore University."

  • Hana Hou, Pt 2, by metameric1 (part 2): "The big Zodiac inflatable boat slammed into the crest of the wave, going airborne for a moment before dropping hard into the trough. Kyle rode the floor like a surfboard, throttling the twin two hundred horsepower Mercury outboards carefully to pace the face of the wave now rising just behind them."

  • Hunter (Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by Zetor (COMPLETE!): "Charles Ruttheimer III looked down at his lecture notes and sighed. He'd been a rising star of the business world, at least until all those sexual harassment suits."

  • Invader Quinn Season Two, by Anguirus1955 (COMPLETE!): "Daria and Jane had just walked in the door when Daria's cell phone rang. 'Hello?' she asked as she answered it. 'Hey, is this my favorite niece I'm speaking to?' asked a voice on the other end."

  • Lawndale 2021 Season Three, by Anguirus1955 (part 2): "When Daria Morgendorffer entered the bridge of Sealab, she noticed that Captain Murphy was unusually irate. She listened to his ranting as she walked over to her station and grabbed her headset."

  • Marathon, by smarty0007 (COMPLETE!): "'Daria? Hey, Daria. Wake up.' 'Don't wanna...'"

  • Morning In The Park With Jane, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "'Do we need to wait here? Why can't we just wait over by Legion Tower?' Barry Bruce ran his fingers over the neck strap attached to his Canon camera, and idly dreamed of the much, much better camera that he'd get one day, if he could ever get a really good photo of something worthwhile..."

  • Shelter from the storm, by Indigo (COMPLETE!): "The snow was falling thickly as Daria pulled into the drive on Glen Oaks Lane. She was glad that she had decided to leave Boston for the Christmas break a day early, although the forecast of snow was not the only reason she had done so."

  • To Each Their Own (Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by Princess_Pasta (COMPLETE!): "'I can't believe the nerve of her!' 'I know, it's as if she has no interest in you whatsoever'. Tori Jericho rolled her eyes as she listened to one of her best friend's latest tirades."

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by tafka (COMPLETE!): "Garrett looked at the new hire. The slight blonde girl could merely be under-sized, but if he was any judge, he'd guess under-aged. Still, she did have what they were looking for – some small talent and moderately presentable looks."

  • Watch the Carnage (Random Pairing Challenge 2016!), by JoeMerl (COMPLETE!): "'Oh, yeah?! Do you think I'm, like, stupid or something?!' 'Well, it's not exactly smart to wear that top with fandango jeans, now is it?!'"

  • You'll Know When You Have Kids of Your Own, by metameric1 (part 9): "'Sam?' Trent called, hearing the muffled grunting as the recording engineer fiddled with one of the more vintage pieces in the effects rack."

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tickle This, Birthday Boy

Daria's in one of her more disturbing alter egos in honor of Sesame Street character Elmo's birthday. Love him or hate him (and I think more people lean toward the latter), the little red muppet has had a big impact on children.

Fandom News!

Monday, February 1, 2016

I Think They Might Have Missed the Point

Helen and Jake are all set for National Bird-Feeding Month, and you can join in, too! Although I think it might be simpler if you just set up a bird feeder in your yard. I'd love to see Jake's reaction to the squirrels that try to steal from our bird feeder. The battle would be epic.

Fanfic Update!
  • DariaBrittany (Iron Chef: Brittany & Daria Swap), by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (parts 1 and 2): "Daria awoke. 'It's too early,' she thought. She tried to go back to sleep, but found that she couldn't. She sat up. Something wasn't right." (Part 2)

  • Decisions, by elainefr (part 4): "He's not talking about me! He's thinking about her…..even now!"

  • Invader Quinn Season Two, by Anguirus1955 (part 11): "'And so, like the alien said, come out to commune with the Bloch. So, I, like, left my husband and came out here to commune with the Bloch,' a blonde woman with glasses said."

  • James the Lesser Presents Vinny Lane, by James the Lesser (part 25): "Ms. Li was back from her suspension. She was ready to get back to doing what she did best."

  • Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie: Future Excerpt 3, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 2): "A few minutes later, the Away Team beamed down. Back at Lawndale High, Samara was checking her email. 'Wait, how could this email have a "Send" date in February 1969? There was no internet then.'"

  • Lawndale 2021 Season 3, by Anguirus1955 (part 1): "Daria blinked as she looked around the bridge. 'That was weird,' she said to herself quietly as she noticed Sparks talking to the crew of a small transport sub."

  • A Long Sleeve Day (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: The Madness Sets In), by Zetor (COMPLETE!): "Too much. It was just too much. She always screwed everything up."

  • Look Into My Eyes (Scenes No Daria Fan-Fic Should Have: The Madness Sets In), by Anguirus1955 (COMPLETE!): "Quinn Morgendorffer walked into the bathroom and shut the door. "Oh, what did I eat?" she asked painfully as she sat down on the toilet."

  • Quinn's Code 15: Yeager 0.68 Beta, Morgendorffer 1.05 RC, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (COMPLETE!): "Daria Morgendorffer walked into the kitchen. She saw her mother rummaging in the kitchen. 'Hiding the cooking sherry from Dad?' 'I'm going to make some bread, Daria,' Helen said as she pulled out a breadmaker and set it on the counter."

  • Take a Walk in my Shoes, by DIsaac (parts 2 - 3.5): "Andrea do have a point on the universe on keeping promises. Daria and Brittany thought it was a meaningless handshake joke and 99% of the time they would be right but tonight is way different. For Tonight is the night of the shooting star." (Part 2.5 (Part 3) (Part 3.5)

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef : MMORPG, Lawndale style), by Waylander (part 11): "'...And don't come back, you plaguesome brat!' Solano kept himself from wincing as the old baker's tirade ended abruptly and the door slammed shut. For a short portly Gnome the he has got quite a set of lungs on him."