Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Props for the Bingo, Though

Daria and her parents are celebrating Scrabble Day, or maybe Helen and Jake simply made the unwise choice to ground Daria again. I feel kind of sorry for Daria, though; that's an impressive word to play, but she just barely missed the triple word score. Such a shame.

Fanfic Update!
  • The Adventures of Empress Daria (World's Shortest Crossover, Part XIV: The Crossover Awakens!), by Kuriamo22 (COMPLETE!): "Jane walked into the oval office with a stern look on her face. 'Well looks like someone's certainly been busy.' Daria clad in black glared at her former friend with her eerie yellow eyes, 'Well you finally made it back I see. I hope your trip was uneventful.'"

  • Dystopia, by mailorderannie (parts 6 and 7): "Linda Griffin stirred in her bed, waking up and wiggling out of her latest boytoy's arms at the knocking on her bedroom door." (Part 7)

  • Fateful Encounter, by angieo (part 1): "For the eight-hundredth consecutive day since the Morgendorffer family had moved to Lawndale Town, Daria had found herself being startled into wakefulness by the all-too-cheerful squawking of a passing flock of Pidgey; the tiny birds fluttered past the window in full voice, and despite her best efforts to suffocate herself with the pillow, there was no respite to be had from the uproar."

  • Rude Awakening ep 15: Paintballing your troubles away!, by DIsaac (part 1): "JODIE: Staff, Let's welcome Danny Todds and Julia Carlyle to the team. (Unamused yah is said by all)"

  • Unnamed story (Scenes that should be: Pacific Rimmers), by Szcz (COMPLETE!): "Now we see the door, the Burnout Girl and the easel standing near her chair. Daria stands in the doorway. She wears the same cowboy like suit, but has a cowboy hat, hanging behind her back instead of beret."

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