Monday, October 23, 2017

Now THAT'S Mental in the Morning!

Daria and Jane are wishing everyone an unnaturally cheerful good morning to everyone on TV Talk Show Host Day. Seriously, what's going on with Jane's grin? I think it's trying to eat my soul.

On this day 15 years ago, the Fashion Club made a cameo appearance in the online comic strip Mall Monkeys! I'm sure they were horrified to be included in something as (ugh) geeky as a web comic.

Fanfic Update!
  • Black Cloaks of Lawndale, by Waylander (part 30): "KA-BOOM! Quinn wrinkled her nose at the memory of her sister practicing Earth magic in the backyard. Daria was shattering the rocks and making them explode."

  • Dammit Daria, by SexshiTiTePaNtZ (part 9): "A stained mattress, a lamp without a shade, a pair of tarnished silver candlesticks, chunks of candle wax melted down the sides of each stick and stuck to the surface of a beat-up dresser."

  • Fates Entwined, by Deep Metal (part 10): "'Hey guys,' Daria said as she met up with Karen and Ted at practice. 'Hey Daria,' Karen waved. Today, the women's self-defense class only seemed to consist of Daria, Karen, and Ted, thanks in part to that day being a rather rainy and dreary day."

  • The Morgendorffer's Shadow, by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): "There was a small conference room on the third floor of Legion Tower that everyone had taken to calling 'The Box'."

  • The Move, by dmsfanman (part 1): "It wasn't often that Daria had a headache, but now was one of those times. She was seriously thinking of taking something for it."

  • Quinn, Episode 10: Sisters Gone Wild, by WildDogJJ (COMPLETE!): "We see Stacy, Quinn, Daria and Jane sunbathing on the beach. Stacy is wearing a blue strap bikini while Quinn is in a pink string bikini and Daria is in a leopard print string bikini. Jane is in a red strap bikini that has a push up top for the purpose of making certain...features appear bigger. The sight is one of Upchucks dreams come true." (Part 3)

  • Quinn, Episode 11: Acceptance, by WildDogJJ (COMPLETE!): "We see Quinn, Stacy and Tiffany having lunch at their usual table. Sandi is still not on good terms with them. Stacy looks happy. Stacy: I got back my college acceptance letters today. I was accepted at both State U and Lawndale State. Quinn: Stacy, that's great." (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • Unnamed story (LLH - Short Entries), by Roentgen (part 53): "'I don't understand this,' Helen said. 'I don't even know why you're telling me this. For God's sake, Daria – what are you doing?'"

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