Saturday, April 4, 2020


Everyone make sure your rats are well-medicated for World Rat Day! If not, they might not be able to solve the maze Daria and Kevin (ha!) worked so hard on.

Today is also Tell a Lie Day, so here's a doozy for you: Daria and Trent make the perfect couple and belong together forever!

Ugh. Now I just feel dirty. The bad kind of dirty.

Fanfic Update!
  • Burned Out, by Wrabbit7 (part 19): "Standing in line to the locally owned, Playhouse 99 movie theater, Jennifer stared at Daria in shock. 'Let me get this straight, he wanted you to watch her spawning?'"

  • Daria of Morsang-sur-Orge, by RĂ©mi (parts 2 - 4): "The sisters were greated in the dungeon hall by their family. Their two brothers, Hugues and Arnaud, were already sitted at table and eating their breakfast with an hearty appetite. Hugues had an amused smile on his lips." (Part 3) (Part 4)

  • It's Only A Pandemic!, by DIsaac (part 3): "(Kevin is doing what he does every night, watching all the games he can while he works his show. He is reading about The Blue Jackets being the first team to play without fans after The Governor there banned crowds of less than 100 people. Also that same day The NCAA announced that the March Madness Men's and Women's Tournament would be played without fans. That was going to be the topic until...)"

  • Lucky, it's Past, by Lady Evil (part 1): "Life would change forever for Ms. Li that Monday afternoon."

  • Seriously!? (Iron Chef: QUARANTINE!), by Vukodlak (part 1): "The anticipation was now over it had been announced that starting Monday, Lawndale would be on lockdown. So where ever you wanted to shelter-in-place you were to be there by then."

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