Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A Junky Sort of Day

Tom chose the wrong way to celebrate National Junk Food Day, because Jane is most likely going to kill him and use his remains as an alternate art project. Enjoy plenty of ZooZoo Drops, Juicy Joes, fries, pizza, and whatever else you can find today!

Today is also the anniversary of "The Misery Chick" in 1997 and "Jake of Hearts" in 1999. Both episodes dabbled a little on the dark side, with Tommy Sherman dying in one and Jake having a brush with death in the other, but I don't remember a lot of junk food in either.

Fanfic Update!
  • Erin Chambers, by OzFerret (part 42): "Erin had wondered if she would ever get used to sleeping in a moving bed. Now Athena’s gentle rocking seemed so relaxing, she wondered if she would ever be able to sleep in a steady bed again."

  • Heavenly Wuss (The 1002 Deaths of Tom Sloane), by Lady Evil (COMPLETE!): "'Look, maybe we just jumped into this dating stuff too fast.' said Daria. 'Maybe we need to take a break.'"

  • Journey into Misery, by Captain Marbles (part 4): "It was a dark and stormy night, and in Sloatstown, somewhere in the Midwest, thirteen people - seven women and six men - sat around a round table marked by a pentagram in a darkened room lit only by thirteen black candles."

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