Friday, July 17, 2020

Beauty and the Beasts

Jane is looking especially family-friendly as Snow White, because today is the 65th anniversary of Disneyland. The park opened in 1955, and sports figures (probably including Kevin) have aspired to go there ever since. I can't guess what Jane's opinion of Disney might be, because on the one hand it's cutesy and not her style at all, but we also know that she hopes to get a job as an animator there. I guess we always knew Jane's personal scruples were for sale (see "Art Burn" and "Malled").

Fanfic Update!
  • Backseat for No One, by EntrancedCat (part 9): "'Gah,' Daria jerked her head back as she stepped onto the Morgendorffer driveway. 'Get that thing out of my face.'"

  • Danny Morgendorffer, by ST91 (part 47): "'Here it is. This is the last one!' Daniel exclaimed, placing a heavy box on the ground. 'Home Sweet Home.' Said the girl with him."

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