Sunday, May 8, 2022

Motherhood is Decidedly Not Shiny

Happy Mother's Day to every mother out there, but especially Tiffany, who is clearly not having one of her best days. Kudos to her for keeping her figure, though! That's right, Tiffany: you still do not look freaking fat.

Today is also No Socks Day, so mothers everywhere can air out those stinky feet! What, were you expecting flowers or a spa day or something? Pffft.

Fanfic Update!
  • Beach Party Invitation, by cfardellbrenorenz29 (part 2): "After bribing the guard with Jane’s life drawings, they entered Crewe Neck. “Interesting instrumentals,” Daria commented as they approached the Taylor’s mansion."

  • Her Last Words, by Sheila Wisz Ellayn (parts 5 - 8): "It was already night at the peaceful streets of Lawndale, with the vast and lonely gardens, the sounds of birds and crickets and a few lights coming from every house here and there." (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8)

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