Friday, July 4, 2008


July 4th is a big day in Daria fandom, given the number of stories that take place on that day. It was of course the day of the Landons' party in Is It Fall Yet? (scene 20). It has also appeared in the following fanfics.

Best Served Cold (Ms. Geek)
By the Twilight (Wildgoose)
Family Collision (Richard Lobinske)
Fast Times at Lawndale High (Danny Bronstein)
Fireworks (C. E. Foreman)
Fun on the Fourth (Richard Lobinske)
If You Only Walk Long Enough (TAG)

Several stories as yet incomplete are due to take place on July 4th: Chapter 16 of Mike Xeno's Sarcasm at 1600, and Brother Grimace's Moonflower.

Do you recall any other Fourth of July Daria stories? If so, post them below in Comments.

More later. Party on most righteously!


Anonymous said...

I recall being very irritated when summer school wasn't cancelled for Independence Day.

The Angst Guy said...

Ow! That bites. That's unpatriotic.