Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Now She IS a Damn Chocolate Bar!

Looks like Mrs. Johanssen's wildest dream has come true in what can only be described as a National Milk Chocolate Day miracle. The downside is that eating her favorite food now qualifies as cannibalism.

Today is also the anniversary of the episode "Speedtrapped" in 1999. Never mind the fun of seeing Daria and Quinn work together or Mystik Spiral's take on children's songs--the real takeaway is the PSA about never picking up hitchhikers. They might be axe murderers or, worse, country music singers!

Fanfic Update!
  • The Barksdale Son (Iron Chef: Daria The Youngest Barksdale), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'Yo Daniel!' Daniel Barksdale glanced up from his laptop and the pile of books in front of him, the speaker was a friendly acquaintance of his, Julius Cornell."

  • Big In Japan, by WildDogJJ (part 1): "A US Army patrol was traipsing through the jungle sweating profousely in the brutally hot sun. It's only April, but the heat and humidity are already unbearable."

  • Daria on the Trail (Daria Landing In Another Fanfiction: An Experiment), by Meester_Lee (part 7): "The Northerner was gone when Mrs. Trout awoke Daria the next morning."

  • Daria: Spring Is Icumin In, by Meester_Lee (part 2): "Amy Barksdale glared at her new ride’s dashboard to no avail. Not only would her new sports car not start up, the dashboard wouldn’t light up either."

  • Ozark Odyssey (Linn's short stories (or ficlets, drabbles...)), by Linnofthewoods (parts 1 and 2): "'Welcome aboard,' the airline pilot spoke into the microphone. 'Our flight to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport should be approximately four and a half hours.'" (Part 2)

  • The Youngest Barksdale (Iron Chef: Daria The Youngest Barksdale), by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 1): "Daria Barksdale looked at Lawndale as the plane flew over on approach to the airport. She still wasn’t sure why she had to live with Helen and her family."

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