Saturday, August 2, 2008

Smoochy Anniversary

Ah, yes. "Dye! Dye! My Darling" premiered eight years ago today. That was the very first Daria episode I ever saw. I got to watch about 20 minutes of it in a hotel in St. Louis that year, before Is It Fall Yet? came out.

I was stunned. It was amazing to see a cartoon like that. I had heard about it a few years earlier, but the reality really caught me off-guard.

The funny thing way, the first time I saw it, I liked the whole thing with The Kiss. It was pure angst. I was hooked, but I did not see more than 10 minutes of any other episode until long after Daria was off the air. I started writing fanfic on that basis alone.

Angst. It smells like . . . whoa.


Anonymous said...

The first episode I saw was Fat Like Me, and I felt exactly the same way. I felt that way after just the opening montage, actually. Instantly hooked.

Anonymous said...

I dont remember which ep i saw first but i also was hooked instantly. also i find it somewhat ironic that this ep premiered on my bday lol

slumshoes said...

"Dye, dye, my darling" is one of my favorite episode. I don't know why it got a 7 something score in TV.Com.

In my case, the first episode I saw was Esteemsters back in 1998 and saw some Season 1 episodes. I was but a teenager back then but not a Daria Fanatic. It was just 2 years ago (just finished college), that I became to appreciate the show, and realized Daria is someone who I want to be in life, someone who knows what to say at the right time. She is the ideal woman for me; smart, sarcastic, and sarcastic is enough. Not like the brain dead women who knows nothing but fashion, make up, and garbage like that...funny thing is Daria was re-introduced in my life because of Beavis and Butthead. I was surfing the web for these 2 dumbasses when I saw the name Daria Morgendorffer (I didn't know she was a recurring character in B&B and was surprised she became a spin-off later).