Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Look at Mr. O'Neill's Seating Charts

Pinhead and UU have kindly forwarded several screen captures from "Cafe Disaffecto" in which the resolution is much improved over previous images. The subject of these screen captures is Mr. O'Neill's seating charts for his second and third period English and/or literature classes. We're going to look at the second-period charts for Daria and Jane's class. These are presented without further ado.

The charts were uploaded to this blog as thumbnails, but you can click on them to pop them up to full size. Most of the names are as we thought, but a few things stand out with these improved views.
  1. The girl who sits in the far back, to Mr. O'Neill's right, is named Tania, as previously suspected.
  2. Shaggy, whose name we long thought was actually Dewey, might still be Dewey but also might be something slightly different. The lettering is more than a bit ambiguous. Dewan? Devan? WTF?
  3. The girl in the brown sweater who sits behind Kevin is not Jessica or Jennica, but Jenna.
  4. The occupant of the front-row seat to Mr. O'Neill's extreme right is known from the show to be Andrea, but the seating chart lists her as Haley. This oddity, too, has been commented on before.
In the Backgrounders website, Tania is the girl known as "Three Buttons" (but she's about to get her real name).
The best resolution I can get for "Dewey" is this image: Hmmm.

Comments? Previous digressions on this subject may be found by clicking on "seating chart" in Labels, below.


Lust said...

i'm still wondering as to why there's a spider in Daria's name, or i'm seeing wrong?

The Angst Guy said...

A spider walked across the papers, and sensitive Mr. O'Neill smashed it with his hand.

Raven said...

I'd be willing to bet that Andrea's real name is Haley. Now, why she chose to go by Andrea is a mystery...unless it's her middle name.

I'm also willing to bet that Dewan/Dewey is Devan...unless it's Dewayne and O'Neill ran out of space.

UU said...

'Haley' might be Andrea's surname -- what if she gave O'Neill her last name instead of her first -- just to mess with him? :)