Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Burger! Get! Get burger!"

Daria's about to enjoy National Cheeseburger Day, and Jane's probably out with Tom having two jumbo burgers and not feeling a thing. You could ask Skip if you can have one of his carefully-planned burgers, but I don't recommend it. He'd probably talk your ear off about Camp Grizzly while you tried to eat.

Fanfic Update!
  • The Appointment, by elainefr (COMPLETE!): "'You know she's in love with you.' Jesse Moreno stated to his longtime friend as they watched Daria's car disappear from the Lane driveway."

  • Burned Out, by Wrabbit75 (part 3): "Jennifer dipped the steak fry in a pool of green ketchup before putting it in her mouth to chew thoughtfully. She looked over at her sister in the darkened booth of the Zomblebee's restaurant to gauge her reaction to all this, and was a bit relieved to see acceptance."

  • Cynic and a Six-String, by fringeperson (part 31): "'I sense a worrying teen conspiracy afoot,' Jane commented to Daria in the hallways. 'No,' Daria answered. 'Quinn's just obeying orders by inviting one person to sleep over this weekend. Three times.'"

  • Daria (and other characters) on the Defiant Round Robin, by Roentgen, EntrancedCat, tafka, Brother Grimace, Meester_Lee, and peetz5050 (parts 7 - 21): "Catwoman made her way up back to the bridge to let everyone know that they had moved up from a foursome to a fivesome. That is, if their newest arrival survived that doctor that suddenly appeared out of nowhere." (Part 8 by EntrancedCat) (Part 9 by tafka) (Part 10 by Brother Grimace) (Part 11 by Meester_Lee) (Part 12 by tafka) (Part 13 by peetz5050) (Part 14 by Roentgen) (Part 15 by Meester_Lee) (Part 16 by Brother Grimace) (Part 17 by EntrancedCat) (Part 18 by Brother Grimace) (Part 19 by EntrancedCat) (Part 20 by Brother Grimace) (Part 21 by peetz5050)

  • Everlong, by Vlora (COMPLETE!): "Trent had plenty locked away between his ribs, songs, words, feelings, but it was loose and vague. He felt the throb of his temple, and the swirl of his guts, but neither of these sensations he could explain."

  • The Game, by dmsfanman (part 3): "After eating some dinner Tom and Daria started out toward Terry's house. The only place that hadn't had a line down the block was the Falafel Palace."

  • The girl in the shadow, by RĂ©mi (part 3): "The following weeks were hectic for Helen and her daughters. Helen had always been a hard worker, and Jake's defection increased the number of domestic chores she had to take care of, in addition of her professional activities."

  • JTL's Attempt to Finish Finn Morgendorffer, by James the Lesser (part 1): "Finn is in the back of the Tank with Jane while Daria rode upfront with Trent. They were headed out to Camp Grizzly where he, and Daria, had spent several summers."

  • The Many Doctors - Chapter 35, by cfardell_Brenorenz29 (part 2): "Soon... 'Now everyone behave,' the newswoman, Cathica said. 'We have a management inspection. How do you want it? By the book?'"

  • Me And My Monkey, by Dennis (COMPLETE!): "In class on Tuesday, Pete didn't say a word or even approach me. It was probably for the best, since I wouldn't have been very coherent."

  • The virus, the Genius, and some other things... (Scenes No Daria fanfic should have: 600 Years Afterward), by JPAGC (COMPLETE!): "Once upon a time, Daria and Quinn and Helen and Jake lived in Highland Then a meteor fell nearby and realeased an unkown, uncurable virus into the air."

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