Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is Daria coming back? Well, sort of...

Okay, so I am looking through SFMB and I see a post from yesterday by HelpfulSkittlesExplosion, or HSX the Great as we like to call her, and she points out that MTV is starting some kind of things called MTV2 Legit, which is what will be shown on Friday nights on channel MTV2. Each week, MTV2-Legit will feature some of the groundbreaking series from the 1990s that made MTV famous. Among the shows coming back is Beavis and Butt-head, so we are indeed getting Daria back on the tube, sort of, as a supporting character (see image at left).

Except, of course, we aren't going to get the actual show, Daria. I know there are rumors, but the show is not on the official list. Go to the website and see for yourself. Perhaps Daria says it best.

Why no Daria?

We have the craziest fandom. We have the only fandom on the planet Earth dedicated to a TV show that NO ONE will bring back. Excuse me for a moment.


I'm back. What the hell, it's worth it. That was (and is) a damn good show. One day, they will see the light. Until then, let the fandom keep rollin'.

P.S. I did add the Facebook Daria fan site to the recommended links at left. Enjoy.

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The Angst Guy said...

I should point out that any show brought back to life on MTV2-Legit would only be seen once every few weeks, to get all the other shows on, too.