Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wiki News Roundup

This is an excellent time to acknowledge the Herculean labors spent by some of our finest fans in sprucing up DariaWiki, our one-stop 411 fandom resource. Tremendous work has been put in by Richard Lobinske, Disco316, Doggieboy, Brother Grimace, and Roentgen, with helpful bits added by Quiverwing, Nighthawk, João Paulo Costa, Dennis, Silver, and HSX. Thank you all!

Some interesting new DariaWiki pages added of late include: Amy Bennett, Club Sandwich, A Crossover Too Far Back, Esper Prime, John Wayne's Horse, Pause in Life, The Road Home, StAnS gOdDesS, and A Trick or Treat.

In reviewing this post, Daria herself offers her personal assessment of these fine accomplishments. Stand tall, fans! Or, you know, not.


The Angst Guy said...

Just so everyone knows, the latest improvement I have made to this blog is that I can now create a smiley face! Just one, but it's my favorite.

Maybe a good time to ask: What else would you like for this blog to do? What other Daria fandom stuff can be covered here? Let me know.

the nightgoblyn said...

This blog is already pretty awesome. Nothing else springs to mind, really.