Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Tramp!

Happy birthday to the late Charlie Chaplin, born on this day in 1889. I suppose Mr. O'Neill makes people laugh in the same way Chaplin did...but Chaplin did so intentionally.

This is also Stress Awareness Day, and Jake has the following message for us all: "Why do people keep telling me I'm stressed? If I weren't stressed, I'd get stressed by everyone telling me I'm stressed!" Nice, calming words from a Zen master.

Fanfic Update!
  • ARC Ch.6 Drowned in a cappuccino, by ST91 (part 5): "'I'm sorry, I swear Andrea, I didn't want to peek, it was an accident. Those photos fell with the sheets, I took one without thinking about it.' 'Don't worry Daria, I know that you're not a busybody. Also you didn't know of the existence of those photos so you could not have taken them on purpose.'"

  • The Author as a Sadomachist (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have: Sick, Sad Edition), by PrecambrianStudios (COMPLETE!): "'So, Daria,' her lover asked. 'What kind of toys do you have for me?'"

  • Dylan, by J-D (part 19a): "It had only been because it was raining that Dylan and Rod had reluctantly accepted a ride from Ms FitzPatrick when they all came out of the movie theatre. That was just bad luck. It was more than bad luck, though, that made Ms FitzPatrick decide that having students make films of their own was Dylan's idea."

  • Emory and Claire (Emory Barksdale), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "In a room that was decked out in 'latter-day hippie', Emory Barksdale found himself naked as the day he was born, lying in bed with the sheets pulled down."

  • The Great Genderswap of Lawndale!, by Shiva (part 7): "Breakfast meant having to face his family, which normally involved Quinn commenting on his choice of unhealthy morning food, his mother burying her head in the paper, and Dad in working himself up into a frenzy to get to work. Now however things had changed, though how long it would last was a matter of debate."

  • Helen and the Ape, by SinisterExaggerator (part 3): "In the hospital, Jake lay propped up in a bed, and the first shards of light were beginning to pour into his mind. Coherence, however, would have to wait."

  • I'm Tagging With the Band: Hiring Amy (Scenes that should be: Polite Requests), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "It wasn't often that Amy Barksdale got an invitation to be interviewed for a publicist job, under most circumstances she would be the one to seek out the job rather than have one fall into her lap. 'Especially one that involves Mystik Spiral.'"

  • Isn't It Nice to Be Home? (IC: Thank God You're Here), by SinisterExaggerator (COMPLETE!): "'Thank God you're here.' Trent's alarmed greeting surprised Jane, visiting home from the post-collegiate art circuit. For him to break the shell of lethargy that normally surrounded him in a musky haze, she knew there had to be something going on."

  • Lindy's Car Crash (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have: Sick, Sad Edition), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "It had looked like something from a movie, as in a brief moment of stillness Lindy saw the other car through her windshield. No matter how much she had tried to brake, there simply wasn't enough time."

  • Losers No More, by Shiva (part 15): "Graham laughed nervously and shuffled his feet before saying, 'Daria, I- I'm not a good dancer.' 'I'm not a dancer at all.' She answered with a shrug. Graham's face began to fall. Daria sighed, 'Ok, we can dance a little bit.'"

  • Mack is a Dick: To Tommy Sherman (IC: Mack is a Dick), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "'That's the name. Don't wear it out. whoomp!' Tommy Sherman began to say before Mack grew sick of his arrogant mouth and socked him hard square in that busted up nose of his."

  • Nurse Goodnsexy Meets the Legion! (The Adventures of Nurse Goodnsexy), by Shiva (part 1): "After a couple of days of experimentation, that funny little bracelet began to reveal some of it's delicious little secrets."

  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Breakfast at Tiffany's), by Shiva (COMPLETE!): "Tiffany Blum-Deckler stood in front of the toaster, her eyes fixated on it's shininess and her reflection within it."

  • Victor Morgendorffer, by Shiva (part 10): "As Victor stepped into the living room, he had a little smirk on his face as he saw Quinn whining about Daria going to that cheerleader's party to their mother, who was only half-paying attention."

  • Vivian, by ST91 (part 8): "If anybody had observed Vivian's life in the last days he would have said that she was a very lucky woman."

  • Yunny: DA SEECWEL, by Brain Camper (part 2): "su den duh aloons cume and dey shey bwuy yu gunna bhee shpancked"

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