Thursday, April 3, 2008

Future Trent Speaks from the Past!

A little something salvaged from the old Daria site on MTV, rescued courtesy of the WayBack Machine. Thought it might be of interest. This was on the Mystik Spiral page.

An online musical odyssey
By Trent Lane

Yo. I gotta admit, I'm not a high tech kind of guy. I like my music raw and authentic -- the product of passion and commitment, not slick studio gimmicks. I prefer lo-fi distortion to cold digital accuracy, so delivering music over the Internet never really appealed to me. Then I learned that music sent over the net can be lo-fi and distorted, especially when you play it back through your bass amp with the blown speaker.

What's really cool about the Web is that it lets a band like Mystik Spiral speak directly to our fans. Who needs a giant corporation to promote your group, overexpose you when you make it big, and pay for your rehab when you lurch out of control? Nicholas did fine when we locked him in his house for a week and slipped Fruit Roll-Ups under the door.

Music should come from the soul. It's not about tours sponsored by pseudo-cool sodas or posing in leather pants for glossy magazine covers. It's not about groupies or partying or tossing TVs out hotel windows. It's about delving into the deepest depths of your being and channeling your emotions into art. The groupies and partying are just icing on the cake. The leather pants, too. (And with those cable mounts that go right into the wall, tossing TVs is just a hassle anyway.)

Mystik Spiral is using cyberspace to build a worldwide fan base, independent of the corporate machine. (Except for the corporations that make our computers and instruments and the one that owns our web provider.) We hope that by giving away our music, we can forge a bond with the international musical community. Some guy in Guam already invited us to crash at his place if we want. He's even got an air mattress.

Check out the Mystik Spiral Page on Help us achieve our new goal: building up our international fan base in Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, and Tahiti. We need a vacation bad.

[More to come! - TAG]


TAG the Triumphant said...

Notice that Trent uses "Internet" with a capital I. I rest my case.

TAG once more said...

Also, Nicholas has a drug problem.

medea42 said...

I had actually never seen this. But I feel good that it confirms some of my characterizations.

tag yet again said...

The transcript from Trent is verbatim (cut-and-paste). I had seen the "space Trent" picture only in tiny form until yesterday, and my astonishment at finding a BIG picture was boundless. More to come, when I crack REBURB.COM.