Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Give Me Money, That's What I Want

Two hundred sixteen years ago, the United States Mint was founded. Today the output of the U.S. Mint supports bazillions of teenagers worldwide in a lifestyle to which their parents cannot get accustomed.

Let's see what's on the Internet . . . Hard-driving drivers Roentgen, Brother Grimace, and Richard Lobinske have driven DariaWiki's driveway of immortality through their driven droves of drive. By which I mean, they've added a lot of new stuff. DariaWiki is now up to 1,713 articles, some of them useful.

Fortress CINCGREEN has unleashed a review of the final tale in Richard Lobinske's Last Summer series.

On PPMB, Hershey-chan has unleashed the Anime Fashion Club, a catchy artwork whose discussion thread is here. Love the way their personalities leap out at you. Very cool.

While poking through the website for Animation World Magazine, I discovered a number of short articles and mentions of Daria using the search engine. Many were published as the TV series was premiering in 1997. Some notes are intriguing, like this announcement that "MTV and sister Viacom unit Simon & Schuster Interactive are producing six CD-ROM (for PC and Mac) and PlayStation entertainment titles for MTV's Daria over the next five years." Well, where the hell are they? We got two (that planner and Daria's Inferno), so there are four more, right? Right?

More soon. Have to go work on dinner.

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