Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mystik Spiral's Old Homepage: Found!

Daria fan UU long ago asked for a post about Mystik Spiral, and for a time I was confounded about what to write. Tonight I found the original Mystik Spiral homepage on an ancient MTV website. It is listed through the WayBack Machine here. Pick a date and click on it to view the page.

One problem, however. The page seems to have some sort of built-in redirect thinger that causes it to link up to the current MTV website, which produces a 404 error after giving you a tantalizing look at the page. I have managed to get Trent's speech about the Internet down, but little else. Maybe someone can work with this and we can get all the old data about Spiral and its crew that was thought lost. I've been clicking the STOP button at the top of my browser window to prevent the redirect from taking over, which helps.

Daria junkies, go at it!

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