Monday, July 27, 2009


Eleven years ago today, "Pierce Me" was shown on MTV for the first time.

At Holiday Island High, the exchange student from Finland known as National Sleepy Head Day celebrates a birthday, or will once he wakes up.

Award-winning singer Maureen McGovern is 60 today. She sang the theme song from the 1972 movie, The Poseidon Adventure ("The Morning After"), which we learn in "Sappy Anniversary" is Jane Lane's favorite song.

The sign-up sheet for buying Daria on DVD is already up at I believe it's been up for a long time, but it finally has real meaning. If you haven't signed up before now, get to it.

LiveJournal has an interesting post on the top 10 coolest cartoon characters of all time. Daria comes in at #10.

Entertainment Weekly (online) has a Quote of the Day: Daria Edition for your pleasure.


brnleague99 said...

The Poseidon Adventure was released in 1972. Yer welcome.

The Angst Guy said...

Oh. I knew that. Um, yeah.