Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brittany, Stoned

By the way, today is the 111th anniversary of the birth of famed sculptor Henry Moore (no relation), and Brittany is here as an alter ego of a Moore work of art. She resembles one or two of the "Seated Woman" sculptures Moore worked on in the late 1950s (this one or that one), but a lot of his works looked like this.

Today is also the 34th anniversary of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Just wanted to mention that because we've talked about so many disappeared people, but I think this one is not such a mystery. (And, honestly, I don't want to know what happened to him.) His name comes up in "Lucky Strike."

Baltimore, one of the cities suggested as the general location of Lawndale, celebrates its 280th birthday today. Cheers to you!

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undefinedlust said...

Because it just has to be said...

"Brittany, Stoned"????