Friday, July 10, 2009

Still On Vacation

Now with color (is that better, TAG?)

Come to think of it, the Morgendorffers weren't much for vacations. During their three years in Lawndale, the closest thing they came to a vacation was their camping trip during "The Teachings of Don Jake". The Daria Diaries mention a canceled cruise vacation, but beyond that, nothing. Okay, Jake and Helen did enjoy their stay at Le Grande in the episode, "Fire!" and Quinn (with Fashion Club in tow) were almost treating it like an in-town vacation.

But really, was Helen that much of a workaholic? Or were there unseen trips to exotic locations with disastrous results that everyone agreed not to mention again?

Hmm, more story potential.


Kristen Bealer said...

Well, one of the books showed them at the Grand Canyon. Helen apparently talked on her phone the entire time. :)

Brother Grimace said...

I can use this for an idea. Thanks!

The Angst Guy said...

Now with color (is that better, TAG?)

No, because my post had two more full-color pictures but only one responses, and yours got TWO!

My lawyers will be in touch.