Monday, July 20, 2009

To the Moon

Forty years ago today, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. I remember watching that live on TV. It was the greatest.

This is an interesting day in other ways. "See Jane Run" premiered eleven years ago today, one of my favorite episodes because OH is the star (Jane, of course). We learn that Daria is more dependent on Jane than Jane is on Daria, when Daria mumbles to herself: "Jane. On a school team. That's pathetic. Hey, if she's the pathetic one, why am I talking to myself? And, more importantly, why am I waiting for a reply?"

We also find the beginnings of the Barksdale Legs meme:
  • Daria: What happened to your come-and-get-it heels?
  • Quinn: Ha-ha, Daria. I decided I shouldn't wear shoes that kill me just because they make my legs look hot.
  • Helen: Why, Quinn, how mature.
  • Quinn: I mean, my legs look hot no matter what I wear. They'd probably even look good in those things you have on.
We do need a fanfic about Daria's new bf, Knuckles.


MDetector5 said...

Perhaps I should draw Quinn showing off those legs... but that's neither here nor there...

Ranchoth said...

Happy 40th! I just wish I could have been there.

Here's hoping for Orion in 2019.

P.S. "Barksdale Legs" meme?

The Angst Guy said...

P.S. "Barksdale Legs" meme?

MMan came up with it in a fanfic, and it spread rapidly after that.

The Angst Guy said...

I wish MTV had done many more space-related alter egos. It would have been nice.