Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stuff and More Stuff, with Pi

So I did a Google search for July 22, Daria, and Jane, and I got this blog. WTF? What is that? Must not be a guy thing.

Anyway, today is the 111th birthday of famed author Stephen Vincent Benét, whose stories both you and Daria undoubtedly read in middle and high school. ("The Devil and Daniel Webster"? "By the Waters of Babylon"?)

Most importantly, today is Pi Approximation Day (hooray!), just like it was last year at this time, but remember it is not Pi Day, which was in March. Also remember it is not appropriate to write pi as "pir." That is another kind of p-word.

Let's see what the Urban Dictionary says about Daria.... interesting. How about Quinn.... whoa! Ouch! OMG! Whew, sorry about that! Had no idea that... never mind. Moar l8r.

1 comment:

MDetector5 said...

I think I can agree with whoever posted definition number one for "Quinn"...

That does sound like something she'd do, is doing currently, or has already done in the past.