Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Holiday to Get Carrie'd Away Over

The first day after Labor Day is always Dead Stacy Rowe Day, thanks to this legendary fanfic by Angelinhel. Hooray for Dead Stacy Rowe Day! Please write a fanfic on this topic to celebrate.

Stacy is on the left in her traditional "Carrie" costume (with obligatory pig's blood), after the climactic scene from the 1976 movie (at right) based on the 1974 Stephen King novel. Makes you wonder what happened a few seconds after Stacy got splashed....

A Guilty Aside: I admit that I really like tracking down the origins of the alter egos that appeared on Daria. Hope you don't mind, but it's terrific fun. Mind game thing.

Today is also the 43rd anniversary of the premiere of the first Star Trek TV episode ever. This allowed Daria to have someone to make fun of (i.e., Trekkies). If you are a Trekkie, don't worry, there's always help available somewhere.

And it is also International Literacy Day, which Daria would always find a way to celebrate by reading a book. Splendid idea. Read a book, why don't you (Carrie is good!), but write your Dead Stacy Rowe Day story first.

Richard Lobinske has once again updated his 2009 Daria Visual Fanworks List! And I have not yet done the same for 2009 fanfic, but it is on my calendar for very soon. Moar 2 com.

BREAKING ART NOOZ: Pinkminx's latest update on "Jane - My Style" is available by link on PPMB. And Her Awesomeness Hershey-chan is back with more 'shipper artwork! Her latest is... real good! (I won't spoil it.)

  • Pigskin Caduceus, by HolyGrail2007 (Parts 11 and 12): “What the hell were you doing on the bridge, dude?” Joey asked. Good question, I thought. I couldn’t look at the two of them. I still felt deeply ashamed of what Daria had revealed to me, that I thought they had abandoned me. I thought little of them, and here they were, saving my life. After all they had done for me, they deserved to know the truth. (PPMB)
  • Falling Into College 70: Is It The Future, Yet? by Richard Lobinske (Part 1): "Don't give me any crap about not being patriotic, you whiny-assed, testicularly challenged pile of road-kill opossum that a starving pig wouldn't touch! You feeling threatened by a woman speaking the truth on stage doesn't make her wrong. It shows how much of a useless excuse of a Y chromosome you are!"


Ajar said...

Psh, Trekkies don't need help. Trekkers, now they need help.

Anonymous said...

And then, there are the furries...At present there is no cure. But you can help! Volunteers are waiting to take your call...

Enoch Tabirote said...

i love carrie! since i was a kid. it's cool...it gives me....confisence because i used to be a loser in school. lolz! somehow, i thought of sweeping them all even ima loser

the nightgoblyn said...

Hooray for Dead Stacy Rowe day! =checks calendar= So, when is Psycho Stacy Rowe Day?

The Angst Guy said...

So, when is Psycho Stacy Rowe Day?

Is there a fanfic that gives a particular day as being appropriate for a Psycho Stacy Rowe Day?

Anonymous said...

Every day is Psycho Stacy Rowe Day.