Monday, September 28, 2009

No More Foaming at the Mouth for You!

I've always wanted to sleep upside-down
and spread rabies.

—Jane Lane, "Psycho Therapy"

Today is World Rabies Day, established in hopes of eliminating rabies forever (as has pretty much happened to smallpox). Vaccinate your pets! Make the world safe for dog lovers! Yeah, well, cats and bats and other stuff, too, but mostly dogs, 'cause they're our friends. Cats just enslave you to do their bidding and bats drink your blood and the other stuff is just icky. Dogs rule.

Today is also the 100th anniversary of the birth of Al Capp, creator of L'il Abner & co. Mr. Capp created the character Sadie Hawkins, for whom Sadie Hawkins Day is often declared in high schools. The only Daria fanfic to have Sadie Hawkins Day featured in it is "All in a Rowe," by MMan. The only Daria fanfic to have a Holiday Island High character named Sadie Hawkins is "Acts of Cupidity," by Disco316. Congratulations!


The Angst Guy said...

Cool how I took the bat postcard from The Daria Diaries and retouched it to get rid of the writing, isn't it? :)

pinkminx said...

we'll make an artist out of you yet :D

The Angst Guy said...

Not likely.