Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bump Day

The televised Daria really only mentioned two pets, Sandi's cat Fluffy and Leary, the Yeager's dog. The Daria Database mentions two cats living in the Lane home, Zachary and Taylor. In contrast, fanfiction authors have added many animal companions, such as Opie the Armadillo created by Galen Hardesty or Roger the Mouse by The Angst Guy, or Bump, our featured feline.

What is also fun is how these characters haven't stayed in their home stories, but have been used by other fanfiction authors. Sometimes even combining several, like Brother Grimace's "Paws Force Power Rangers".

More pet characters can be found at the DariaWiki entry.

So give your pet(s) an extra treat today. They deserve it.

ETA: Missed one, Penny Lane's parrot Chiquito.


Pinhead said...

Parakeet the Penny Lane

The Angst Guy said...

My wife and I have thought about getting a dog with the kids gone, but I had a dog once and don't want to do it again. Can't replace a best friend.

Pinhead said...

I hate dogs! I love cats! Cats true.

The Angst Guy said...

Cats like to bite me too much. Dogs are always happy to see you. Dogs for me.

Pinhead said...

I love biting creatures (women too concerns :))

Dr Mike said...

Don't forget Quinn's pancake eating dog. :)