Saturday, September 19, 2009

Was trinken sie? Bier!

Oktoberfest begins today, the annual celebration of autumn for beer drinkers and people who hang out with beer drinkers. Brittany here recreates a little in-joke in Daria lore: her stepmother Ashley-Amber was once an advertising model for "St. Peter Girl beer" ("I'll cure what 'ales' you"), a parody of a real beer brand (St. Pauli Girl). The St. Pauli Girl model wears an outfit very much like Brittany's Oktoberfest waitress dress at right. Click the link to see the real St. Pauli Girl, who was just elected to her position. Like stepmother like stepdaughter, I suppose.

  • Finn Morgandorffer, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 1): “That’s not what I meant, Daria.” Jake sighed. “Not exactly. I’m saying that your brother makes friends so easily because he’s friendly to everyone. Give it a shot, kiddo, and you’ll see it works for you.” “And next, he can teach me how to gel my hair, block an interception, and give girls eating disorders. I’ll contain my enthusiasm.”

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