Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ice Cream & Randomess

Yes, the new fiscal year has finally begun. How are you planning to celebrate it? Wait a second! When did they change the fiscal year to October 1? YOU BASTARDS!

Okay, what the hell else is going on. Today is Canada Day, July Morning (only in Bulgaria), the 101st birthday of the S.O.S. emergency signal, the 63rd anniversary of test shot Able at Bikini Atoll that gave us the bikini swimsuit (seriously), the 66th anniversary of the day Tokyo stopped being a city.... oh!

Today is Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day! Instead of that fiscal year crap, write down in Comments your suggestion for a new ice-cream flavor based on something in Daria!

DrNoGood09 offers a unique Iron Chef: The Fashion Club's Very Unusual Love Problem!

More crossover ideas for your amusement.... and here's the fanfic.
  • Commitment Issues, by Fringeperson (Part 4): The next Monday, after Jane had left for school with Daria, Trent hauled himself out of bed. He’d set the alarm on his clock for once, and had been aware of the world for a while now. Shuffling to the hall phone, where all the numbers were kept, Trent looked up the “in case of Daria-type emergencies” numbers, and called Helen Morgendorffer’s work.
  • Daria: The College Years, by Farren O'Blivion (Part 11): This day has gone rather well. It can't possibly last, Daria mused. She and the others were having a surprisingly good time at Pizza King, despite Nick and Max's constant bickering. Quinn, be still her heart, had actually ordered a black olive and mushroom pizza, complete with artery-clogging cheese. Daria and Jane had looked stunned but, in her defense, Quinn said only, “Curves are in!”
  • Gimme Skelter, by TAG and Brother Grimace (Part 13): Rather than say that the bridge wasn’t there, it would be more precise to say that about ninety percent of the I-40 bridge was not only there but reasonably intact. The problem revealed in the tanker’s cracked headlights was that the easternmost hundred-foot span of the bridge had collapsed, the part closest to where Mackenzie and Freeman sat in stunned silence. The remainder of the bridge from the first pier westward was still standing. [New thread begins here.]
  • John Lane 41: Friends and Rediscovery, by Richard Lobinske (Part 2): John looked over from his easel and said, "What did Trent just get talking into?" Helen said, "He's going along with you, Daria and Quinn to Camp Grizzly. Not that you need supervision or anything, but just in case anything happens."
  • Lawndale’s Finest Detective Stories 2: Daughters of the Demon, by NightGoblyn (Part 1): Elsie glanced up from her great-great-grandfather’s journal when she heard the key rattle in the lock. She had enough time to conceal the antique volume among her school books before the door opened, and then turned towards her visitor with a puzzled smile. [Continued here: “Grovel,” Elsie said, smirking at her brother. “Beg for my forgiveness.”]
  • Love is a Series of Burning Sensations, by Undefinedlust (Part 3): Daria sat quietly in Jane's room, trying to process the changes she saw in her best friend. Over the weekend, Jane seemed to have undergone a radical transformation. She looked different, but more importantly she just seemed like a very different person. Her new look, while a shocking departure was not as jarring as the hard edge Jane had seemed to acquire almost overnight.
  • Regifted, by Ajar (Part 6): “Hello, Stacy,” Graham said. “You know you shouldn't be calling me on my cell,” Stacy said. “I don't know what would happen if Sandi found out about this.”
  • Richly Dressed, by thatLONERchick (COMPLETE!): The door swung inward with a mournful creak and silhouetted in the scant light filtering in from the hall was a gruesome sight. Tom Sloane stood there, face blank, entirely nude. The whole of his body was swathed in nightmarish gashes, each pulled together with large, clumsy stitches.
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: Sometimes, You Have to Wait, by Doggieboy (COMPLETE!): David MacClean lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. It had been several days since he had been sealed inside the room and he had no idea when, or even if, he was going to be allowed out. It wasn’t a bad room, however. He had plenty to eat, a television to watch, and even books to read, if he so desired. The bathroom, in fact, was luxurious when compared to the one from his Lawndale apartment. Even a prison made out of gold is still a prison, he thought.
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: [unnamed], by Ranger Thorne (COMPLETE!): “Ah, the Ringbearers,” said the zack's master. “I was wondering when your were going to show up.” “Is there a Sith newsletter we don’t know about?” Jane asked.
  • A Taste of Hell, by Doggieboy (COMPLETE!): The only lights in Lawndale came from the fires that consumed more than half of the city. Todd Ianuzzi leaned on a nearby red-painted fencepost and looked at the dark silhouette of the woman who had killed his two partners and shot him in the leg. He couldn’t see her face at all, except for her glasses, and all they did was reflect the flames as they licked at the sky.
  • Unnamed limerick (The Daria Fan Fiction Classification Test), by Magnuskrauss (COMPLETE!): [It's a limerick. If I repeat any of it, that will be the whole limerick.]
  • Unnamed Story [That was low, really low], by NightGoblyn (COMPLETE!): Quinn had a headache. She slowly opened one eye, and then immediately closed it against the harsh, blurry light. Keeping her eyes closed, she tried to sit up and was shocked when her limbs refused to obey her commands. Her ankles were tied together, and her wrists were tightly lashed together behind her back. Slowly, she cracked one eye open again.
  • Unnamed story (Crossovers Not Yet Crossed Over), by Pinkminx (COMPLETE!): A lone blowfly danced hypnotically around the back alley of McGrundy's. A wonderfully putrid smell had summoned it there, and it had yet to discover the source. Its attention was drawn to the the old screen door as it screeched open.
  • Unnamed story (Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Have: TGIF), by Greystar (COMPLETE!): "Girls, I just want you to know your mother and I realize it's not easy moving to a whole new town—especially for you, Tom, right?"
  • Unnamed story (Second Coming of the New Ideas Thread), by Trscroggs (Part 2, continued from here): “Agent D reporting in. How’s the signal home base?” “Spotty Agent D, but readable. What are conditions on the surface really like?”
  • Wrylight, by Pinkminx (Parts 1 to 6): "I've been known to get my wits out on occasion," Daria deadpanned. A Mona Lisa smile ghosted her lips. "Oh, Daria, you shouldn't do that." Brittany leaned across the table and put her hand over Daria's. "it's only permissible when you’re really wasted or when the Girls Gone Wild cameraman is around." [Okay, that line was pure WIN.] (


undefinedlust said...

Heh, I knew TAG would pull the first lines of LSBS without reading it. If he had I would have bet he would have used "At that moment she wanted Jane. Naked if at all possible."

Ranchoth said...

'Nother unrelated nuclear trivia tidbit: the weapon used in Bikini Able killed two people...before it was ever a bomb! (The weapon's core had previously been used in two different lab experiments that went bad, fatally irradiating a scientist each time)

And, since Daria spoke the word "bikini" at least twice over the course of the series, I feel I am therefore justified in bringing up Bikini Atoll trivia up. Nyah.

E. A. Smith said...

Another reason to celebrate: it's my wife's and my two month anniversary!

Well, it's a reason for me.

The Angst Guy said...

Heh, I knew TAG would pull the first lines of LSBS without reading it. If he had I would have bet he would have used "At that moment she wanted Jane. Naked if at all possible."

I thought that part went without saying. :P

Kristen Bealer said...

Today began the new fiscal year at the college where I work. It's also my boss's birthday, which means he's quite happy--for his birthday, he gets more money to order new books! :)

The Angst Guy said...

Yeah, but they're not HIS books.


Kristen Bealer said...

Yeah, but they're not HIS books.

Doesn't stop him from reading them. :)