Saturday, August 1, 2009

Joma, and other things retrieved from the bottomless depths of

Once again I've been playing with the Wayback Machine at, looking up the bits and pieces (and sometimes whole webpages) of MTV Daria websites long past. Tonight I've been fooling with items from the year 2000, and the picture at left is one of many images labeled "joma." Joma is short for Jodie-Mack, sort of like Bennifer or Brangela. (Remember them?) Now you know a new word, courtesy of the Daria show. Are you pro-Joma (in favor of Jodie/Mack 'shippers) or anti-Joma?

The Wayback Machine digs up the wildest things, let me tell you. At upper right we have Space Jane, "Coming June." (Probably her own webpage was supposed to be ready in June 2000.) We also have a photo of a voice actor, not sure which one, doing his part of the show's dialogue.

And at left is a group of buttons leading from Jane's webpage to pictures, sound clips, etc. Doesn't work now.

Moar l8r as I keep digging. I am NEVER going to run out of images for this blog, let me tell you. And you can use them, too. They're MTV's, not mine. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pro-Joma, but only in Gimme Skelter.