Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Good Reason to Go to France

Today marks a little-known holiday celebrated in the town of Palau-de-Cerdagne, France, on the border with Spain in the Pyrenees. Xicolatada (from an Aztec/Spanish word) is a festival in which the townspeople do nothing but drink hot chocolate all day, starting at 11 a.m. I know it sounds like I am lying (I'm not this time, I swear, honest!), but here is an article in French about it, and here is a picture. (I suppose if you are going to celebrate this day from now on, you should do it in style.) This kid is an exchange student worth getting to know at Holiday Island High!

Seventy-nine years ago today, the first-ever animated cartoon done with sound and shot in Technicolor was released: "Fiddlesticks." It can be seen in its entirety on YouTube. This of course led to Daria, today, and for that we honor it.

Singer/actress Madonna turns 51 today. Kemical Reaxion did a special series of Daria fan art based on Madonna's many incarnations. "The Ten Faces of Madonna" is a marvel to behold. We also have an official MTV alter ego of Brittany as Madonna, one of Helen as Madonna, one of Ms. Li as Madonna (as someone else), etc., so you see how important Madonna is to Daria fandom.

  • Updated versions of The Head and IIFY? Guy are ready for your inspection at Backgrounders.
  • The Request, by Quinnley1 (Parts 1 through 8): “Dar-ia! I hope you’re not planning on sleeping until noon every day during summer break. Time to get up and at least pretend that you are in training to be a productive member of society!”
  • True Crud, by Pinkminx (Part 1): [The intriguing Daria/True Blood crossover found here on PPMB.]
  • Rolling the Dice, by Ajar (Part 3): “Hello again,” said Jane with false enthusiasm. “It's so nice for you to include me in all these Fashion Club meetings. But, at this point, you might want to change the name to the D20 Club.”
  • Stacy Rowe, Seeker (Part II), by jtranser (COMPLETE!): According to the Maya, the tree Chacchokal has always existed and was there when the Maya first entered the forest of Chakur. In their belief system, this unique Ceiba tree connects the Heavens, Earth and the Underworld and binds them all together as the Universe of the Fifth Sun. [Now waiting for Part III!]
  • Unnamed story (Crossovers Not Yet Crossed Over), by Richard Lobinske (Part 1): "Hi! You're cool. What's your name?" "Daria. Daria Morgendorffer." "Cool name." "Will you go out with me?"
  • Unnamed story (Iron Chef: Daria Kills Jane, or Vice Versa...), by Brother Grimace (COMPLETE!): Jane felt the ringing in her ears clearing up, well enough for her to hear the chanting of the Lawndale residents...


the bug guy said...

Must have coffee mug.

The Angst Guy said...

The Lawndale Mall (left column) has several links to places selling them. One link is included in the article, too.

Cool mugs, yes.

pinkminx said...

hey TAG, 'True Crud' is a 'True Blood' xover not Twilight. Cheers :)

The Angst Guy said...

Dang. Sorry.

pinkminx said...

s'all good my bad- i should have specified on the ff fic- i think i put someting in the ppmb one...