Monday, August 24, 2009

An Octomom, She Isn't

Nine years ago today, TV Guide published an "interview" with Daria Morgendorffer that covered the then-upcoming movie Is It Fall Yet? and her life in general. One question she was asked, and her response, are worth noting.

  • Q: Do your career goals include working with children?
  • A: Well, I don't plan to pursue "trapped in a living hell" as a career, so no.
Daria has expressed feelings like this before, and it is interesting that her parents have even come close to saying the same for themselves, in responding to a long-ago question from a viewer.

Given her parents' comments, it seems likely Daria will eventually (reluctantly?) have one or two kids. Or she might not, and just opt for favorite aunt status with Quinn's kids. It is interesting that in "Lane Miserables," she imagined a future in which she and Trent had one child. This was about a year of Dariaverse time after she imagined herself childless and married in "Write Where It Hurts."

Also on this day, just three years ago, astronomers finally figured out what a planet is, but then they forgot to include Pluto. Dwarf planet, indeed [shakes fist at sky]. SOCIALISM IS TO BLAME! However, there is a movement afoot to fix this horrible injustice.

One hundred and ten years ago was born a man with a passion for books and writing (no doubt a role model for Daria). Jorge Luis Borges is acclaimed for his fantastic works, and something of him has even crossed over into Daria fanfiction. Scissors MacGillicutty's unfinished "In Dreams" has Daria and Jane discover Borges' Library of Babel in the Morgendorffer family's attic. (You may read what Borges said about the Library here.)

Enjoy the day. Oh, and if you are looking for a new Iron Chef, Lorenzo Sauchelli presents: Daria's Little Helper.

  • John Lane 42: Legally Halloween, by Richard Lobinske (Part 1): "Okay, you win. We'll go to Brittany's party. But to warn you, there's as much chance of me wearing an Emma Peel catsuit as there is of you wearing one."
  • The Runaway, by Aloysius (Part 1): Pete shook his head and smiled as he watched the boys move off. Therefore, he didn’t see a pajama-clad brunette climb into the back of his trailer and hide amongst the boxes.
  • Scarlett the Fairy, by Aloysius (COMPLETE!): This is a story about Scarlett the Fairy, and her quest to get her favorite food by far: muffins. Scarlett, you see, is a fourteen-inch tall fairy, with straight red hair that extends to her shoulders in somewhat helmet-shaped haircut. The hair, many times, covers at least one of her eyes and she’s been known to give people and other fairies (as well as other imaginary creatures) a cryptic smile.
  • Wristcutters: A Daria Story, by Charliefox2012 (Parts 1 to 3): The awesome fanfic from makes its way to PPMB. Read and enjoy.

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