Monday, August 31, 2009

Helen's Favorite Holiday?

According to some strange websites I've visited, today is Love Litigating Lawyers Day. I am sure Helen Morgendorffer would agree it is high time lawyers got the lovin' they deserve, though it will have to be scheduled around the afternoon teleconference call to Newark.

Eight years ago today, the daily installment of one online comic strip, The New Adventures of Bobbin, had a cute legal tweak to it.

Just 112 years ago today, Thomas Edison patented a new invention: the movie projector (which eventually gave us Daria). Now, there was a good Tom!

At Fortress CINCGREEN, Roentgen discusses TV shows he's loved, including Daria, with a focus on trope-busting. Did Daria really break the mold, though? Who were the influential nerd girls before her? Was Daria still just "Hollywood ugly"? Yeah, we've argued all that before. Good times.

In the PPMB thread "(Yet more) Daria academic commentary," Operculum offers certain inflammatory comments about Daria made by an academic in a research article. Read the thread and post your thoughts!

The PPMB debate over "What Would Jane Do?" still rages on.
  • D Is for Daria, by Fringeperson (Parts 4 and 5 and 6): “Ooh, the next one's addressed to me!” Jane said, holding the letter high above her head. Daria smirked. “Careful that it's not a bomb. Want me to read it, and then you'll respond?”
  • Pigskin Caduceus, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 6): Wednesday with Quinn was all business, although, honestly, I expected it to be. We dealt with bio, although Quinn did ask me a couple of questions about Mr. DiMartino’s history class. I wasn’t as helpful in that subject.
  • Farewell, My Cornholio, by Peapotmaster (Part 2): At lunchtime, Daria ate a cheeseburger that she got from Burger World yesterday, because she didn’t want to eat what the lunch ladies had cooked up. She looked at one of the lunch ladies serving bad macaroni and cheese, with a cigarette still in her mouth. This made Daria sick to her stomach.
  • Reaped Out 2: Sickle Sad World, by Pinkminx (Part 3): "How can she be so drunk? You told me that Reapers didn't feel the effects of drugs or alcohol." Daria panted and released Georgia's dead weight as they reached the car.
  • The Runaway, by Aloysius (Part 3): “Melody,” he said again. “Talk to me, please.” The girl turned to look at him. Her expression was a mixture of anger and fear and her eyes glistened. “What do you want me to say?” she asked uncertainly.


Wild Blogger said...

We could use the love. But more importantly, we could use the money. *g*

Anonymous said...

No, Thomas Edison was a colossal jerk. That time he murdered an elephant, for example. He's also responsible for the invention of the standardized test.

Pashupati said...

Who never ever murdered an elephant ?
Anonymous, you are creepy.

The Angst Guy said...

That was a bad elephant, though. Or so I heard.

Anonymous said...
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